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Oct 13, 2012, 05:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Chubbs
Gyro gain is plugged into channel 7, or the Aux 2 channel, as recommended by the JR manual.

I had a very brief test flight yesterday, as winds were 10-15mph and gusting. But my problems appear to be fixed! (or at least 90% fixed...good enough). The tail rotor really lacks authority now (since the travel has been cut down so far), but at least the wiggles are gone.

WIth the vibration issue fixed, I'm making other adjustments to see if I can get some responsiveness back. I've moved the ball link 2 holes out on the control arm to get some travel back. I've also plugged the gyro gain plug into channel 5, the gear channel, so see if I can get the TX gain to do anything with that channel. Clearly "Aux 2" didn't do anything like the instructions said they would.

Edit: By the way, I finally found a thread here http://helifreak.com/showthread.php?t=290655 that seems to back up my theory that the metal plate was causing my problems. It seems like some setups just don't work well with the metal plate.
Let us know how using the gear channel works out for you. Some transmitters, to set gain, actually go from -100% to +100%. My spektrum is like that, and rate mode seems to start for me at -11%, or if my gear channel was reversed it would be +11%.
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Oct 29, 2012, 07:44 AM
Fly, crash, rebuild, repeat
After a solid week of 10-20 mph gusting winds, I finally got a chance to fly this weekend. I thought I would post what finally worked, in case anyone 3 years from now has my same issues and stumbles onto this thread (I hate unresolved threads!).

On my JR X388S radio, the only way I found to control gain is to plug the gyro into the 'GEAR' channel, and adjust the S.TRIM setting on the radio. I've heard others say that the T.ADJ setting is what sets gain, but changing this produced no response from the heli. Setting the SubTrim was the only way to get a response. Setting negative subtrim seems to make the heli wildly unstable. Even small negative trims in the -1 to -15 range produce a tail wagging effect, while larger negative trims (-80 for instance) produces about 60 deg tail wags in each direction.... totally uncontrollable. I almost crashed while about 1" off the ground due to the near 180 swings the tail was doing. Bear in mind, that my current gyro is setup in "reverse" mode, due to how I have it mounted...so - and + may produce different results for other setups, I'm not sure.

I finally decided on a S.TRIM setting of +6. Going higher doesn't seem to produce much of a response, until you get to the +65 to +70 range, where the tail seems to start twitching again. It isn't a real wag like the initial problem, but it will randomly twitch in one direction or the other (possibly due to some vibration), and generally seems like it's over-correcting.

I noticed no response difference while in rate mode, regardless of settings. I don't really plan to use rate mode anyways. I've heard that some guys use it for 3d stuff, but varying throttle inputs in rate mode make the tail drift on mine.

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