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Sep 09, 2012, 10:23 AM
Right Rudder
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PT-311 Large 6-Foot Long (1:12) Electric Patrol Torpedo


This is my very first RC Boat Project and I like to give many thanks to Tony Lombardo for assisting me and opening his lovely home to me and teaching me how it is done.

I acquired this Large 72 inch Long Plywood model from a good friend that built it and did a very good job.

I have decided to make it functional and install an Electric Power System.

The REAL THING during World War 2.

Since I am not looking for fast speeds the setup inside the HULL would be ideal since I am not looking for any demanding power.

A few pictures of what I found at the Electronic Shop Surplus Store and the Monster Motor is Brand New!

3 inch Diameter
6 inches Long Shaft (Tip to Tip)
4500 RPMs @ 12 Volts
8mm Output Shaft

The people at the Surplus Store was able to connect the motor and test it and it ran super quiet and smooth. It measured:

12 Volts @ 6.5 AMPS, NO LOAD


It still looks small inside the HULL

It was fantastic weather conditions (Cooler) and I took advantage of Tony Lombardo's very nice invitation to his home and home cooked meals from his wonderful wife and spent all weekend with Tony showing me the ropes of RC BOAT Modeling.

This weekend we did the Stuffing Tube hardware purchases at ACE HARDWARE (The best ACE is in Titusville, Florida ) and we were able to get all hardware that we needed.

The Tubes were cut to length after careful measurements were performed on the Hull and outside. Then the Stuffing Tubes were integrated (two different sizes sliding into another larger diameter) and to keep em put, some soldering was performed.

So far it is looking great!

Sitting Pretty Before Drilling and Poking the Model

Geesh. I am glad that I keep all my past purchases in a folder up in my e-mail because I am getting OLD and forgetting what I purchased February 2011

Look what I found and I did post it up at RCUniverse discussing a little project that I was occupied with back then with RC Cars.

I found the box under my bed!!!!!

I called four RC Hobby Shops within Central Florida:

GravesRC - Purchased the PRO BOAT 50-AMP ESC, Large Servo, Dogs, Uni Joint.

Colonial Photo & Hobby - Two Steering Arms.

The two listed above were the only ones that had what I was looking for today after work.

The rest was a purchased I made back in February 2011 and those were two RC Car Transmitters / Receivers and one of them is the 2.4 Giga-Hertz Spectrum technology by TRAXXAS.

I could not believe that no one had the right size Propeller in as far as hole hub opening and I am afraid that I will need to order them. In a way it is the best since the larger Marine Propellers are very expensive in the Hobby Shops locally.
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Sep 09, 2012, 10:24 AM
Right Rudder
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A few Pictures of all the new Goodies....

Rudder Progress:

The Local Central Florida Machine Shop was able to enlarge the inner hole diameter of the Motor side Universal Joint by OCTURA. The Universal Joint is the 1/4 inch hook up for Motor output shafts and in order to use the large MONSTER DV 12-Volt, 4500 RPM brushed motor the need for enlargement of the inner hole on the motor piece was necessary.
Sep 09, 2012, 10:25 AM
Right Rudder
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Machine Shop did a fantastic job as no sharp edges appears and the set screw holes are intact. The Motor Side of the Universal Joint slides in perfectly and set screws tighten with no issues!

A few Pictures as usual:

I traveled to one HOBBY-TOWN USA shop (Sanford, Florida) that has a skilled Soldering Technician named Connie and who has performed many Soldering jobs for me in the past so, I came with three (3) new Turnigy Li-POLYs that came in the past week and most especially my PRO-BOAT 50-AMP Brushed ESC and Large Monster 12-Volt, 4500 RPM, Brushed Motor.

After explaining what I was about to do with that large BLACK 12-Volt, 4500 RPM Brushed Motor with my new 6-Foot PT311 Plywood RC Boat, the technician became very interested to help as he himself has a large Tug RC Electric Boat. Therefore, I came to the right person who knows exactly what I am up against. He recommended 4mm Bullet Connectors for the Motor-To-ESC and Ultra Deans connector for ESC -to- Battery and I agreed. Using 12-Gage Wiring, he also extended the Battery -to- ESC harness to allow for mounting Lead Acid Batteries in a different compartment to allow for center-of-gravity adjustments.

