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Sep 20, 2012, 05:39 AM
Getting good at foam repair
GTrain's Avatar
Righto - mine turned up today - happy days. Put it together won't get a chance to maiden until tomorrow if the wind stays down.

First impression. Very very similar dimensions to the HobbyKing J-3 Piper cub. Looks fantastic (much better than the Piper) and appears to be the Sunday easy flyer I bought it for. Monster motor in it though should pull it's own weight well.

It's certainly not clipped wing - the wingspan is huuuuuuuge it should stall like a baby tigress and glide like a bixler

Appropriate points already made - would be a good idea to check the tail wheel clearance against the fuse before you glue up - do a dry fit of the horiz & vert stab onto the fuse to check.

Build quality looks typical Durafly quality, I like the seperate rx and batt trays. Turnigy batterys fit in really tight and balances at 40mm CoG straight up. It's a bit fiddly with the battery wires I'm not sure if they go above or below the battery when installed.

Looks quality, I've set up with 60% dual rates and 25% expo on low rates, also threw in 40% rudder to aileron mix, will adjust after maiden.

Single boxed only but everything was in perfect condition

Minor gripes/comments:
- Elevator Servo was DOA. I'll take that up with Customer Service and throw in a spare 9g whilst that's going on.
- The battery appears to block airflow to esc? I'll check out temps after 5min maiden at controlled throttle
- I can clearly see the wire through the landing gear plastic as detailed earlier in this thread
- Landing gear pants are too low for grass strips, however the wheels look big enough to handle most landings
- Rudder at 100% throw touches the elevator on each side! I'm using 80% throw for about 2mm clearance
- Tail rigging! My fingers are too fat and my patience too thin to tie knots in vinyl twine, I left it off. If anyone has any tips please let me know.

Overall these gripes does not detract from the fantastic look and apparent value of the product, it is first class for the $$ outlay.

Will report back after maiden, the best I can do for vid is a head cam Turnigy cheapy but I might give it a go for ya all.

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Sep 20, 2012, 06:25 AM
Geez That's A Big Fly
Banjofrog's Avatar
Originally Posted by will3d4food
Hi Shaun,

Please contact our Customer Service staff and we will replace those gear legs for you, it should not be like that.

-This plane is a blast if your looking for something a little bit quicker then a typical J-3/Decathlon, etc. I hope you enjoy.
Many Thanks, I have contacted CS.

GTrain with the wires ( tail rigging) I am going to use wire trace crimps from a Tackle Store, I did the same with my FMS PT-17. I do agree about the wing span compared the the length of the fuse. I have not finished putting it together yet so I don't know of any other issues, but I am still planning on a maiden this Saturday or Sunday and the only video I can offer is the HK HD wing cam.


Footnote: what I also like about this plane is it's simplicity, no lights or retracts, provided that Little Butch flies well and I have no doubt that it will, it will be very relaxing to fly and can be pushed if the mood takes.
Some of the most enjoyable flying I have had in my short flying career is doing touch and goes with my DF SE5a
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Sep 20, 2012, 11:39 AM
Former Durafly Brand Manager
Stuart Warne's Avatar
Hm re: the U/C wire showing through the cover, that should have been fixed, but yes, please do contact C/S and lets see if we can help you guy's out there, or come to me directly if that proves a frustrating process.

I too was very skeptical about the spats on grass. All model's I've had in the past with spats have been a PITA on grass, but I was pleasantly surprised with the Monocoupe, it can handle a little length of the green stuff, just start with a little up elevator held in until you get rolling.

Speaking of which, this model has loads of power, punch the throttle and you'll be on step in a matter of seconds, so please do bare that in mind, she a nice scale model and deserves to be taken off as such . Certainly relaxing to fly once set-up, but with power to spare

With this in mind, below are my Tx settings for my own model as promised. You would have seen some of the Monocoupe being flown with these settings in the product video (we had two, Scott flew the other):


Elevator, 120% UP - 100% DOWN
everything else 100% each way.


