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Aug 31, 2012, 02:31 PM
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AV/AP Basics #3 First Multicopter for ap/av

well, we have come up with budget and idea about what we want to achieve with AP/AV. Now, it is time for multicopter selection, and setup.

Now, if you have never flew RC, stop here and go buy yourself a AR drone or Blade MQX as welll as copy of good simulator. get comfortable flying the blade MQX before venturing further. This is good advice if you don't have good RC flying skill and it is stress free way to ease into multicopter.

If you are ready for first larger multictoper. I would recommend F450 frame. ARF kit is affordable way to get into the first serious multicopter. Combined with naza, it makes for good starter ap/av setup.

For AP/AV controlling vibration is paramount to success. Good quality motor and props are very important in fighting vibration.


the downside of DJI kit is the quality of the motor. The qc has gone down IMHO from early production, so sometimes you can get motors that cause bad vibration. If you'd rather have an alternative motor, I would recommend sunnysky 2212 /920kv or better yet 2216-800kv motor as alternative replacement, but only after you are over the initial crashing phase. DJI motors are easy to replace and commonly available and can use upto 10" graupners or 9" zingers on 4S . . 2216-800 will turn upto 11" graupner or 10" zingers and on 4S, that is lot of thrust. For cheaper prop. use 8" dji with lighter load practicing. avoid using 10" as it is prone to in air breakage.


Stock DJI esc are typical hobby wing type esc. they work pretty well. I don't really like bullet connectors as it is a possible point of failure, but overall, they work ok. Currently, the best choice is CC Phoenix esc, but they do cost more money. Alternately, Simonk firmware flashed esc on nFet type like the F30A from hobbyking is also better performing choice, but you need to either purchase these form abusemark or flash them yourself. I use F30A flashed with appropriate firmware personally. The flight improvement is noticeable, but not magnitude better, so using stock firmware is still fine.


They have to be well balanced and rigid. The best off the shelf solution is Graupner props. they are available upto 11" but they are expensive. they also have 8mm bore on 10-11" and stepped 5-8 bore on 9". For sunnysky type motors, you need to have prop adapter. I use polyethylene tubing with 5mm ID and 8mm OD. with graupners, their thrust is bit less for given size, so you can run bit bigger blade than normal. they are also bit fragile, so I would not recommend them to a beginner. Alternative prop that I like is wooden props. Currently, XOARs are probably the best quality woodies for larger size, while I also like zingers. only downside to zingers is that they do require more work on balancing. Also with 6mm bore, you need to bore them to 8mm and use 5-8adapter for sunnysky motors. Also, larger size props really need perfect balancing for vibration free performance. why smaller props are easier to setup.

Battery: 4S5000 is what I recommend for even the f450. they are fairly cheap and large enough to give decent flight duration even with load.
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Sep 03, 2012, 06:18 PM
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Heres a little fpv I did today of some rock climbers. Heres the setup I have for this quad:
DJI Flamewheel F450w/avrotoM2814 motors,APC 10x4.5 props, DJI 30A opto escs, 3s 5000Mah lipo battery, NAZA w/gps, Gopro hanging from Askmans anti-vibration mount, Dragonlink Long Range UHF control, Lawmate 500Mw 2.4ghz. Vtx&Lawmate R2400Vrx, IBCarzys RHCP cloverleaf Vtx and Vrx antennas. Fatshark base edition video goggles.
Askman, do you see any problem using these particular components together? So far I have had good luck with it. Cheers and thanks for the antivibe mount. It works awesome!
Rock climbers at Old Hwy 40 (3 min 25 sec)
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Sep 03, 2012, 06:23 PM
isaacintheclouds's Avatar
"Battery: 4S5000 is what I recommend for even the f450. they are fairly cheap and large enough to give decent flight duration even with load."

I have been using 3s 5000Mah on my ships and getting 8 minutes of flight happily, pulling the battery down to about 11.3v. If I use a 4s, should I use smaller props due to the higher rpms? And will I get a longer flight out of the 4s battery? I have been using apc 10x4.5. You rock!
Sep 03, 2012, 06:49 PM
Destroyer of G-10
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if what you have works, no real reason to change it. APC SF props work ok. they don't do as well in wind, but I've known several guys who really like using them for other multis.

basically rigid blade buys you bit better wind performance and you will find that they fly bit more stable. (and respond better) with avroto type of motor (pretty large and powerful) 10" APC is fine or even 11" blades. I've run zinger 10" and it works really well on 2814 . you can go 4S and it will buy you more climbing performance and flight time. if you don't need it, I would not worry.

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