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Sep 30, 2012, 11:27 PM
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lol NOPE... Im saving for a blade 450... time to be a big boy...
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Oct 04, 2012, 03:29 PM
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blade 450

medic. I'd wait for a bit more before getting the blade 450.You have flown coaxeil, fixed pitch, and sounds like a little of collective pitch helis.

I whould wait on the blade 450 since that is a CCPM heli. Keep practicing with the others till you can do everything that you can with them ...WITHOUT.. crashing. The price of the 450 i alot more then the others you have.
the reason that Im saying this is, because you dont want to fly the 450 and crash it because of the price tag that it has.Practice more with the other helis first with hovering. make sure you can do it like you are doing it blind folded,Practice flighing forward for a bit and do 180 degree turn and fly it back to you, practice fling backwards flying, etc,etc.

Now if you get the 450 and you do have the dx6i the swash mix has to change and there is more prep then the others (trim and fly).In basic terms you have been flying with a 90 degree swashplate , and by going blade 450 you will need to learn to change the setting from 90 degree to 120 degree swash.The flying itself is VERY different then the CP, FP helis that you have flown.

I dont want to see you crash your 450 within the first flight.Im not saying that you cant fly it. I want you to have fun with it.DO yourself a favor IF you are going 450...Do some 120degree swash plate setting research first
A good site for you to go to is rc-help.com, dont get me wrong , you can youtube it too but the guy that explains it is very good and explaining things
If you have any questions on the set up for the dx6i for the 450 let me know.

I am more then willing to help you out any way that i can
Oct 04, 2012, 08:25 PM
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Thanks Man. It seems its gonna be a bit on the 450. gotta save for that one.. so In the mean time I have been burning up my MCPX 2 gonna pick up a few more batteries, 4 just isnt enough lol..
Oct 05, 2012, 03:48 PM
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Re: Medic

hahaha.... 2 batts...3batts....4batts.. there is never enough batts.It is always ...one more flight and thats it. land I can get one more in..oh crap no more batts.

The big difference in the controls of the 450 over the others is.....more twitchy....sensitive to commands, exspeialy the throttle.

I did what what were planning..bought a 500 class CCPM and by the time i got all the settings dialed in, took it to the field and spooled up, i think i got ...about 5 - 6 seconds of flying when it crashed. Dont get me wrong I have flown rc planes for a few years till i wanted to try and fly helis.I thought..hey i know the controls and know how to fly..how hard could it be to fly a heli. WOOOOW what a difference.The biggest thing that was different and is still a challange is the oriantaion, It is soo different then planes. Now I am doing exactly what you are doing with the exception this time of flying a CCPM.I have flown the coaxial to a point that i can do it blind folded(figurtively speeking), now flying a fixed pitch(FP) airwolf, planning on the weekend on buying the collective pitch from xheli, but not going to be flying it yet. Im going to get it so when i look at it and the" I WANT TO FLY THIS HELI " feeling comes . i ill then pick up the FP airwolf and pratice more just so i can get better enough to fly the collective pitch (CP). when i get to the stage that i can fly the CP blind folded ...then i will start looking at buying a CCPM.. If you follow that path you will be a great pilot.

Just remember to have fun with this hobby and dont let crash's scar you. We all do it. (fall off a horse and get back on) that is what this hobby is all about

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