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Sep 07, 2012, 12:11 PM
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Build Log

The 1400mm Sky Surfer: My Build!

This is my build of the 1400mm Sky Surfer

Last year I decided I wanted a plane to use as a platform for some FPV work, so I decided to give the Sky Surfer the assignment.

First let me explain my circumstance. About a year ago I purchased a Sky Surfer from Toysonics. Having everything I would need, (ESC, servos, etc.) I ordered the ARF. When the plane arrived it was already glued together!

Because of health issues, the Sky Surfer project was shelved. It's now been over a year and I've decided to pursue the build again so I would have something ready to go come spring.

That said, I pulled the Sky Surfer out of her box and started spreading all the parts out. After figuring out how to run the ESC leads to the motor (keep in mind the fuse was already glued together), I discovered the motor was junk! After many attempts at dismantling and re-assembling the motor, I finally gave up!

Okay, I understand the design concept of the motor/motor mount for the Sky Surfer, but all I can say at this time is "what a joke"! There was no way I would ever get those two screws lined up to the back of the motor using my extended reach phillips! Needless to say, I ended up having to split the fuse!

After conferring with the guys on the "Sky Surfer - aka Bixler See Post #2 & #3 for parts & mods B4 asking" thread, I received some very beneficial info, and some great tips to help in the building of my Sky Surfer. Thanks guys, I appreciate all the advise!

Here is a list of mods I did to the Sky Surfer. Refer to the thumbnails below for visual references.

-I decided I wasn't going back to that arrangement so I've built my own motor/mount configuration so I could use the Turnigy D2826/6 2200Kv motor. I used a 3/4" pvc coupler & plug for the mount. I cut my own plate for the X mount out of some 1/4" plastic, and tapped (4) 3mm holes. I then ground a hole in the side so I could pass the wires inside the assembly. When I glue plastic to foam I like to drill several holes in the plastic surface to help anchor the Gorilla Glue. Now with the mount glued in the fuse, all I have to do to replace a motor is simply remove 4 screws!

-I don't like to make long leads from the ESC to the motor, so I copied an idea I saw on the SS/Bixler thread where I could cut and mount the ESC in the wire channel on top of the fuse, just inches away from the motor. I'm also using a HexTronik 5/6v 3A UBEC.

-I going to use the Orange RX Futaba FASST 8Ch RX . Yes I will be using all but one channel on it (BEC Ch.8, gyro switch on Ch.6, and light switch Ch.5) Did I mention I'll also have the V2 Orange RX 3-Axis gyro as well.

-I built a battery tray for the 3S 2200mAh 20C lipos and glued it in the nose of the fuse in hopes that it will help strengthen that area.

-I was concerned about the amount of waggle in the tail boom, so I glued a .325 CF spar in there. I installed a spar in the elevator as well. Also as suggested, I ran a strip of 3M reinforced packing tape the full length of the belly.

-I changed out all the control horns with better GP nylon ones, and use the "Cub" pushrods from Hobby Zone.

-I made up a plastic sleeve, tapped it out to 4mm thread, knurled it so the epoxy would grip, and installed it in the vertical stab so I could remove the tail feathers if need be.

-There was a lot of discussion about the steel weight in the nose to counter the CG. I decided to remove it, but I indented a small hole in the fuse for it's location in case I might need to reinstall it?

-I installed 2 additional magnets to help hold the cockpit hatch in place, and I must say, it's not going anywhere!

-I also installed a couple of NACA ducts, one in the nose and two on both sides of the rear boom. Not sure if it will be beneficial now that the ESC is in the roof, but it does look kewl! Because that work involved some sanding I had to order a set of replacement Sky Surfer decals for the fuse.

-Because it's my nature, I've installed Nav lights in the wing tips, landing lights on the wing's LE, and a flashing beacon on top of the vertical stab. I'm using the Lazertoyz V3 Lighting kit to power the lights.

-The Wings! I put a lot of work into those suckers! Because of the Nav lights I had to cut channels for the wing tip wiring. I made up recessed fixtures for the landing lights and ran both leads into the servo cavity. I cut some 1" strips out of some white Oracal 651 vinyl to cover the wire leads. Once finished with that I hot glued the HXT900 9g servos in place, ran all wiring to the wing root, and taped the channel cover down with the 3M reinforced packing tape.
To aid in the removal of the wings, I made up a 10 pin wiring harness. I also made a harness so I could disconnect the lights as well.
Again, from recommended suggestions from the SS/Bixler thread, I installed two 3M plastic hooks on the bottom surface of the wings so I could secure them with a rubber band. I also cut a relief groove in the fuse and covered it with a strip of plastic to lessen the wear on the foam. I also installed a small CF rod thru the fuse to secure the rubber band when it's not in use.

Again, check the thumbnails below for a visual reference to all my mods.
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Aug 27, 2013, 09:33 AM
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nice pictures. I just bought this plane from Value Hobby (August 2013) and they have redesigned a few things. the wing spars are now full length and slide into a middle spar (supported in a fuselage mounted plywood bracket). the wings have clamps to secure to that center spar. the motor mount also has a plywood piece that you glue into the foam for securing motor with screws. access is limited to that though.
Jun 03, 2014, 10:05 PM
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Did you just slice along the mate line in the fuse to separate it? What adhesive did you use on your build?

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