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Oct 11, 2012, 04:35 AM
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My Maxi Swift FPV build thread

I'm not really that brilliant at making build threads as I forget to take photos but I hope to include some details on my build

A friend of mine (also a member here [Ratty2004]) flys FPV with a Maxi Swift and his setup has proved to be very reliable so I thought I'd base mine roughly on his as tried and tested is always a good place to start!

He uses 433MHz ezUHF LRS and 2.4GHz video so I started off by reusing my 2.4 video gear I already had (as that worked perfectly) and I ordered up the ezUHF and wing (I decided to go for the plain white 'Natural' version).

Here is a brief overview of how I decided to lay out the electronics:

* Futaba full-size digital servos.
* 2 x 2200 3s Lipos.
* 60A ESC.
* Park 480 motor.
* 9 x 6 folding prop.
* Nova OSD with RTH
* FY20A (this might seem bizzare but there is method to my madness )..
* Turnigy SBEC.

*** NOVA and FY20A now upgraded to FY31AP.

Everything is spaced out accross the wing with the ESC being kept well away from the vTX/RX and any PMW feeds.

I've also decided to mount a box in the middle of the wing where I will house the UBEC, OSD and FY20A to keep everthing tidy and to reduce drag.

You're probably thinking "Why has he got a Nova OSD AND an FY20A".. Well the reason for that is the FY20A's are quite simply brilliant, the elevon mixing is really sweet and easy to tweak and if all else fails it will prevent the Nova from doing stupid things while in RTH mode.

My plan is to have the Nova OSD RTH function setup on one switch (which will skip the PA function) and have the FY setup on a 3 way switch (off, 3D and full stabilisation).

The day the Wing arrived from MS Composites me and my mate had a late night nerding session to build the wing which also involved:

* Hot laminating the entire surface.
* Re-hinging the control surfaces with white gaffer/weave tape.
* Installing a 5mm carbon spar.
* Double reinforcing the front edge with tape UNDER and OVER the laminate.
* Installing the electronics box in the centre of the wing.
* Cutting out the holes for the Servos, vTX and RX.

This is where we got to by the end of the evening:

I decided I wanted the wiring to be as simple and as tidy as possible which means being strategic about where I power the Radio Control system from and how I feed everything.

After careful thought I decided to power all of the Radio Control system THROUGH the FY20A as the biggest dragin will be from the full-size servos that are connect to it.

This means there is no point running eight servo leads to my receiver so I built a custom loom which is basically one earth, one 5v positive and 8 PMW feeds, saving a total of 14 wires!

This loom will then be run in a pattern that avoids anything that may cause interference and being as its only 10 wires I can hide it under white tape

**** Update 13th November 2012 ****

I decided to bite the bullet and I purchased an FY31AP which I am very, very, very happy with!

I've also decided to use 1.3Ghz video as it was starting to feel a bit mean having to ask my friends to stop flying on 2.4g radio while I fly FPV

After a few experiments this is my final GCS, I did have a setup with a 17" screen but it was too cumbersome and the screen suffered with interference from my EzUHF system.

I've crammed lots into this setup: It has a 7inch (non-blue-screen) LCD and a Archos AV700 DVR system for flight recording. The case also contains a 5amp 12v regulator (so I can power it from my car or 4cell's), the archos docking station (which has been removed from its case and is powered by a 5v UBEC). I've also decided to use a SCART connector for my RX utilising the SCART 12v ouput so I can get AV from my vRX and Power to it .

Here is my DIY 1.3Ghz v-dipole:
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Oct 11, 2012, 06:37 AM
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Look interesting! I also have both Nova and FY, and wonder how it will ork together without IR sensor.
Good luck! Please post more photos =)

Oct 11, 2012, 06:42 AM
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Hi Zont, I'll still be using the IR sensor, RTH wont work without it

But the FY is much better at stabilisation and as a bonus when the full stabilisation is enabled the FY wont let you climb, decent or bank over 45 degrees so if the Nova has a 'spaz attack' hopefully it wont be too catastrophic
Oct 14, 2012, 04:34 PM
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Here's the 99.9% finished and maidened wing, although I may sink the ESC into the wing! And you'll notice the lack of prop as I've decide to change to a 10x7 prop.

Oct 24, 2012, 04:48 AM
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Well I decide to bite the bullet and buy an FY31AP system with Hornet OSD as the RTL/RTH on the Nova is not the best

And I've started work on my ground station:

Its a 15" TV with a video modulator (to prevent blue screen) and an Archos AV700 as a recorder

The Archos is powered by a Hobbywing UBEC and the ground station has a build in 12v 5A regualtor so I can use 12->30v input.
Nov 01, 2012, 05:05 PM
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Home made video goggles based on Wrap 280XLS' and some No Fear ski goggles.

Nov 02, 2012, 04:58 PM
Never trust laughing dolphins
Looking good man. I'm going for a similar style build also. Yours looks very clean.
Nov 11, 2012, 05:40 AM
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Interesting, also building mine.
Nov 13, 2012, 04:35 AM
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I've just updated my original post with some new details and photos
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