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Dec 03, 2003, 07:41 PM
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E-mail sent!
If I win I promise to hug it, and pet it , and call it george...
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Dec 03, 2003, 08:03 PM
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I think it's a really generous gesture to help further the hobby. And now that I've trashed my Dragonfly, you have mail....
Dec 03, 2003, 11:55 PM
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I sent an email as well, help a poor college student fly!
Dec 04, 2003, 02:14 AM
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one fourth of a heli means w/o lg canopy batt flybar tail(i have big peice of cardboard like hornet nt) gyro tail esc some chipped blades(a little over one fourth but still)
Dec 04, 2003, 03:35 AM
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If I want it for free? There must be a catch...

I can send pictures of it flying around the globe, like the "HobbyLobby World Tour Heli". Do I travel that much? Na, but we have a big globe here at the office...

I can also make a short movie on it... like this:

Ahh, Why are all those helipads so small???


Why you dont need to go out that much anymore (Yes, IT IS COLD IN SWEDEN NOW!)

My little bird is getting old, still flies great, but I believe it needs a companion, who wants to be alone on x-mas?

Oh, I just got an idea! Why donīt we ALL take it? What I mean is, lets share it, send it between us and take pictures of it flying around the world, in diffrent places??? That would be cool huh?
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Dec 04, 2003, 03:38 AM
Fly it like you stole it..
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Seems to be a popular thing to mention so..

I too have a full gammut of digital appliances.

Couldn't think of a song for that.. unless.. well.. nevermind
Dec 04, 2003, 11:18 AM
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Totally unbiased opinion, but I think you should give it to Tram.

Tram, you will sell me your old Corona at a good price if they give this one to you?

Just joking, but if it won't hover for Tram it ain't gonna hover for anybody.


EDIT as follows:

Just read your original post again. It would appear that you wanted the body of the e-mail posted here. Here it tis.

Mr. Graham,

I would like the Aero-Hawk because I have been trying to decide between it, the Hummingbird, and the Piccolo Fun. Since I believe it and the Hummingbird are about the same, it would then leave me with one option if I didn't like it. That would be the Piccolo which you sell. So that is why I would like to be the one selected.

Why do I deserve it? I don't. I guess that takes me out of the running? I am 57 years old, have bad eyes, bad hearing, and would be a good advertisement that anyone could (or could not) learn to fly the Aero-Hawk micro heli. I also have a digital camera, but with the advent of scanners, that is no big deal anymore.

Hobby-Lobby got me back into this hobby last Christmas with a radio and a Wingo. So then you could be the people that got me into Heel's. Whatever your decision is, you will make someone happy. Enjoy Christmas and may the Blessings of its Namesake be on you and your family.

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Dec 04, 2003, 12:55 PM
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I saw your post on R/C Groups.com and thought I might as well send you an email. I have nothing to lose! Well, I'm a poor college student and am working on my Mechanical Engineering degree. When I was younger, I did a little 1/10th scale off road racing. I've always been fascinated with R/C helicopters and these new mini ones are awesome. I've been thinking trying to build one for my senior project would be a blast, but it would probably help to have some actual expierence with one I spend alot of time on forums, so posting newbie impressions and expiernces would be no problem. I also have a digital camera and availability to a gymnasium so I can take tons of pictures. I'm confident in my mechanical and driving abilities, but have never flown anything before besides a few short jaunts on a sim. So, this would be a pretty fun and new challenge. Well thanks for the great opputunity, and whoever gets it is going to have a good time!

Dec 04, 2003, 04:05 PM
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Hey, thanks for pointing out that the email should be posted here. Missed that too. Here is what I sent in (edited a little due to length)

Hi Jim,

I hesitated to respond since your offer is generous and I wonder if I'm deserving and Iím not the best heli pilot around. True Iím not a total beginner but at times I feel like I am. Iíve been reading for a long time and by virtue of this I like to think Iíve posted and helped others. Still, am I the most deserving? Well I donít know but here goes.

I guess the reason Iím interested is because my flying thus far has been with my Hornet. Iím so darn scared of damaging this wonderful but fragile machine that I donít fly it as much as I should and as such my skills have not advanced as they should have. I can hover with no problems in my small den but the idea of ďrealĒ forward flight Ö well to be honest Ö scares me. I tend to fly very slow and even then can hear my knees knock. I simply canít relax. Iíve read how tough this heli is and believe that with the confidence it would bestow that I would take a great ďflyingĒ leap. I've a 2 year old at home so money is kind of short these days. Iíve not bought one of these but have wanted one for some times now. What a great offer you are making and what a wonderful thought of being picked to receive it. How great would this Christmas be?

I may not be the most deserving but Iím willing to work on it. This is what Iíd do. If I am picked Iíll certainly post pics, video, and comments but thats not really enough I think. I'll show it to other zoners (can I come down and show it to ya Boyd? grin). I pledge to fly it as often as possible. It wonít sit on the shelf I promise. Iíve also wanted for some times now to organize an indoor fly in down here in central Mississippi. What a great thing to have and show at such an event. It would certainly be the center of attention, the heli that Hobby Lobby gave away. We both would certainly look and feel great. If I am the lucky one I pledge to work towards having such a fly in this winter or at least by this next summer. Does this make me deserving? My fingers are crossed.

