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Sep 26, 2012, 12:30 AM
"Auntie Samantha"
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Build Log

~E-Tracts...The New Generation~

The New Generation E-Tracts! Some refer to them as Servoless Retracts.

The only difference between the Aluminum and Plastic 60-120 FMS E-Tracts is the width of the main body.


~~UP-DATE 3/21/2013~~

I am pleased to announce that Motion RC now has both the Aluminum & Plastic FMS E-Tracts in stock!


~~UP-DATE 3/29/2013~~

The newest offering from Pingzheng are these large sized PZ-15096B all-metal (aluminum) E-Tracts w/10mm strut pin holes.


Item No: PZ-15096B

Description: Giant E-retract with Full Metal Case

Size: 93*51*35(L*W*H) 

Weight: 144G 

Speed: 6S/90@4.8V; 5S/90@6.0V, 4S/90@7.4V

Torque: 15.5kg-cm@4.8V: 18.6kg-cm@6.0V: 20.6kg-cm@7.4V 

Operating Voltage: 4.8V-7.4V 

Landing Struct Diameter: Φ 10mm

Support Flight Weight: 10kg-12kg

Wire Length: 420mm 

Wire Color: Brown, Red, Orange 
Plug Type: JR Plug

Smart Build-in Circuit Design

After 10 Seconds Auto Power off Protection System 

Absorb Interference Wave

Double Shock Absorption Design 

Completely Protect the Gears 

All Precise Metal Gears 
Full Metal Case Makes Strong Resistance 
Stable, Smooth, and Safe!


As most of us know, the original Retracts were driven by either a remote servo via a wire linkage, or air driven by elaborate air systems. As we all found out, the servo drive retract was a very frustrating configuration prone to repeated failures. The air systems seemed to work fine, but for many, they were expensive and to heavy for most foamies.

Over the past few years the industry has stepped up the effort and have introduced the E-Tract/Servoless Retract. Most notably has been Pingzheng the makers of various sized PZ's, the smaller Micro PZ-15094, primarily used for lighter planes, nose gears, and retracting tail wheels, the PZ-15090 / 312, the PZ-15091 / 514, and their latest entry the[U] PZ-15096 / FMS PZ-V2[/U] (which I reference as PZ-716s in this post). Other companies such as ChangeSun, EPF Hobby's DSR-46T Titans, which I have all relative info and pics on here "P-51D: The DSR2-46T Titan Electronic Retracts", and of course E-Flite.

To date, most of these new E-Tracts have been constructed of plastic components. Pingzheng has updated all of theirs with metal (aluminum) trunnions now. E-Flite introduced their new line of aluminum / all-metal E-Tracts last year with great success. The E-Flite 60-120's are a good addition to the 1400mm-1700mm size foamies, but they're pricey at $150.00 pr.

The new FMS Plastic 60-120 E-Tracts w/Alum. trunnions.

UP-DATE 11/22/2012: Here are the first pics of latest version of the FMS E-Tracts.

I have to clarify a misconception I posted yesterday concerning these new E-Tracts from FMS. I had stated they were of a black anodized aluminum construction, but actually they are plastic w/aluminum trunnions. With the exception of the housing being made of plastic, they are identical to the FMS aluminum E-Tracts I've already posted info about.

I receive an email from FMS this morning informing me that I had made a mistake, and that these new E-Tracts were actually constructed of plastic. So to satisfy my curiosity, I took one apart and sure enough.....the housing are plastic, but the components are the same as the aluminum ones.

The Aluminum E-Tract will also be available, but only as a spare parts purchase.

FMS Plastic Alum Trunnion E Tracts (4 min 26 sec)

UP-DATE 11/25/2012: Cut-off Tests!

I've been asked what the cut-off rates were for these new FMS 60-120 E-Tracts so I set up my equipment and and shot a video.

I teamed up the 60-120s with the PZ-514s & the PZ-716s and here are the results...............

