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Dec 01, 2003, 10:10 PM
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Digitized drawing pad instead of cad, for cnc use?

I have just recently discovered this wonderous new thing. It is old news to many, but very new to me! This is a digitized drawing pad. Resolution to 2000 lines per inch. I am a halfway decent draftsman with paper and Tsquare, so the thought of hand drafting my design strait into the computer is very exciting. I think by using other programs such as paint pro, that converting these digitized drawings into dfx format is as easy as"save as". So, has anybody here used these things? They are made by calcomp, wacom, and possibly others. Of course the one Im interested in is huge, for making full size plans. Most on the market are very small, for sketching and doodling. I need to know if there are any inherent drawbacks to this type of input.
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Dec 02, 2003, 11:36 PM
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You must be rich if you can afford a digitizer pad that is big enough to do a full size drawing on. I have a 20 tablet and I thought it would be great for drawings but I still use a mouse. with AutoCad. I also have a 36"x72" track drafting table that is now used as a flat table top to display model rockets on. I am no expert at using a tablet but I can't see why you would use one other than maybe using the cross hairs on the puck to trace over an object that is of iregular shape such as an Profile view of a fuselage. For people that use Cad it would be much easier to simply have the object scaned and then imported in a drawing. You can then trace over the lines and your done with getting the shape in Cad. I will have to take your word about Paint Pro being able to save in DXF format. Again if you need a really big digitizer pad your going to spend really big bucks on one. Unless of course they have come way down in price. I don't know if I answered your question or not. When I started using Auto Cad I thought it would draw my plane for me then I learned it only draws what you tell it to draw and in some ways it takes longer to draw a simple plane in Cad then on Paper. BUT, I have not used a pencil and paper since teaching myself CAD. Good Luck

John Boren
Dec 03, 2003, 08:17 AM
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cost not a factor

I have found a couple of used digitizer pads in a huge size for less than 500.00USD. Im still undecided about cad. I find it frustrating, time consuming. I can draw with a tsquare, and various other drafting tools, faster and express my design ideas without being bogged down by a point and click routine, or the limitations of program functions. Im curious as to why so few people use the digitized drawing pad. Seems a lot more natural to use a pencil rather than a mouse to draw model airplanes and parts for them.
Dec 03, 2003, 08:36 AM
EDF rules... :)
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I started out 13 years ago learning to use a CAD software called Autosketch by Autodesk the same people who make AutoCAD and I too thought at that time that a digitizer would be the best of drawing products for me to use. I later found out that by learning a little at a time I was a able to use the program in good effect after just a few months by equating how the actions of the pencil and t-square could be used in the program. Then learning to use the other drawing tools as I went, before long I could do lot more with it like designing the products I produced with it and let me tell you I have never looked back. 3D was tougher to learn after many years of drafting I then had to think in a 3rd dimension but now even that is second nature. So if you are serious about using a CAD program no matter what brand try integrating the tools little by little, because the use of a digitizer is severely limited in most applications. Good luck.

Eric B.