On another note, you may have read my posts during the past several weeks for Christmas Offers. Iíve made several offers and gave away some stuff just to say cheers to all here and to say thanks to the zone for all the great help Iíve gotten over the past several years. How does this make me be best candidate for this heli? It probably doesnít but then again my fingers are crossed. I hoped my idea of Christmas offers would catch on but only one other person gave away something, till now of course. I have some more items to give away but since the idea wasnít catching on Iíve hesitated to continue. I still feel this is the best forum for micro helis around and want to continue to say thanks so if Iím picked I pledge that not only will I fulfill your request to fly it and take lots of pics but also to continue my Christmas Offers and give away the rest of the stuff I have in my gift box. How better could this end but not end by having more stuff given away?

Hey, even if I donít get picked, I honestly want to say thank you VERY much for offering this. This group is the best and what a wonderful thing you are doing. Thank you regardless of how this turns out. Iíve purchased from Hobby Lobby for a long time but admit not recently. Regardless of who gets this you will get business from me in the future. Thank you.

Cheers and happy holidays

Dec 04, 2003, 05:17 PM
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Greetings Jim Graham.

I thought I would write to you in response to your post on ezone.

This is my story:

I've been flying my friends GWS foam planes this past summer. We decided it would be cool to dabble in the rotary wing rc. I thought I might try it since I've been accustomed to fixed wing for awhile now.

I did some searching on the internet about micro helis. I came across an auction on ebay for the Feda Dragonfly RTF from Hong Kong.

Wow! A micro heli RTF for only $260.00 USD. What a deal!! (if it is to good to be true, guess what?)

I used the buy now feature and started to count the days when it should arrive. 4 weeks go by, and still nothing. Numerous emails to the supplier with no reply. Finally!!! Three day later the packaged arrived.

I was like a kid on Christmas morning!! I opened the box and was in awe. I took my time to set up the helicopter as per somewhat legible instructions. The "Zhen Hua" transmitter looked like it was worth 50 cents.

I charge the battery, anxious for the first maiden flight. I told myself to fly it just like the computer simulator I had.

I turned on the transmitter. Indicating full charge. I then plugged in the "birdseed" battery packed as per instructions. The 3 in 1 board blinked 3 times then went out. No response from heli. Tried it again. Same thing.

I re-read the instructions 3 times and checked everything. No joy.

I tried to contact the supplier by email. No response. Finally, the supplier said to send back the 3 in 1 board. I did along with the transmitter guts for replacement.

This was in August 2003. It is now December 2003. No heli parts. The only flying this heli has seen was coming over from Hong Kong.

I can't get a hold of the supplier anymore. Wrote to Ebay, PayPal, and Visa. No help in getting money refunded.

What I have sitting in front of me is a $230.00 USD paper weight.

The irony of all of this. I recieved a bill from Revenue Canada/ Customs the 4 months after the heli arrived. Another 10 bucks!. I am still paying for it and it still has not flown.

All I wanted to do was fly my heli.

Jim, thanks for consideration of my application for you Aerohawk test pilot.


Dec 04, 2003, 05:22 PM
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I'd post my message here, but Adelphia powerpage seems to have eaten it. If it's not too hard, could you please send me back a copy of that email, and i'll post it here.
Thanks alot,
Dec 04, 2003, 07:33 PM
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You stated to send an email stating why I deserve this heli. Honestly, I think everyone deserves one! Seriously though, I have been flying R/C aircraft since I was 10 years old. However they have all been airplanes. Recently I have become interested in the helis and have been doing a lot of research about them. Hobby-Lobby.com's website has been helpful and the video links sure are cool! What I would like to get eventually is one of those ECO 16's, but I need to learn how to fly a heli first. From what I have read, the fixed pitch helis are the place to start. You ask why I am interested? Well, I am currently active duty Air Force and after returning from "the desert" I have a newfound respect for the "whirlybirds". Depending on what type of review you are looking for, a review from the eyes of a "newbie" might be good for other people in my situation who are hesitant to invest the money to learn to fly helis.

Thanks for considering me for the free Aerohawk.
Dec 04, 2003, 11:26 PM
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Well,, One of my best mates runs a high end "Gentleman's club", so I would use it to entice and train beautiful, scantilly clad, young ladies into the hobby.

One thing that really seems to be missing in this world is hot nubile young ladies flying electric helis.

Of course pics of these scantilly clad vamps would soon follow!!

If you don't believe me, take a look at one of my typical weekends:

Dec 04, 2003, 11:50 PM
Jim Kind
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I have been trying to enter the R/C flying ranks for about 27 years now and finally got my wings flying park fliers this April after lurking on sites like this one.

I don't know if I deserve a free heli but I want so bad I can taste it!

I have had more fun this year than I have in years. I have been a fanatical fisherman my whole life but since that first flight this past April I have not touched my fishing gear. I spend a minimum of 1 hour a day on r/c forums absorbing all the info I can (slightly Obsessed ).

Waiting with fingers crossed


'I fly therefore I am'
Dec 04, 2003, 11:54 PM
Leave me alone!
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Jim, you've got mail!