E Tract Cut off tests (6 min 57 sec)

FMS 60-120 class Aluminum E-Tracts

I was informed by FMS that these are of FMS's design, and are now in test mode awaiting the results before mass production. I was informed that they will operate anywhere from 4.8-7.2V. I ran mine at 5V thru my power supply while I shot video for my YouTube U/L. I cycled them at least 30 times without a single glitch. I'm very impressed with these E-Tracts and look forward to more testing tomorrow.

A few quick notes:
These will work with all the FMS sequencers.
The deployment rate is 5 sec. at 5V which IMO is much more scale.
Operational voltage range: 4.8-7.2V
They have current cut-off protection.
They weight in at 2.6oz. ea.
FMS designed the worm gear drive channels with locking tabs on the inside of the unit.
One other feature I like in the design, the wiring exits out the end of the unit so you don't have a wire tie to deal with underneath.

*See thumbnails at the bottom for more views and dimensional specs.

FMS Aluminum All Metal E Tracts (1 min 27 sec)

I've U/L additional pics showing a side by side comparison between the FMS and E-Flite E-Tracts. *See thumbnails below

A key feature of the FMS E-Tracts is the configured manner in which the wires exit the unit. They are contained within the unit resulting in a lower depth profile (25mm) which translates into less foam removal in an area of the wings where the foam is already thin enough. Nice touch FMS!

UP-DATE 9/28/2012:

I was asked if these FMS Alum. E-Ts were a drop-in replacement on the T-28? Because the T-28 came out with the PZ-312s, there is no way they would work w/o a few mods! It got me to thinking, so I thought I would lend some additional info on the matter including some more pics to illustrate my findings.

When FMS started installing those wing/E-T plastic pockets, they were designed for each independent plane's E-Tract eg: the T-28 used the PZ312s, the P-47 & P-51 uses the PZ-514s. As for the BF109f, FW190, Zero etc. I can't comment as I don't have these planes yet.

When I up-dated the T-28 I had to remove a considerable amount of the plastic pocket & made some special alum. mounting flanges so I could get the PZ-514s to fit. To get these Alums. to fit, the same mod would have to be made on the pocket, plus the mounting ears would have to be trimmed back and new mounting holes drilled. The problem with that is the forward two mounting holes are 6mm further out then the two forward holes on the Alum. flange ears.

Here is a Photoshopped image of the proposal I sent to FMS illustrating the extended flange.

If the plan is to replace a set of PZ-514s then there may be only 3 steps to take.
(1) 8mm of foam will need to be removed to clearance the forward section of the motor.
(2) The two forward mounts will need to be shifted back 6mm to accommodate the two holes on the Alums.
(3) Accommodations may be needed in the strut as the Alums. trunnion is 5mm taller then the PZ514.

Now, if the intention is to replace the PZ-716s, the Alums. will be just a matter of dropping them in place! The only hurdle I can see is a difference by 1mm in the trunnion height (Alum. 11mm....PZ-716 10mm).

UP-DATE 11/18/2012: ~FMS PZ-V2/PZ15096/716 E-Tracts~

I thought I might try and clear up some of the confusion and misconceptions pertaining to the new FMS V2 E-Tracts. These are actually the new larger size PZ-15096 E-Tracts made by Ping Zheng. To simplify and somewhat follow the tags that the PZ-15090/312's & the PZ-15091/514's has become known as, I am going to refer to these FMS PZ-V2/PZ-15096's as 716's.

I've noticed on a lot of the threads, such as the 190 thread for example, that a few folks are referring to V2 E-Tracts as replacements . It's kinda confusing trying to figure out if they're referring to the PZ-514s or the FMS PZ-V2 / PZ-716s, so I thought I would try to eliminate some of this confusion.