Aileron, ON: 45% D/R, 20% EXPO -- OFF: 60% D/R, 25% EXPO

Elevator, ON: 45% D/R, 20% EXPO -- OFF: 65% D/R, 30% EXPO

Rudder, ON: 60% D/R, 15% EXPO -- OFF: 80% D/R, 20% EXPO

That's it, these are my basic settings for what I believed to be a nicely balanced model. Notice I have very little aileron and more rudder when compared to it. Much like a Cub, the monocoupe like the use of rudder in the turn and is actually a more stable model with less aileron authority IMO. Please try it for yourselves and see what you think, remembering that it prefers less aileron movement than the usual high wing model.

Hope this helps you guy's, look forward to hearing those flight reports.

Sep 20, 2012, 07:48 PM
Geez That's A Big Fly
Banjofrog's Avatar
This is the reason why it is hard to deal with HK CS, I am being asked to supply a photo when I already have, I supplied the same photo that is in this thread uurrrghh.

## Please do not write below this line ##
Ticket #352143: K-C Durafly Monocoupe Landing Gear from order #2005217886
Your request (#352143) has been updated.
To review the status of the request and add additional comments, please visit

Matthew, Sep 21 02:39 (HKT):
Hi Shaun ,

Thanks for contacting the HobbyKing Support Team.

We are sorry to know that one part of item from your order #2005217886 seems damaged on arrival. To open claim file for you, please send us photos to show

1) the picture of all parts/items and all packaged materials after putting them in flat.
2) the whole item
3) the parcel box and the shipping label

Looking forward to your reply for further assistance.

Thanks for emailing support.
If you have any other questions, please let me know.
HobbyKing Support Team
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Shaun, Sep 20 18:08 (HKT):
Hi, I have been told by one of your staff members on RC Groups to contact you regarding the Durafly Monocoupe Landing Gear. Basically the wire is showing through the red plastic I have included a photo.

Many Thanks


Landing Gear.JPG

This email is a service from HobbyKing Support Centre


Thanks Stuart, I am hoping to fly tomorrow but we have a Storm front coming through Perth area today so I am hoping the wind and rain die down by the morning, if not Sunday is looking ok at this stage.
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Sep 20, 2012, 09:48 PM
Former Durafly Brand Manager
Stuart Warne's Avatar
Ok, I've spoken with C/S and confirmed with Ben here in the office, and made sure C/S know the how to process the U/C issue on this first batch. All customers that report this issue will get a free replacement U/C unit in there next order (and when they become available) once they have provided a photo such as the one above with suitable proof of ownership (shipping label inc in photo etc.)

If anybody else has a delay in there claim, please let me know. Thankfully this should not be a issue with the next batch.

Sep 20, 2012, 11:02 PM
Getting good at foam repair
GTrain's Avatar

Monocoupe maiden flight today!

Well I got a quick maiden in today and must report the Moncoupe handles very very well, in strong wind gusts it was very controllable and fun to fly (& you normally don't associate "maiden flight" with "fun")

Flight report:
- Fresh battery, CoG spot on at 40mm from LE.
- Took off at 1/2 throttle into wind in about 4m of runway
- Then the thing rocketed! It climbed under 1/2 power by itself and had about the same speed as my Durafly Trojan at 3/4 throttle.
- No trim required at neutral position of control surfaces
- I had rudder mixed in at 40% to aileron,may bump that up a bit to give more rudder authority
- Might need some throttle / elevator mixing to calm the climb down

Cruised around at 1/3 throttle,held altitude very well. The big old wings caught just about every wind gust there was and it acts like a weathervane wanting to point directly into the wind.

Stall just nosed down due to the heavy motor, a little up elevator and it held altitude into the wind really well

Slowed down excellently for landing and dropped the last foot or so without throttle input.

Flight was relaxed and fun, even in the wind

I had two Klutz moments;
1. it was a perfect morning with no wind so I raced out to the field to maiden the Monocoupe, only to unpack and realise I left my TX at home..... d'oh! By the time I drove home and back the wind was picking up
2. I filmed the maiden with my Turnigly cam sticky-taped to my hat (the girls love it - not) and as such got a heap of ground and blue sky video, I've edited it to a really small clip showing takeoff/landing and one pass. Feel free to laugh

If you look at the video, take note I skillfully land on the mini-runway next to the large runway due to an untimely wind gust.

