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Oct 19, 2012, 08:03 AM
Crashing with style
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Addendum to the Manual

Here's an addendum to the manual for those of you who have got kits already but havent started the build yet.

I've created them based on the feedback from everyone so far and I didnt want to ditch the manuals we have already had printed so will be including the addendum in the box of kits until the manuals run out and we need to re-print.

If you want to download an electronic copy of the updated manual you can get them here....

Updated P-51D Mustang assembly instructions
Updated Fw190 A assembly instructions

If any of you can think of other things we could add or be clearer on please let me know!

Cheers Jon
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Oct 19, 2012, 12:02 PM
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Really cool to see something i gave feedback on make it into an update! Only been in RC a few years but to see manufacturers listening and updating products from customer feedback is awesome! Way to go Jon!

Now when's that Spitfire going to be available?
Oct 19, 2012, 12:53 PM
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Originally Posted by chris jones
Way to go Jon!
Now when's that Spitfire going to be available?
Don't rush the lad, quality is always worth waiting for.

Jon reported earlier that research into the Spit has taken him to the BBMF...
Know what this means? A Hurricane MUST be on the future kit list.
I will start collecting AR6400s now in preparation for the release of the Lanc.

Really pleased to see a UK manufacturer going the extra mile!
Oct 19, 2012, 02:22 PM
Crashing with style
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And if I ever start ignoring the opinions of customers please someone remind me of this conversation!

I guess I have a lot more experience of being a customer than a manufacturer so I'm hoping I can provide a level of service I would want to receive if I'd decided to spend my hard earned cash with a company.


Now I've managed to spend a few hours here and there and have nearly completed the artwork. I'm hoping to concentrate some time next week to finish it off and then creating all the stickers from it.

The aim is to have the prototype ready for testing in about 3-4 weeks. From there I would really like to get it out before Christmas but there are a number of hurdles to get over before then. I think I'll start a seperate post on it soon just so its easier to keep track of.

Here's some of the progress. I've nearly completed the starboard side of the fuse too. All the wing surfaces and tail are also complete. Just need to add some paint chipping and a bit more weathering and illustrate the undercarriage.

Dont worry, the Hurricane is definately on the list Swanlander . I've already come up with the airframe design but it needs a fair amount of work, experimentation and tooling to get right so it may be a while yet, unless of course it wins the comp.

And as for the Lanc, I was thinking of getting a few twins under the belt before tackling the heavies.
Oct 20, 2012, 05:48 PM
Make the best of all you have
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Hello Jon,

I really love your work of art that you've done with these two models and

I'm going to buy a Fw 190 and a Mustang together with a member of my club.

Told him some of the great details and after looking at your website he was blown away ...

So many great spare parts like the prop adapter for GWS props, control horns, spinner a.s.o on top of your great models - first class !

Your service to the customer - excellent !

The germans are famous for their "Teutonic thoroughness" but your (british) thoroughness in constructing overwhelms me with wonder...

I really hope we will see a lot of your brilliant work in the future.


Will there be the possibility to get the sticker as a spare part if needed ?

I hate dents and scratches if you know what I mean ...

Oct 21, 2012, 11:19 AM
Crashing with style
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Hi Rolf,

thanks everso for your kind words. I hope I can keep up the service and the development of the products too.

Just got back from an indoor fly-in where I met up with Kev, AKA rcpaintfx, at a nice big tennis dome near Plymouth. Lots of great aircraft and good crowd down there. Flew the P-51D and Fw190 with and without undercarriage quite successfully. Still hitting walls and ground very well too but avoided taking out anyone elses aircraft. I did get hit by a big nutball though that saw Cripes A'Mighty nose in from on high, but no damage, just a few flakes of paint off the spinner.

Lots of people were asking about the kits and I think most appreciate something a bit different in the market. Lets hope some treat themselves to a Christmas present!

Got to see a few of the new PZ UM Spits. Very nice and fly really nicely too - although I did see one on its maiden, 30 seconds or so in, get it's wing tip chewed off by a UM Trojan - Owwww.

Anyone seen the guts of one of these Spitfires. Wondering if the Rx would fit into one of the Microaces models?????

Regards the sticker spares, that's something we hope to do in the future. The printing is by far and away the biggest cost in this kit. If kits start moving well after the PR & advertising kicks in we will lease a printer ourselves but the hardaware is very expensive so I want to make sure the future looks bright before a big commitment like that.

Once we have it, spares will be possible but I will say that the ink is very abraision resistant. Your not likely to get too much visible scuffing. It is really tuff stuff. I spend most of my spare time repainting the spinners!

Oct 21, 2012, 12:11 PM
Kev Waite
Flying Horizons's Avatar
Hi Jon

Thanks for taking the time to come down to Plymouth today to our indoor venue and let everyone see all of your models and offering me some tips with my elevator problems, oh and sorry for breaking your prop when I had a go on your FW190. I have just applied the anaesthetic, hammer , and it's into surgery to fix my sticky elevator on my FW190.

