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Sep 07, 2012, 01:09 PM
"Auntie Samantha"
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~FMS Props/Spinners & Mods.~

I'm going to devote this page to the FMS Props/Spinners and various mods!

*Please note* I have moved this page to a new location! More info and vids, including FMS G&C 4250 motor/prop tests!


The Small Parts CnC 61mm prop adapter!

As I reported earlier, I've been working in conjunction with Terry at Small Parts CnC in the development of an extended prop adapter for the FMS G&C 4250 500kv, 540kv, & 580kv motors which have an 8mm x 35mm hex keyed prop adapter. I am happy to say they are now available!

The design was primarily based around the FMS P-51 spinners. The idea for an extended adapter is for the expansion of prop options to include the various 2-blade props on the market, MAS, APC, etc. It can also work for the more expensive composite 1-piece 4-blade props as well as the VarioProp 12C. props.

Unfortunately the FMS 35mm adapter just won't accommodate a prop assembly with a hub thicker then 17mm with enough thread to securely tighten the nut, not to mention the additional friction washer. The SPCnC 61mm adapter has the length to accommodate the thicker hubs along with a friction washer and either a standard 8 x 1.25mm nut or the 8 x 1.25mm domed nuts as well. Because the adapter is for the use of optional blades, it will work with either the V6 FP106 spinner which uses screws, or the V7 SU116 spinner which uses the 3mm bolts & nuts, both having the slots already cut for a 2-blade prop.

The SPCnC adapter will also work with the other FMS planes, Zero, 190, 109 etc. using the 4250 motors as well. It can be used on the Corsair, T-28, P-47, etc. with their 3 & 4 blade hubs if prop options are warranted? I haven't explored any of those options!

To sum up, the Small Parts CnC FMS 4250 series Extended Shaft Prop Adapter will work on just about any prop mod you might want to make on your FMS planes. Check it out!

Now that I have the means to do so, I'll be checking performances on various FMS 4250 motors in conjunction with different prop combinations. Stay tuned for videos!


The 1mm Prop Shim mod!

The idea behind the 1mm shim mod on the FMS P-51 is to increase the blade pitch 2 +- by placing a shim under the leading edges of all four blades, thereby increasing the performance! I'm going to elaborate more on Nick/v8Truckin's 1mm prop shim mod.

On Nick's original mod he was using his FMS 1700mm P-51 as the example. Because of the difference's in scale between the 1700 P-51 & the 1400 P-51, the shims he used on the 1700 spinner won't work as well on the 1400 spinners.

As you can see, the larger 4.85mm x 1.17mm wire ties are suitable for the 1700 spinner as they're a perfect fit for the blade ramps incorporated in the anchor pockets for the 1700 blades, but they are to wide to achieve the same results with the 1400 spinner, therefore I use the smaller 2.50mm x .89mm wire ties to achieve the same results. The draw back to the larger shims on the 1400 plate are two fold. Reliefs have to be ground to clear the bolts, and the additional width prevents the blade from achieving any angle in the anchor pockets. With the smaller 2.50mm shims the width is a perfect fit and will allow the blades to incline in the blade pockets with no problems, thus an increase of blade pitch.

I've been asked if the shim mod will work with the earlier V6 spinner & blades? I would say yes, but because the V6 uses screws to attach the blades I would caution against it! I highly recommend using the newer V7 spinner with it's 3mm bolts & ny-locks. Because of the high torque and stress the backing plate & blades endure, I use longer 3mm x 20mm hex head cap screws on all of my blade mounts for a couple of reasons. First, the oem's are Philips head prone to stripping the heads out. Second, the 3mm x 17mm Philips heads barely penetrate the nylon in the ny-locks in the stock app., and with the shim mod that penetration is even more negligible.

Another issue that was brought to my attention is that several guys who have the V6 P-51 also have an abundance of spare V6 blades. I'd like to point out, the V6 blades WILL fit the newer V7 P-51 spinner! All that needs to be done is to enlarge the two holes with a #31 drill bit. If one isn't handy, a 1/8" drill bit will work as well. The four dimpled index's are exactly the same, so the V6 blades fit nice and snug in the V7 plate!
*An added note, the early V3 blades will also work with the V7 spinner as well.

Another thing to note, the V6 & V7 spinner cones and backing plates are interchangeable, so depending on what mod you're wanting to accomplish, be it a 2-blade app. with the opening already cut in the spinner cone, or the shim mod utilizing the regular spinner cones with equal blade openings, FMS makes both. Tom at MotionRC is working to get both versions in stock, so check your favorite dealer to see if he has them available.

So in conclusion, the 1mm shim mod will increase the performance if done properly. Just keep in mind, to much pitch and you'll run the risk of overloading the motor & ESC, and lesson your flight times.

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