In a few pictures and Video you will see that lots were completed today on this project, enough to warrant a Test Run at the Local Lake assuming I can mount this new Motor inside the Hull and mount the Rudder Assembly and Large 1/4 size Hitec Servo.

A few Pictures:

Wide Angle Picture showing the entire setup to test Motor / ESC / 2.4G Radio System:

New Bullet Connectors at Motor and ESC.

The Video of the Test Run of the Motor without load is presently uploading and will post as soon as it is available.

Video of the Dry Run of the Monster 12-Volt, 4500 RPM, DC Brushed and Pro-Boat 50-AMP ESC.

Really, really smooth and quiet!


****** VIDEO **** VIDEO ***** VIDEO ***** VIDEO *******

Short Video and I was afraid of going 1/2 Throttle!!!!

Even Tony Lombardo was impressed with the Speed of the Large PT311 in the rather tiny Lake close to his home. All we did was to pulse the throttle and let go of it as the model came up to speed.

The Batteries had to sit up front (too much for our taste) but, that was the only way to secure them behind a bulk head that maintained them too far forward so, they could not shift when placing the model in the "POND" and beyond the Hydrilla!

According to the signs there "is" an Alligator around but, it did not bother us and it was not were in sight.

Temperature after 4 minute Run in the Water:
Motor was luke warm and not surpising as it is a Brushed Motor

PRO BOAT 50-AMP ESC was starting to get warm to the touch but, recall we do NOT have water cooling system yet. However, as I type this we are installing a Water Jacket Cooling for the ESC !

My overall satisfaction of this Project is BEYOND Expectations! The model responded very good and had the Speed that I was looking for with RESERVE!

Okay went to the ACE HARDWARE Store again and got a few items for continued work on the Large PT311. Finally bought my own Batteries and flexible Tubing for the cooling system for the ESC. (NOTE: There will be two (2) Cooling Radiators for the ESC to allow for Maximum Cooling).

Again, we will run the boat for another Try out at the POND and see how the Cooling System works and Tony is going to install it in such a manner to have exhaust ports like the real thing.

More work in the morning!

I have included two rectangular Lead Acid Batteries from my large 1/6 Car RC Models for comparison of the new Brick size 8-AH Lead Acid batteries to show how far these type of batteries have come (more Capacity for the size!).

General Purpose Lead Acid Batteries for RC PT311 Patrol Torpedo Electric Boat:

RC CAR Batteries and notice the 2.3 A-H Capacities.

High Resolution Pictures showing what was done today (just a small portion) since we both were busy and I had only a few seconds to take pictures in order to make it to the 2nd Test Run.

Water Exhaust Stacks for the Rear of Stern.

ESC with Water Cooling Jackets!
Sep 09, 2012, 10:26 AM
Right Rudder
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Just look at this Large RC Electric Plywood PT311, it just makes it in!

Had the entire Chain of Lakes @ Titusville, Florida for ourselves!!!

[COLOR="DarkRed"]VIDEO *** VIDEO *** VIDEO ****[/COLOR

PT311 Patrol Torpedo RC Boat Run Test #2 (0 min 56 sec)

uploaded the same Video showing the 2nd Test Run up at Vimeo with automatic High Resolution capabilities.

PT311 RC Electric 6-Foot Boat Model 2nd Test Run at Chain of Lakes Titusville, Florida 09-01-2012 (0 min 55 sec)
Sep 09, 2012, 10:38 AM
Team Hillbilly 🐘💨
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Beautiful boat and nice job fitting those components
Sep 09, 2012, 10:40 AM
Right Rudder
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Thank you!
Sep 09, 2012, 04:54 PM
Balsa is for doll houses
Skrogg's Avatar
great build , thanks for sharing
Sep 12, 2012, 11:40 PM
Right Rudder
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Just take a look at the prices for extra extra extra Large RC Boats from this Place!
Sep 16, 2012, 06:01 AM
Right Rudder
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My boat Propellers finally arrived!

My Rivabo 70mm 3-Blade Propellers made of Brass from Cornwall Boat Models all the way from United Kingdom has finally arrived on Saturday 09-15-2012! Took exactly one week two days or 9 days.

