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Oct 01, 2012, 04:37 PM
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Some recommendations for a noob...


I'm looking into getting a car and tx/rx. Ideally, I'd like to be able to use the same 2200mah 3s batteries I use in my planes, since it would save me some cash.

I've owned "toy" cars before, but never anything leaning into hobby class.

I'd like to get started in a similar manner to the way I got into planes; with an affordable, fun and rugged "trainer". For my plane I started with a SuperCub, but moved on relatively quickly.

For a car, I'd like something that can go on and off road, plus be resilient enough that I can bash it a bit as I learn the new controls. Speed isn't of highest concern as long as it's not pokey. By "off road" I mean able to jump off a curb and or zip through some grass, nothing crazy.

So, thinking I'd like to go inexpensive and get a car/buggy and tx/rx for under $200 US, can you make any recommendations?

I've looked at HK and some other sites, but honestly don't even know what scale to start with!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I'd love to have something fun to drive around when the weather isn't good enough for flying.
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Oct 01, 2012, 06:06 PM
Cranky old fart
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1/10 scale is ideal for running through grass and around the yard, something in a monster truck. But, it would be hard to recommend anything of this type that runs 3 cells for under $200.
Oct 01, 2012, 10:17 PM
bashing on vancouver island
veggieslinger's Avatar
if you are mechanically inclined and dont mind buying used, online classifieds are nice. ive bought used traxxas vehicles for 200 or less. brushless ones too i havent bought a brand new rc model in years.
Oct 01, 2012, 10:30 PM
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wparsons's Avatar
3s2200mah packs generally aren't much good in cars... they're too big (physically) for 1/16th scale vehicles, and too small (capacity and current) for 1/10th scale cars.
Oct 02, 2012, 06:22 AM
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Microbaba's Avatar
I think the Losi mini LST2 MIGHT, and I stress MIGHT run a pack that size. (Obviously the set up will be 2 cell though, although I might risk using a 3 cell on my buggy because it has LST electrics).

Although I have to admit, I have heard some not so good rumours about that model, such as a bad diff/servos.
Oct 02, 2012, 10:51 AM
Oakstone's Avatar
Thanks for the input!

So, leaving the 3s packs out of the equation for the moment, 1/10th scale sounds like a good place to start. Any specific models I should look at?

I'll keep my eye out in the classifieds too.
Oct 02, 2012, 12:30 PM
Cranky old fart
Balr14's Avatar
Traxxas is the most durable and widely available brand. You could buy a Grave Digger for $235 that would work well for you.

I have a Stampede VXL upgraded to run 3 cell (MIPS CV joints, aluminum hex nuts, big bore shocks and heat sink) that I'm selling with two 5000 mah 30C lipos, but it would cost a lot more than $200.
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Oct 02, 2012, 01:26 PM
Oakstone's Avatar
Thanks Balr14 for the link. I've been scoping out the Traxxas stuff and it looks quite solid. A lot of these vehicles show NIMH batteries in the specs. Can I go LiPo without too much trouble and is there the same benefit in doing so as there is in my planes (more power etc.)?

If yes, the voltages don't seem match up. The 2S LiPo's are 7.4 and the 3S are 11.6, but the NIMH is 8.4. Which would I use?
Oct 02, 2012, 04:43 PM
Cranky old fart
Balr14's Avatar
You would go with the 2S lipo, assuming the model you chose has an ESC that works with lipos. You will see a lot of vendors saying their models will work with 2S or 3S, because the ESC will handle it. But, what usually will not handle it is the drive train. My 4WD Stampede VXL was twisting axles and shearing shearing U joints on 3S as well as rounding off the connecting hex nuts and inside of the rims. Stock suspension supports and shocks don't last, either. But, it would go over 50 mph without much effort and do standing backflips.
Oct 03, 2012, 06:29 PM
Oakstone's Avatar
Hmm the Slash 4x4 is more expensive, but looks really cool... *fishes around for more $$*
Oct 04, 2012, 03:42 PM
Cranky old fart
Balr14's Avatar
The Slash does not handle grass, rocks and other obstacles nearly as well as the Stampede or other Monster truck. It's a short track racer, not a backyard basher. A decently setup Slash is over $400.
Oct 05, 2012, 12:35 AM
Registered User
I bought a used (but in great shape) VXL Slash 2wd for $150, slapped on 17mm hex adapters for $30 and a set of 1/8 scale buggy tires for $25 and that truck absolutely rips through grass, dirt and gravel.

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