I missed all the flights with the AS3X spits, too busy flying, just saw both of them damaged at the end of the meeting.

I will try and get a look at the spit AS3X board from one of the guys that broke theirs when they come into the shop for spares to see if it will fit in your clip.

Oct 22, 2012, 02:23 PM
Crashing with style
deadbird's Avatar
It was a pleasure Kev,

really good crowd and a super venue. Shame we couldnt have had the courts all day. I was starting to get the hang of indoor flying. I did feel tired on the way home though. All that concentrating must have worn me out.

If the prototype Spit is ready could I pop down again if you have it booked for next month?

Oct 22, 2012, 02:53 PM
Kev Waite
Flying Horizons's Avatar
Hi Jon

We have a date for next month it is November 18th and then December 16th, January 20th.

When I started my control rod fix, I turned the remains of the prop and could hear something rubbing. I removed the motor and discovered that the can of the motor is rubbing the back plate. The shaft must have bent in the crash that broke my prop. Do you have any spare motors in stock?

I am also about to aquire a Spitfire AS3X Receiver Brick. Seeing 2 of the guys at the club need spares for their Spitfires, I will remove the brick and servo form one of the BNF models to sort them out and I will have the receiver and see if it will fit in the FW190. I will let you know if it will go in there.

Oct 22, 2012, 03:17 PM
Crashing with style
deadbird's Avatar
Loads in stock! I'll get one in the post to you tomorrow. Keep hold of the damaged motor and I'll pick it up on my next trip down. I'd like to assess the damage to see if there is any way it could be prevented in the future.

Good work on the AS3X! It will be an interesting alternative if the Rx fits.

Oct 22, 2012, 06:58 PM
Kev Waite
Flying Horizons's Avatar
Thanks Jon

Oct 23, 2012, 11:25 AM
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Originally Posted by deadbird
It will be an interesting alternative if the [Spitfire AS3X] Rx fits.
The receiver is larger than a "regular" AR6400, but will fit -- IF you make a modification to the plastic receiver retaining board, and remove some foam from the rear of the fuselage cut out. The orientation of the board in the Spitfire is vertical, so no reprogramming should be necessary in that regard.

The pushrods should fit - in fact since the back clip of the retaining board must be removed (and the receiver secured by alternate means), the top pushrod (rudder) can no longer be impaired by the removed clip. (I had trouble clearing the clip because I somehow introduced a skewed bend in the pushrod while threading the retainer through the AR6400 servo arm).

The bigger questions may be: whether the aileron servo is up to the task of handling the continuous corrections that the AS3X system makes; and if the pkzu2164 brick is programmable to take an external ESC (I asked on the Spitfire thread, so hopefully will get an answer today).

Gene K
Oct 23, 2012, 06:28 PM
Kev Waite
Flying Horizons's Avatar
Just been playing with brick from a AS3X Spitfire and cannot get it to go into Brushless ESC mode. The light flash to say re-programmed but nothing changes
Maybe this cannot be done on this brick?
Oct 23, 2012, 07:31 PM
Make the best of all you have
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I've flown the eflite Gee Bee with AS3X, nice flying plane, but when landing I got the feeling AS3X fights against my inputs - she is sold now -

what i want to say is AS3X has its advantages, but i often wished for the ability to shut down AS3X.

Nice to have if needed, but you don't need it for weather conditions the plane is made for, so don't fly it at windy days outside and you won't need AS3X

(with a few more gramms) and perhaps a short lifetime of your aileron servo which isn't made for AS3X.

Learn to fly your model with "the characteristics of its full scale counterpart" ...

Last edited by beetyii; Oct 23, 2012 at 07:39 PM.
Oct 24, 2012, 06:57 AM
Kev Waite
Flying Horizons's Avatar
I agree, but with the crazy weather we have had this year it would make the model flyable on days that the wind rules out flying.

I have a mk1 Beast and had a AS3X 3D version. The AS3X version is way better outside in all but flat calm conditions, but indoors in our tennis dome the Mk1 version is in my opinion much nicer to fly and much quicker. Even swapping the Mk1 motor into the AS3X version does not make it as quick as the original one. I don't have the AS3X one any more because I have had 2 and both had violent aileron flutter caused by the gyro system sometimes. My MIG 15 on the otherhand is completely awesome with the AS3X and have flown that in winds up to 25 mph with no problems at all.

I think gyros now have their place and allow us to fly on more days than we could before. I have a Chris Foss Foam Acro Wot that flys very well, but in wind above 10 mph is not as pleasant to fly as it is in calm conditions and when the wind is above 15 mph, although flyable you are fighting it all the time. With the Eagle A3 Pro gyro system installed I can fly in 20 mph wind and it is like flying in almost no wind at all, but for the calm days I can flick a switch on my TX and turn it off. So best of both worlds. Horizon, please take note, give us a AS3X brick that we can turn the gyros off from the transmitter and then we will be able to have the best of both worlds.

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