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Sep 10, 2012, 04:11 PM
Crash and learn

V911 Notes

First Flights
Diode Voltage Drop - To lower voltage of a supply source

Changing to new version swashplates and carbon main shafts should have added some screws. On the ones with Delrin main gears, you can grab extra screws from the ring collars as the thicker Delrin main gears should allow the main shaft to drop without disengaging the pinion.

Then you have gobs of extra screw that can be robbed from the dual-charger and transmitter.

Reminds me, when putting screws back into plastic, turn the screw backwards (out) until you hear a click as the screw finds the original threads, then turn the screw in. Avoids stripping the plastic threads.

First Flights
If you have problems getting into the air, try getting the helicopter quickly to eye level to get out of the ground effect, or hand launch if all else fails. You may find a slow lift-off causes the helicopter to scoot left, so be prepared for it. A slow lift-off can be done smoothly after you learn to control the helicopter.

A good launch pad is a (soft) cardboard box about 2 feet high. Then fly forward off the edge into clean air. The helicopter will drop but you already are adding throttle so just keep adding more.

All my V911's will violently scoot left (viewed from tail) on take off. I think it is the tail rotor pushing it left. When in the air, there is a right tilt on hover which means the left drift is being corrected by right aileron. That is the way they hover, even after setup adjustments for a hands off hover.

Set the V911 on a box or platform about 2 feet high and pointing mostly right when viewed from the tail. Then apply a lot of throttle, forward elevator, and some right aileron. Starting off above ground puts the V911 in clean air. Most of my flying is outdoors wind surfing. With a strong wind I use a 5 foot step ladder which gives extra time to get in stable flight into the wind after take off.

Indoors use a 2 foot high box and fly the V911 off the edge of the box into clean air.

A slow take off from ground level is possible once you know in advance where the V911 will go and have the control sticks set in advance to correct that movement. That gets you in the air, but then you have to quickly (by instinct) enter stable flight.

Best advice: do not take off from ground level until you can control the V911 without thinking about it - when your fingers control the helicopter and you are not aware of it. My opinion is that hovering a V911 is not flying a V911. Get out in the wind and learn to fly it. After a while you can pick up any V911 and fly it because your fingers will correct any needed offset until you get it setup for your type of flying.

V911's are inexpensive and they do not break easily. Have some fun until you do buy a helicopter that is expensive and does break easily

Diode Voltage Drop - To lower voltage of a supply source
A string of forward biased diodes in series.. Each diode drops the voltage by 0.6 volts. Ten diodes will drop 6.0 volts. The diodes have to be rated for the current they will have to carry. Test to see if you get the voltage you want, then put the string in heat shrink tubing.

Diodes must be able to handle the maximum current. Current can be less than the diodes maximum continuous current rating

Diodes (1 amp rating) can handle 1 amp or less. They will be OK with 1 amp, 500ma, 300ma, 100ma etc.

But you have to hook up and test before making permanent. Note that at 1 amp the power dissipation will be 0.6 watts per diode. For 10 diodes (6v drop) power dissipation will be 6.0 watts at 1 amp. Power will be less if current is less.

This is a very simple way to drop small amounts of voltage.

AAA cells - 1.5v - Lithium and Alkaline
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