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Sep 03, 2012, 01:11 PM
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Need information

Hi everyone
Noobe here trying to find out the answers to a few basic questions. Please forgive me if this has been answered or discussed before but I couldn't find much about what I want to know.

I just came across untethered kite flying on you tube and now the bug has bite me. I love the slow, gentle flying that I have seen in some of these videos and that is what I want to be able to do. I have not desire to streak across the sky at high speed or to do aerobatics or fancy manauvers. Eventually I may want to be able to add a camera or maybe some FPV gear to what I will be flying.

Not knowing the correct words, terminology or phasing to use it is hard to use the search function to find the answers to what I would like to know. I just searched this forum for “motor size” and got 75 threads that I looked through and still didn't find the answers I was looking for. Seems the same with most inquires.

Anyway, here are a few questions I have. If anyone can comment on any of them I would very much appreciate it.

First: What size motors are generally used for flying vectored kites? I have some hexTronic 750kv motors that I was going to use for a quad and I also have some hacker style ka 20-26m 1130kv motor that I could use. These weigh in at 79 grams and 59 grams Are these too big, too powerful? Will I have to get new motors? I think motor size is probably relative to the size kite that will be used, am I correct? To start I would like to use a kite somewhere around a yard or yard and a half (meter to a meter and a half) wide. Haven't decided on a style yet. Probably something like a delta maybe.

Second: What is the usual building materials used to build these kites. I would like to try to build my own kite from plans but am not adverse to getting a tethered kite kit and modifying it for vectored control. Is this possible? Can one use things like fiberglass rods, ripstop nylon, material that is used to make banners, plastic wrap like is used for food storage or like is used for plastics bags, carbon fiber arrow shafts, etc. to build these? Will I have to spend a fortune on specialty ordered material or can one use commonly available materials?

Third: What is the usual size of these kites? I know that they can be built large but can they also be built small for small area flying? Like in a persons backyard.

Fourth: I plan to try to make my own vector unit, at least to start with. I was a industrial machinist for 30 years so I think I am capable of doing it. Any recommendations along this line would be appreciated.

Fifth: Can anyone recommend some on-line sites, besides this one, where I can find more info on this whole new field of interest for me? Building ideas, instructions, tutorials, etc.

Any information or advise that anyone can furnish for me will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for any help you can give.

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Sep 03, 2012, 08:23 PM
Whats a search engine?
inventing_man's Avatar
Its kind of the sky is the limit with RC kites . All you mentioned about building materails has been used , And Store bought Kites modified as well .
Just rummage through the threads here and find something you like .
There will most likely be plenty of info on a kite that catches your eye.
I want to do a 3d Blue angles kite with a ducted fan nested in the center !
Sep 06, 2012, 07:45 AM
check the crazyplanes ...
flattermann's Avatar
hi alfstan,

have a look to my website about some different flying objects, especially VECTOR KITES:

Take some time - and You'll find hundreds of pictures and more than 100 videos, about strange looking slow flying objects and all kind of vectored kites, as well about vector unit technology.
If any question - feel free!


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