More reports and video to come as the weather improves and I can push the envelope further.

Note,no matter how far you push an envelope, it still remains stationery

Sep 21, 2012, 03:24 PM
Registered User
I had to contact cs about mine today too,seems like little butch might have decided to do a bunk somewhere in shanghai
I hope they find him soon,waiting is such a killer
Sep 21, 2012, 05:13 PM
Registered User


spare parts are now in stock
Sep 22, 2012, 01:47 AM
Geez That's A Big Fly
Banjofrog's Avatar
Weather seems to be settling down so may be a maiden is on the cards tomorrow, here are some pre maiden photo's.

Name: Little Butch Top.jpg
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Sep 22, 2012, 04:50 AM
Team Lumenier Pilot
Grazer's Avatar
Nice photos Shaun.

I had the pleasure of meeting Shaun today and he very kindly brought along his Monocoupe for me to see.
Wow! That is one beautiful looking plane. I have often been tempted to get a PZ Stinson Reliant, but not anymore.
I think once I have have spent some time with my new Dynamic-S (enroute to me), I might just have to press the button on one of these.

Good luck with the maiden Shaun. Weather looks like it will improve tomorrow.
Sep 22, 2012, 05:19 AM
Geez That's A Big Fly
Banjofrog's Avatar

Weather Cleared Enough

I have just managed to maiden "Little Butch", I got 2 flights in and it went like this,
Flight 1: Turnigy 2200 35-45c 3s balanced nose heavy, 100% rates and 35% expo, LB was very easy to do a scale take off, after leaving the ground I headed for 2-3 mistakes high for trimming, hands off LB was indeed flying nose heavy and did not climb on full throttle he kept wanting to look down, about 1/2 a dozen clicks on the up elevator had LB flying level at 1/2 -3/4 throttle and did climb ever so lightly on full throttle also LB need no aileron trim, with the trimming done I tried power off glide and may I say LB does not glide like a Bixler and the rate of decent is steady but rapid almost Warbird like. Roll rate is fairly good rate and yes rudder is required for good turns, LB did show some alarming reactions to buffeting, I flew close to some trees and the turbulence from them had LB flying straight and level to banking to the left 90 degrees in a split second glad I was not close to the ground. I did a couple of dummy landing approaches and noticed that LB lands faster than I expected, I did not test for stall so I dont know how LB will handle, so I lined up for final approach and let LB settle into a descending glide path and 6 inches from the ground pull back on the elevator a bit and LB levelled for a 2 point landing but still quicker than I expected

Flight 2: Zippy 2200 20c 3s same rates but did a mix of aileron - rudder mix of 50%, again another easy scale take off and as expected had to trim for the lighter battery, LB had the same flight characteristics as the first flight except the rudder mix had LB turning much better, rolls are quick, inverted flight is stable and in general all is good, I just zoomed around just getting a feel for LB and the headed in for a landing after 5 mins, the land was the same as the first.

Conclusion: IMHO this plane is not for a beginner, yes a second or better still a third plane, I still have some shake down to do and I may even try Stuart's settings but I am very happy in the quality and the way LB flies just will have to watch the low passes in any gusty conditions.

Again thank you Scott, Stuart and the team at HobbyKing for giving me so much joy


Thanks Grazer, feelings mutual, good luck with the Radian and I will make it out to fly some time soon
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Sep 22, 2012, 07:34 AM
Getting good at foam repair
GTrain's Avatar
Well done banjo - I'm hoping to get back out for a windfree flight tomorrow morning. Agree with the buffeting it really feels the wind.

Heaps of fun though

Sep 22, 2012, 08:19 AM
Geez That's A Big Fly
Banjofrog's Avatar
Yep, the weather has calmed down here as well and I will be putting more time on Little Butch tomorrow, I just finished recharging the batteries after the two 5 min flight and 600mah went in both so if I am right a 10-15 min flight is not out of the question.

Sep 22, 2012, 04:20 PM
Registered User
moronicus's Avatar
Can the wheel pants be removed? Could you use oversized wheels for flying on grass with the wheel pants removed?
Sep 22, 2012, 06:09 PM
Geez That's A Big Fly
Banjofrog's Avatar
Have not bothered to find out sorry

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