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Sep 04, 2012, 05:09 PM
a.k.a Maltone
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Build Log

Peter Rake's 53" Great Lakes Trainer - 2nd Prototype

Yes I know, I've already got 3 builds on the go but this one was taken on after some discussion with Peter as I needed (wanted) a scale model that could be built without much embellishment (read - detail ), be fairly quick to build (not 12 months) and serve as a non-precious replacement for my ageing Funtana ARF. It needed to have mild aerobatic ability, stand out from our local club crowd a bit AND be easy-ish to build. Pete gave me a list of as-yet unbuilt prototype designs and after some research - I selected this one

A 53" biplane, late '20s - early '30s, rugged looking and hopefully able to be built fairly lightweight as a 1/6 model. Manzano was contacted and Charlie agreed to a second prototype short kit to be sent when he could manage it.

I was getting fidgety not having started a new model in 12 months, so began the Heinkel 111 described elsewhere. No sooner was I engrossed in that than a box from Charlie arrived on the doorstep! I frantically scavenged enough sheet, strip and electrical bits to complete the project and have put the He111 aside for a brief rest.....

Day 1

Getting the most tedious bits done first was decided and so the laminated, bowed tip and tail outlines were done - almost a days work! Two sheets of 36X4X1/16 soft balsa were sliced into 1/4" wide strips and formed around scrap foam templates. I think a single 48X4X1/16 sheet would do - and have the advantage of doing the complete stabiliser ouline in single strips......
The wood was wetted with water+detergent, pinned around the forms and allowed to dry in the sun (it is Spring here now ). The vertical section has a very tight curve but the 6 strips coped without breaking. The wing tips have 8 strips. The strips were then glue with aliphatic to allow easy sanding and left pinned to the board until needed.

I'll keep a log of what stuff I've used in the build as an idea to other builders (if any) what will be needed.

Next - fuselage....


BTW - no prizes for guessing what it is!
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Sep 04, 2012, 05:14 PM
a.k.a Maltone
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Materials Log - ongoing.....

These quantities are aproximations - different methods of building hatches etc may differ

1 sheet 48 X 4 X 1/16 soft balsa for laminated outlines
4 strips 36 X 3/16 X 3/16 firm balsa for longerons and cross pieces
2 lengths 12" X 1/8" ID brass tube to fit over 10 swg wire
1 length 12" X 3/32" ID brass tube to fit over 12 swg wire
3 lengths 10 swg (3.2mm) music wire for U/C and wing dowels
1 length 12 swg (2.5mm) music wire for centre section struts
1 length 14 swg (2mm) music wire for strut bracing
1 length 3/32 X 3/16 bass for side stringers
1/16 X 3/16 firm balsa for top stringers - stripped from 1/16 sheet
1 sheet 36 X 4 X 1/16 balsa for fuselage sheeting
1 sheet 18 X 4 X 1/4 soft balsa for misc block work, hatches etc
1 sheet 18 X 4 X 1/2 soft balsa for block work
3 lengths 48 X 5/8 X 1/8 spruce for spars (or 8 X 36")
3 lengths 48 X 3/8 X 1/8 spruce for spars (or 8 X 36")
scrap 3/8 sheet (or block) for tail fairings and servo hatch
3 rolls Solarfilm or other covering material
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Sep 04, 2012, 05:33 PM
a.k.a Maltone
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Thread OP

Day two....

The fuselage is quite straightforward two side panels laminated from 3mm liteply and 1/16 balsa parts (make a left and a right side..) match up with 3/16 sq. firm balsa longerons. the tail ends are joined by 3/16 sheet kit parts and vertical spacers from 3/16 sq. After sanding both sides flat and free from glue lumps, the sides were assmbled vertically on the 1/8 ply firewall, and held square by the ply strut plate and a couple of cross parts on the undersides. When all was square and cured, former F3 was added behind the rear cockpit and the whole assembly pinned to plan view while pre-cut 3/16" sq cross pieces were added to the fuselage bottom.
After adding rear former F7, the rear fuselage was slightly chamfered and glued together using a couple of engineers squares to ensure the tail post was both vertical and centred.

The top 1/2 round formers were now added - first F4/F4a. This is slotted for stringers as was F7 at the rear. Because the in-between formers are not slotted and must be positioned to meet the stringers undersides, I fitted the top 3/16 X 1/16 stringer first and glued the remaining formers to just touch the underside of that stringer. Then the remaining stringers were added. I used a medium hard balsa for these stripped stringers.

With a bit a light sanding, I was now ready to fit the brass tubes that will support various wire components......

Sep 04, 2012, 07:42 PM
Übung macht den Meister..
Deuce's Avatar
Maybe it's just the perspective in the photo of the laminated bits, but is that a Great Lakes fin shape?

