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Feb 28, 2013, 01:06 PM
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Mar 08, 2014, 02:09 AM
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My experience with the Albatross for what it is worth

My history - new to r/c flying. Been piloting for less than a year. Started out with a mini super cub, then super cub, and then t-28. Now I have the fw-190 and the Albatross. Regarding the Albatross:

I bought the pnp version. I installed an orange receiver from Hobby King to bind with my dx-6 - it seems to work flawlessly.

The landing gear assembly is a little weird - once you figure it out, it makes sense.

My major beefs with the assembly and design are the following:

#1 - the holes that you insert the pin through to secure the upper wing to the wing support did not align properly on one side - I had to drill a slightly larger hole into the wing supports to allow the pin to thread through the hole. That was a pain.

#2 - you have to disassemble the wing to get at the receiver and servos.

#3 - the battery box is small - a 3s 2200 battery is a tight fit - plus it is on the BOTTOM of the plane. Flipping the plane over to install a tight fitting battery is a little sketchy - the weight of the plane rests on whatever that scale replica piece is that sits on top of the upper wing. Swapping batteries is difficult compared to other planes, especially if you also attach a low voltage alarm on the balance lead of the battery. I would have loved to see there be a removable section on top of the plane like in the T-28 and FW-190, among others.


I installed the skid plate as opposed to the tail wheel. The instructions on how to install the tail wheel were not very clear and cutting into a brand new airplane spooked me.

I maidened the bird on a blacktop runway. The first thing that I noticed was the resistance of the skid plate dragging on the blacktop. It made ground handling challenging - the plane drifted to the right when taxiing or accelerating. The first few takeoffs were near disasters. Then I figured out that if I put a little up elevator when rolling on the ground, it helped lift the weight off of the tail of the plane, which made a huge difference. (Subsequent flights off of dirt runways were much more controllable - the skid plate was a non factor on a dirt runway, and a little up elevator allowed you to control the plane easily on the runway).

The plane flies great in calm conditions. It is not as fast as the T-28 or the FW-190. It is very pretty in the air and super fun to fly. It is a pretty light plane, and the wings flex a bit. The landing gear rattle a bit too.

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