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Oct 07, 2012, 07:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Sebastian_BHcsr
Hi Little-Acorn! I am happy to hear that everything went smoothly for you! Please feel free to fill me in with your SSS' developments! Happy landings and Friday! -Seba
Thanks for the courtesy and assistance, Sebastian. It was a pleasant change from most of my previous dealings with Banana Hobby (see
https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/show...4#post18216784 and https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/show...1#post18291406 )
Those posts are from last year, and do not relate to this present transaction, which was very good.

Some minor things I found with the plane:

1.) The main spar just would not go into the wing tube. Wrenching at it all night with bare hands and some language, got it to within 12" of being fully installed... and then I realized that if I got it all the way in, I'd never get it out. I think the spar itself is OK (though heavy), but my wing tubes are either crushed, mis-formed, or got some glue or something inside them. Couldn't fix those without major surgery, so I wound up sanding considerable amounts of the main spar off. Now it fits, but the main spar looks strange and is probably weaker than when it started. How are you installing the wing tubes in the wing?

2.) Both propellers that came with my plane are mis-formed. The blades are not 180 degrees apart, more like 178 or so. That is VERY strange. Makes the prop vibrate a lot when the motor runs.

3.) The control horns for the tail and wings, each came with three bolts instead of four.

4.) Flap pushrods are too long (but aileron pushrods are fine). Also, when I lower the flaps, the control horns contact the surface of the wing, and the holes form a straight line from the hinge line to the servo arm, meaning the servo cannot possibly pull any farther (it is stalled) AND great stress is placed on it and on the control horn and flap. Installing the flap control horns about half an inch aft of their present position, would cure both problems and is an excellent way to deal with flaps (don't do it to the ailerons). Or, installing the flap control horns backward, does the same thing.

5.) The magnets on the fuselage that hold the canopy cover on, just fell off on my plane. Both of them. (the ones on the cover itself are still on). I suggest you file the back of each magnet before gluing them, to give the glue something to grip. It doesn't hold smooth, shiny metal very well.

6.) There is supposed to be a carbon-fiber rod running along the bottom of the fuselage, from the wings to the tail, according to the instructions, I could not find such a rod in my box, or on the plane.

7.) The manual that came in the box with the plane, says:
(a) In one place it says the propeller is 8x7, and in other places it says 8x6.
(b) It says the ESC has 40A capacity. In the back of the manual it mentions two 40A ESCs. It says one of them can handle 4 servos, and the other can handle 5. But the plane comes with six servos!
(c) The manual says the Center of Gravity (CG) should be 100mm behind the leading edge of the wing. My plane flies vary stably and responsively with the CG 93mm behind the leading edge. May I suggest you specify a RANGE for the center of gravity, saying it is acceptable from 93mm to 100mm behind the leading edge?

8.) I LIKE the way my plane came with the decals NOT installed. They were still on a separate sheet, in the box. Several people have asked me about that, and I have gotten compliments on how nice the huge, pure-white plane looks. May I suggest you sell this plane with the decals NOT applied, like mine? Provide them on a separate sheet instead, as mine was.

9.) I would like very much to see a "KIT" version of this plane available. No servos, no motor, no ESC, no propeller, no wiring. Also no radio or battery of course.

These comments are mostly minor (possibly excepting the number of servos the ESC can handle). Overall the Super Sky Surfer is an excellent plane!
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Oct 07, 2012, 07:37 PM
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Don't forget that the piano wires for the rudder and elevator are Very thin, weak and dainty for such Large plane.*
Oct 08, 2012, 02:17 PM
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Originally Posted by G-LO
Don't forget that the piano wires for the rudder and elevator are Very thin, weak and dainty for such Large plane.*
Damn, I knew I'd forget something.

The instructions say to put a length of fairly stiff plastic tubing over the pushrod from where it comes out of the fuselage, to the control horn. That will hopefully prevent bowing of the wire when it pushes. But it seems like a Rube-Goldberg-ish solution to me. (Anybody nowadays even remember who Rube Goldberg was?)

A number of posters have been replacing them with thicker wire, at least .045" diameter steel wire or thicker. Or, graft something stiff, like a thicker wire or a Kwik-link rod, into the pushrod where it comes out of the fuselage.

I also personally don't care for the "linkage stops" that come with the plane, to be mounted on the rudder and elevator control horns. I prefer the clevises that come with the plane, to be used on the ailerons and flaps. I had lots of trouble with the linkage stops in my regular Sky Surfer. So I replaced them in the SSS, with nylon Kwik-Links and their stiff threaded rods grafted onto the thin wires.
Oct 08, 2012, 02:47 PM
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Hi Little-Acorn and G-LO!
Thanks for your honest feedback as I greatly do appreciate it! I have forwarded all aspects mentioned above to our lead technicians for further evaluation and possible revision purposes for the future. Also, I did have the chance to test a bone stock SSS extensively with a few lead technicians at the field over the weekend, and the ESC held up quite well in our endurance tests. She sustained excellent responsiveness without a single hiccup throughout the weekend outing. With that said, even with Pete's two thumbs up on the stock electronics, we will continue to probe the SSS for any discrepancies, and work with our manufacturer to perhaps revise the manual with more accurate ESC info in the manual. Thanks! -Seba

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