Sep 04, 2012, 08:23 PM
a.k.a Maltone
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Thread OP
Good on ya James While American civil aircraft are not generally my preference, the sturdy look of the Great Lakes Trainer appealed to me. It isn't a small model even at 1/6 scale - quite a chunky beast. I wanted to do the radial version but Pete wanted it 'as designed' so I'll save my lusting for a radial model for another day
There is another prototype build lurking out there for this one so I'll keep the notes to a minimum and get on with the builing...

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Sep 04, 2012, 10:29 PM
Fugative Pom
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Damn!!!... Just when I'd got fascinated with the He 111 build, ya go an' change horses mid stream on me. Hurry up and finish it so we can see the Heinkel move ahead.
Sep 04, 2012, 10:51 PM
a.k.a Maltone
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Thread OP

Wot - no Heinkel!

I hear you Ian But I need to go and see Terry for about 20 sheets of soft 1/16 and 10 sheets of 3/32 balsa! Not to mentions motors and retracts......the design from here on will depend on what electrics I use. But it will continue soon!
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Sep 04, 2012, 10:59 PM
a.k.a Maltone
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Thread OP
In the wee small hours, I'm unlikely to get an answer from Peter so I'll play by ear and then get roused on later

Peter, dealing with the sheeting and side stringers up front:

Should parts F2B have squared off lower ends to butt against the fairing part WS? I'll add a sliver any way.

F3A - should the top sheeting sit on top of the longeron at this point (like at F4) or extend outside it? If it extends outside it, I'll add a small bit of scrap of wood on top of the longeron forward of F3A so it blends easily with the sheeting ahead.....I havent tested this fit yet - just looking for trouble....

Sep 05, 2012, 12:40 AM
a.k.a Maltone
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Thread OP
Well, I answered my own queries by just doing it No changes needed to parts queried and the top skin fits fine - I did add a little scrap balsa to support an edge that looked a bit prone to clumsy fingers.

The various bits of tube were added, bound in place with thin copper wire and dabs of epoxy.

The top deck was sheeted in 1/16" balsa, CAed in place starting at the lower edge from each side, and progressively working the two sheets up to the top. A cut was made down the middle, and the two new edges glued into place. I'll cut the cockpit (s) out later. The two forward panels were glued in place and sanded to match the top.

The stringers each side are of bass, tapered from 3/16" down to ziltch at the rear. With them in place, the balsa fairing pieces around the lower wing attachment area were sanded to conform with the fuselage shape.

Next I might bend up the UC wire to give the fragile fuselage something to protect it from my messy bench

Sep 05, 2012, 01:04 AM
What's 3D?
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Nice start Pat, should be a fun build and flyer! tagging along as usual

Sep 05, 2012, 03:52 AM
Registered User
Glad you got it sorted out mate. I wasn't about to get up at 0500 to answer your query - I don't do early. Then again, I was working on something until 0200, so perhaps I can be excused my tardiness. I don't do early, but do do late.

Fairly flying ahead with this one.

Sep 05, 2012, 06:12 AM
a.k.a Maltone
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Thread OP

GLT has legs......

The primary legs are of 1/8 (10swg) steel wire. The bracket at the top of the leg is also 1/8 and needed heat treatment to bend the acute angle. I used a propane gas torch until cherry red and when cooled bent it to 90 deg, then reheated and bent the rest of the way. The model was setup on the bench at the right height and the axle stubs angled back to a line marked on the plan. The two copper wire bound parts were soldered with silver-bearing solder and an 80W Weller iron then scrubbed clean in warm soapy water.

This will be sufficient for support on the bench but there are two more sets of struts to add later. Sufficient springing should come from outward deflection of the legs. If any more springing was reqd. then I need to do more work on my landing technique All this leg section is covered with large airfoil-shaped fairings - presumably housing the bungee/oleo spring system.......

The wheels are from my wheel bin and are exactly the size shown on the plan - 4.25". With some dummy hubs they may pass muster and are very light weight. Meantime I'll see what offerings the LHS has.

I also cut out the rear cockpit (undersize) - I will ask Pete if he would mind me making the single seat, long range version shown on the Wylam drawings. If not, I'll just cut another hole

Next, I will attack the tail parts.....

Sep 05, 2012, 02:44 PM
Registered User
As usual, make any cosmetic changes you like.

Sep 05, 2012, 04:16 PM
Registered User
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Looks like you both have a real winner here! Excellent construction thus far.

Are you going to model it with the prop shaft in the high or the low position?

Pete G.
Sep 05, 2012, 04:26 PM
What's 3D?
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Love the look of the low mount!

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