Adding to the confusion is the PDF file that Raymond / RC Castle put out illustrating the up-grade for the FW-190 E-Tracts from "V1s" (which are actually ChangeSun E-Tracts w/micro switch), to "PZ-V2" which according to his pics, are actually the PZ-514s. Phillip / PW-RC refers to his replacement as either Extra Large (PZ-716), Large (PZ-514), or Medium w/either 3mm or 4mm strut holes (PZ-312)?? Confused yet??

First off I'll start with the PZ-15090 / 312:
Dimensions: 66.2mm x 25.8mm
3mm-4mm strut
Operational voltage: 4.8v-6v
Flight weight: 2.5kg / 5.5lb.
Price range: $7.50-$12.50 ea. *depending on either a plastic or metal trunnion

PZ-15091 / 514:
Dimensions: 74mm x 28.5mm
5mm strut
Operational voltage: 4.8v-6v
Flight weight: 5kg / 11lb.
Price range: $7.99-$12.50 ea. *depending on either a plastic or metal trunnion

PZ-15096 / FMS PZ-V2 / 716:
Dimensions: 93mm x 30.8mm
5mm strut
Operational voltage: 4.8v-7.4v
Flight weight: 8kg / 17.5lb.
Price range: $17.50-$19.99 ea. *metal trunnion

The PZ-15096 / PZ-V2 / 716 E-Tract

The 716 is much larger then it's cousin the 514, and seems to have a much more robust drive system, it's also quieter. It deploys much slower and more scale like (see videos below), 7.5 sec. compared to the 514's 2.3 sec., and the E-Flite 60-120's 3.0 sec. Because of the slower deployment, more adjustment may have to be made on some sequencers so the doors don't close to early. That won't be a problem with the Micro Gear sequencer as it has both speed, delay & stagger programming.

The worm drive appears to be the same size as the 514 (3mm), and drives a brass arm. The trunnion is aluminum and has (3) 4mm access holes to secure a 5mm strut. 2 on each side and 1 on the top. The 2 side screws are no longer in the pivot pin, and because of that grub screws will be needed.
*Note* the hardware package comes with (4) 4mm x 3.85mm grub screws, but I am thinking after flat reliefs are ground on a 5mm strut, a 5.6mm+ long grub screw will be needed to take advantage of all the threads.

FMS finally gives us enough lead wire (15") to reach outside the wings without using extensions.

I'm impressed with these 716's and I'm not so sure they won't work in some of the 1400 birds too? Only time will tell if these new 716's are reliable, but if they match up with their 514 cousins they should be a hit!

*NOTE* I added additional pics of the 716's side by side with the E-Flite 60-120 E-Tracts. *See thumbnails below.

Here is the 716's side by side with the E-Flite 60-120's.

FMS PZ-V2_E-Flite_60-120_8-04-2012 (1 min 2 sec)

I made a vid showing the difference in the speed of the trunnions on both the 716's deployment speed of 7.5 sec. and the 514's deployment speed of 2.3 sec. to show a comparison. I also made a second vid showing the same side by side comparison with the 716's and the E-Flite 60-120's deployment speed of 3.0 sec. Both examples are running off 5v.

FMS PZ-V2_514_8-04-2012 (1 min 39 sec)

~Trunnion UP-GRADE~

The earlier version PZ-312 & PZ-514 E-Tracts came with plastic trunnions. It is really easy to up-grade them to the newer aluminum trunnions.

Here is my DIY vid showing how to accomplish this!

PZ 514 Up Grade (8 min 21 sec)

The PZ-312 E-Tract replacement aluminum trunnions can be purchased with either a 3mm or 4mm strut hole. I would strongly suggest enlarging the holes to accept a 5mm strut pin. I use my drill press to perform this task, but for those who don't have access to such equipment, a table vise and hand drill will work also.

Drilling the PZ aluminum trunnions (2 min 25 sec)

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Sep 26, 2012, 03:36 AM
Most people are stupid!
dambit's Avatar
These look amazing!

