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Oct 13, 2012, 07:30 AM
Registered User
The only load which I have are mineral water bottles. they are made of PET so the weight is almost only the water inside. I just used the velco to tire them to the boom arm. I often do that for load test and also when i fly over water, i tired the emty nineral water to arms for saverfy just in case it have to landing on water.
I have a eagle tree datalog but it used the T dean connector and my octo used the XT90.
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Oct 13, 2012, 07:47 AM
The Engineer
prodriverex's Avatar
Hmm... Empty PET bottles when filming over water! That's ingenious!

Do up a converter connector.
Oct 13, 2012, 11:03 AM
Mosquito 6
Originally Posted by prodriverex
Hmm... Empty PET bottles when filming over water! That's ingenious!
Maybe coat the bottles with Rain-X .. increases surface tension to make lift-off easier .. less float "stickyness" (lotus effect), and droplets will blow off from rotor "wash". Not so critical for such a large build, but why carry around extra water

With such a huge investment there coatri, maybe a good idea to practice landing, and especially take-off, from water landings. Probably make for some uniquely interesting videos too. I'm really learning to appreciate the metric system .. one milliliter equals one gram equals one cubic centimeter .. making calculating float size versus water displacement really easy.
Oct 13, 2012, 07:39 PM
Registered User
@prodriverex : I already do converter but busy at this time for filming in An Giang province. Will do test log on next week
@Tayninh68: I can do fly and take off Ok since I flying helicopter for a long time. The empty mineral bottles used as the life buoy in case it have accident in fly over water. This monster have long arms so the bottles are out of the props wind flow.

The otehr priblem is the arms i am using is the tarot 600 tail boom and it is feeble, with hight load it is vibrated. I am waiting for the carbon boom come (hopefully this week dual to terrrible service of POSt in Vietnam, they are in post office for about 2 weeks already but still their) and replace all the boom. Then I will redo all full load test with eagletree.

This is video we do with Y6 copter
Aerial Photography - Hexa Y6 (4 min 5 sec)

and this is the video make with this monster copter in Ca Mau Television station as the demonstration
Đài Truyền Hình Phát Thanh Cà Mau (1 min 52 sec)
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Oct 14, 2012, 07:33 AM
Registered User
Originally Posted by caotri
The other clip of maiden after the call stop
I will do all the load test and flight time test.
The T3515 also good in 6S but I like the 5S with big carbon props :-)
I will update new test video and also load test by this weekend when I got time.
I do test the W48-22 also , the quad is ready but the weather .

This kit is 3.75kgs without battery anf the gimbal.It flys 20 minutes with 2 packs of 5600mAh 5S 25C GenAce make total flight weight of 5.3kg. I will do full load test by this weekend. The monster is on the way to DALAT city for some waterfall video capture.
Hi caotri.
What are your basic and attitude gains for the wookong in the above vid.

Many thanks
Oct 14, 2012, 06:42 PM
Registered User
@Paul@SCC : do you mean the first maiden video?
The Basic gain is 135, the attitude gain is 120 as I remember. It has change when I put all the gimbal , camera on.

I decide to convert it to X8 for easier when taking it around for video. With to big size it is hard to bring it to the field and also the limited of license to fly this big object in my country.
Beside that the load is over the need so it will be convert to X8 or come to smaller Octo with props overlapped.
Oct 15, 2012, 05:41 AM
Registered User
Thanks caotri for the info.
Oct 23, 2012, 09:04 AM
Registered User
New Video of this monster Octo and the other X8 OCto with YS-X6

Multicopter meeting : Octo DJI, OctoX8 YS-X6, Adrucopter Hexa (4 min 28 sec)

Part 2
Multicopter meeting : Octo DJI, OctoX8 YS-X6, Adrucopter Hexa - Part 2 (1 min 38 sec)

The video from X8 Octo is waiting for up loaded.
Oct 23, 2012, 09:24 AM
The Engineer
prodriverex's Avatar
Super stable..
Oct 24, 2012, 10:02 PM
The Engineer
prodriverex's Avatar
caotri, can i make a quick check with you? Can the YS-X6 support the monster octo config you have now? WHy WKM over YSX6?
Nov 01, 2012, 12:49 AM
Registered User
the YsX6 hasa more output for motor control than the dji. with octocopter it still have servo ptz port since the dji is not.
the YS X6 as my feelling is better than the dji in PH.
ysX6 also cheaperthan ths dji in waypoint option also. and you donot need to buy the ground station.

hope this can help
Nov 01, 2012, 02:05 AM
The Engineer
prodriverex's Avatar
Thank you caotri. We will gobahead w YS then.
Nov 02, 2012, 02:30 AM
Registered User
thanks for the information.

i am pretty new to the octocopter flying - but my background is working in the film industry as a cameraman and i want to built my own octocopter for professional use.

weight wise would it be possible to put a "red epic" or a "canon c300" onto the octocopter?
if yes - what would be an approximate flight time.
if no - could anyone advise me what to get to built a suitable octocopter.

any help is highly appreciated

thank you
Nov 02, 2012, 07:11 AM
Registered User
this monster octo has do filming with sony fs700.
the red epic semm heavy so the flight time is short. however one derector ask me flight with red epic but i care of flighing with this super expensive camera.
I beleae that for the red epic you should look atbthe axi motor which is more powerfull and also super quality.
Nov 21, 2012, 03:15 PM
Hello Caotri. Exellent monstercopter. I was planning to build a big one my self, and serched the net for others. Then i found yours. The 21,5mm motormount blocks is a smart idea. I belive they are a littlebit smaller, maybe 20mm for fastening the booms tight? Difficult to find equal. Is it possible to buy a bunch of you? Or is there somewhere on the net i can buy them? If i count right, i need 64 pieces, 32 for the motormount and 32 for the center. Thats without spares. I'd like to buy more if there is a way to accomplish this with you.
Best regards André.

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