I am just a little confused as the packaging of the Propellers say CALDERCRAFT?

Sep 23, 2012, 10:19 PM
Right Rudder
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Official Model Airplane News Mag Photograher, Friend and New Stuffing Box Shaft!

I will have our very own DAVID HART who is the official Model Airplane News Magazine Photographer to take some high Resolution Digital Pictures!!

Here is just one article peppered with his super Photography skills:

David Hart's Web Page:

Since the Stuffing Shaft that the boat ran for the first two runs was determined to be too short and the M5 Threads were not enough (too short of threads) to allow for the threaded M5 Propeller and the Backup securing Nut, tonight I finally changed it out to one that has slightly longer length and longer threaded end point.

As you will see in one picture in comparing the Old and the Newer one, the Newer one provides much better setup for both the M5 Threaded Propeller "and" the Backup securing Nut.

Sea Trails begin in the early morning!!!!!!

As usual, a few pictures.

Sep 23, 2012, 10:21 PM
Right Rudder
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3rd Test Run of my Large 6-Foot Plywood PT311

Some Still Pictures from my Point and Shoot Digital Camera from today's mission!

================================================== ======

David Hart's Pictures:


Thanks so much for those SUPER Pictures of my Large Plywood PT311 Patrol Torpedo Ship!

Here's a few in larger view!

Slow Speed Pass:

Fast Speed Pass

Going Away at 1/2 Speed:

Moderate Speed - Going Away!

Another High Speed Pass:

Start of a Turn during High Speed:

High Speed Turn:

Throttling Down!

Coming to a stop:

Complete STOP!
Sep 23, 2012, 10:22 PM
Right Rudder
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Successful 3rd Sea Trail Run at Moon Port Modelers RC Club, Titusville, Florida

Super Successful 3rd Sea Trail Run at Moon Port Modelers RC Club, Titusville, Florida. The High Resolution Pictures that David Hart took later is the official 4th Test Run.

Here is the Video showing the 3rd Test Run with the improved Center Of Gravity by placing the Batteries further AFT and adjacent to the Motor.

PT311 RC Electric 6-Foot Boat Model 3rd Test Run at Moon Port Modelers RC Club Titusville, Florida 09-22-2012 (2 min 1 sec)
Sep 26, 2012, 11:56 PM
Right Rudder
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How Big is Big and Enough?

Hi Guys!

At the moment, I really did not realize why I selected this large 6-Foot PT Boat Project and I just came across the article that perhaps explains, finally, why and the article best describes my thoughts.

Most especially this write-up:
The size and scale of a model has a direct bearing on the effort and artistry required to produce a realistic effect. The obvious conclusion is that as the scale reduces from 1/1 the more difficult it is to convincingly mimic full size. A extremely large model shot outdoors in real sunlight has the most chance of success but both the cost of building and the practicality of manipulating such a model are factors which keep this in balance. After all the choice of using a miniature shot in the first place is because it is too expensive, too impractical, or too dangerous to achieve for real.

Also, feast your eyes on that Sub Display Model! All I need is a large truck with a long Trailer!

Sep 27, 2012, 02:04 AM
Registered User
WOW! I can't believe I found you and your boat. My name is Kevin, in Hubbard, Oregon. I have the same exact boat!!! Mine is hull #235, made by Bruce P in Orlando. I bought my boat about 4 years ago (I think) and have done very little to get her running. I hand built scale rudders and want to use scale props too (3 of each). I bought a DVD of the original Elco drawings about 2 yrs ago, and haven't done anything to her since. I am so exicted right now, you can't imagine! I have been wondering what motor/battery/ESC combo to use for a long time. My boys and I actually got her down out of the rafters just last night--hence me looking at PT videos. They will be SOOOO excited to watch "trial #3" in the morning. I hope you get this email, and that we can exchange videos/info. I will post some pics tomorrow (if I can figure out how to do that.)

Hope to hear from you soon!

Sep 27, 2012, 07:23 AM
Right Rudder
PittSpecial's Avatar

Welcomed! I have replied to your Thread asking for help with your large scale project. Let me know what I can assist you with.

I have sent you my E-Mail Address via PM.


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