Just one thing though... it's spelt ALUMINIUM!!
Sep 26, 2012, 04:39 AM
Registered User
They look very good. What about the height of the new ones compared to the v2? In picture 0017 and 0021 they seem lower, correct?
This because the v2's are a little bit to high when I put them in my v2 Mustang.
Sep 26, 2012, 04:52 AM
Geez That's A Big Fly
Banjofrog's Avatar
Eagerly waiting the test results.

Sep 26, 2012, 05:54 AM
Crash Test Dummy
Pilot_Tony's Avatar
Price? I must buy many....
Sep 26, 2012, 06:17 AM
Dont be divided from the truth
Dangaras's Avatar
Where are the rotating retracts with a 100 travel for the Corsairs?

I hope these are better than the rclander junk. The real test will be field trials, mine were sweet on the bench but they sidelined a model for the entire season because they just would not perform and eventually suffered numerous mechanical failures.

To the point where they are in a ziploc bag in the junk box.
Sep 26, 2012, 06:20 AM
"Aircraftus Fragmentum"
kydawg1's Avatar
Very sweet. I am in if FMS gets this one right.
Sep 26, 2012, 07:02 AM
Upstanding Member
Kurt's Avatar

How much play does the wheel have when extended?
The 514's with metal trunnion I just installed in my V6 FMS Mustang are better than stock, but still have about 1/8"-1/4" play (at the wheel on the end of a 145mm long strut, bit more side to side than front/back) in both side/side and forward/back direction.
This is due to minor slop in the trunnion-to-casing and trunnion to worm-drive-bar.
Are these better in that regard?
Last edited by Kurt; Sep 26, 2012 at 08:12 AM.
Sep 26, 2012, 07:06 AM
flying is everything
jdm2ner's Avatar
will see what fms will do for us
Sep 26, 2012, 09:17 AM
Should've, Would've, Could've
v8truckin's Avatar

If these are infact like the eflite, you can expect no trunnion slope what so ever. When I originally did the eflite 60-120 mod on my 1.7m p51 that was one of reason i did it also because the plastic retracts were ver poor, collapsed, cracked , etc. So our buddy Aros forwarded the mod over to FMS and bam! They responded with these and am hoping they answered all our prayers.
Sep 26, 2012, 09:43 AM
Always Fly 2 Mistakes High!
RGS2010's Avatar
Nice work, as always, Gary!

I'm sure glad that you live in the "Show Us" state of Missouri

P.S. I hope that FMS includes the hex screws with the retracts like in the ones they sent you...I just hate it when you order e-tracts and they don't have 'em and I just used my last one yesterday.
Sep 26, 2012, 10:25 AM
"Auntie Samantha"
Sandancer's Avatar
Originally Posted by Lenop
They look very good. What about the height of the new ones compared to the v2? In picture 0017 and 0021 they seem lower, correct?
This because the v2's are a little bit to high when I put them in my v2 Mustang.
They are 2mm shorter then the 716.
Sep 26, 2012, 10:26 AM
"Auntie Samantha"
Sandancer's Avatar
Originally Posted by dambit
These look amazing!

Just one thing though... it's spelt ALUMINIUM!!
I can't spell the above........................^
Sep 26, 2012, 10:28 AM
"Auntie Samantha"
Sandancer's Avatar
Originally Posted by Pilot_Tony
Price? I must buy many....
FMS hasn't set a price yet.
Sep 26, 2012, 10:34 AM
"Auntie Samantha"
Sandancer's Avatar
Originally Posted by Dangaras
Where are the rotating retracts with a 100 travel for the Corsairs?

I hope these are better than the rclander junk. The real test will be field trials, mine were sweet on the bench but they sidelined a model for the entire season because they just would not perform and eventually suffered numerous mechanical failures.

To the point where they are in a ziploc bag in the junk box.
It's my understanding that these E-Tracts will be offered under a parts listing at this time. As far as the rotating Corsair LG, I haven't heard anything?

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