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Sep 24, 2012, 02:58 AM
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3D Flight Plan part 2

ok boys and girls, our lesson for today is...

Getting Some Tail.

Ok, i'm getting back into my 'school teacher' mode now that summer break is over. I just want to share another one of my '3D flying lessons' here with you guys. It is geared to more advanced pilots, but beginners can do it too.

If you have not see or read my '3D flight plan' blog you might want to start there, and come back to these excersizes later. Here is the link


Getting some tail is every young mans dream. It may take some a longer time to achieve, but once the techiniques are mastered, he can get some good tail action whenever he wants. Now go wash your dirty minds cause the tail im refering to is the rudder of your heli. Your so naughty...

What im talking about is piroettes and quick, accurate control of the rudder. We've all seen the vids of the pros doing piro flips, piro rolls, piro tic tocs, and just about every transition or skill that they do has the rudder whipping around looking almost out of contorl. Ofcourse as the noobs that we are, if that heli is not tail in our thumbs start shaking and palms get sweaty. So here are the excercises that i plan to focus on for awhile to gain control of my tail, and get some good 'tail' action going.

Before getting into these excersizes you should be comfortable hovering in all orientations, upright at least.

These excersizes are not only another orientation builder. The main purpose of these are 'timing'. Do you know how long it takes your heli to rotate 360*? I mean full rudder input, as fast as it can. I know my superV400 takes about a second and a half (maybe two seconds) to get all the way around. On the other hand my 450pro at one point could get around twice in one second. This is the 'piro rate', and some guys like it fast, some like it slow. Its personal and does not matter, but you should be able to do a 360* piro, stopping on the same point you started, with your eyes closed. The same with 180* and 90*.

Ex 1 - tail in 360* piro.
We have all done this at one point or another. From a stable tail in hover, just whip the tail around as fast as it can and return to a safe tail in hover. Now when you do it, try to get as accurate with the start and stop point as possible. Your tail gyro should be set to 'stop on a dime' with no slop (over shooting = gyro gain to low) or bounce back (wag caused by gyro gain to high). Try to hold altitude and dont let the cyclic get out of wack, causing unwanted travel in any direction.

The sim cant help with these excersizes because they do not have the same piro rate or imperfect swash behaviour as the real thing.

Ex 2. - Tail in to nose in 180*.
With your heli hovering in the "oh so comfortable" tail in position, quickly snap the rudder around 180 degrees and maintain a nose in hover. Once in a stable nose in hover, snap it back around to tail in. Remember, you want control and accuracy. You can start with a slower piro rate, but build it up so you get to full rudder 180* snap turn. When you get comfortable with left rudder, then do the same with right.

For some reason i tend to use left rudder control most of the time. Its just easier on the hand. Take note if you favour one side, and make sure to practice the weak side twice as much.

Ex 3 - Side on 360* piro.
Same as ex1 but now starting and stopping in a side on orientation. Remember start from both nose right and nose left orientations, and use both left and right rudder control.

Ex 4 - Side on 180* piro.
Same as ex2 only now starting from a side on orientation. Remember to start frim both sides, and piro in both directions.

Ex 5 - 90* snap turns
quick quarter turns, stoping in the four major orietations. Try not to linger in any one position for long, they should be quick, and acurate changes in direction. It is also fun to get some forward motion going, then doing the snap turns as the heli is in motion. This will prepair you for piro traveling.

Ex 6 - Multiple 360* piros
Same as ex1 starting tail in, but go for two piros in a row. This is where you will find out how your heli setup (mechanical, or electrical stabilization system) really performs. There are alot of things that can cause the heli to start tipping on you. If your not using a 3 axis gyro with 'piro compensation adjustments', you may need to use some cyclic just to get the tail around more than once on an even plane. From 2 consecutive piros, go to 3, then 4, and so on. It is also good to do these at a slower piro rate. Rember that the heli should be stationary and not movieng or drifting in any other direction. After you have control in a hover you can then get into some piro traveling, moveing around while piroing, but always in control.

Ex 7 - Piro Travel

Ex 8 - Do it all again INVERTED

Ex 9 - Half Piro Flips

Ex 10 - Piro Flips
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