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Oct 10, 2012, 12:20 AM
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[Solved]Phoenix v3 - How to get rid of auto rotate from tail out to tail in?


TL;DR: Looked around in the googles but I couldn't find the solution. Can't figure out if it's me or the sim. Helicopter automatically turns to tail in when flying away while in tail out. Watch the video thanks!

Haven't posted for a while now for various reasons, but onto my question.

I've been flying in Phoenix sim for a while now and now it's just starting to hit me that whenever i fly the trex450 or w/e helicopter, it tends to just turn itself towards me...

For instance, i turn the 450 to the tail out position and i apply downwards cyclic to make it go away from me while in the tail out position. When it's going away from me, the helicopter just turns itself and puts itself in the tail in position. This does not happen the other way around when the helicopter is in the tail in position (i.e. it doesn't turn and put itself in another position on it's own).

For all this time, I was thinking, maybe this is because of the orientation, but I tried a couple more times and I still get the same results even when I know full well that it doesn't seem like it is an orientation problem.

Does anybody else experience this? I can upload a video, but it takes time, and it clogs my internet tubes up, so if anybody understands this without me having to do this is awesome =D

This is an issue to me because I can't do backwards flying when the helicopter is self-righting itself.


Phoenix Sim auto tail in issue (3 min 4 sec)
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Oct 10, 2012, 04:26 AM
the great Gassif´er
I am just wildly guessing here, but what I see is a behaviour that is consistent with rate gyro and flying with your face into the wind....

If so, the helicopter should go to "auto nose-in" if you hover the helicopter a half circle around you so you are standing with your back into the wind.... just check if this is the case, than it looks to me it is confirmed a gyro in rate mode.

So check if your gyro is set at heading lock or rate mode is all I can come up with.

Brgds, Bert
Oct 11, 2012, 02:46 AM
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Fantastic, turns out it was in rate mode. I'll have to look at the phoenix setup with the DX6i again. For my case, higher than 50% gain was rate mode, and lower than that was heading hold mode.

Thanks Bert!
Oct 11, 2012, 10:10 PM
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I looked into it some more and it seems like it has something to do with the weathervane effect (even when there's no wind). This might be because of of the air flow going through the helicopter as it flies in a certain direction. The nose will tend to point in the direction of travel because of this air flow.

If I added a strong enough cross wind, ideally, the helicopter will face the direction of the wind while travelling forwards.

Didn't know that, thought I'd share my experience.

Relearning how to fly a circle again =P

For reference,


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