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Apr 20, 2017, 09:32 PM
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Another shot at trying the BL-3G!!

Bought the BL-3G and Guardian Eagle tree gyro at same time some years back. Long story short got on well with the Guardian, Not so well with the BL, so put BL in bottom draw to try at a later date! Well have a plane with plenty of room to fit it in - Tundra, so thought would have another shot. Some questions though. Using V3.4.

1. I use the Guardians "add some rudder" to aileron option - the BL software seems to offer something similar BUT seems to be opposite i.e. add aileron to rudder? So can I use the TX mixes to add Rud to Ail or will this upset the BL? Or have I read it incorrectly?

2. How is the heading hold option enabled?

3. I have set the gains on low, for insurance! and will increase if I need to, but there seems to be a dramatic difference with the correction deflections on the guardian, being much greater even on minimum gain. I also use the "Master Gain" on the guardian to dial up/down as required.

I have downloaded latest manual - so references to pages etc would be helpful. I just remembered why I was originally frustrated with the BL - the supplied printed manual was several versions old.

Thank You
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Jun 01, 2017, 12:04 PM
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Is the BL3grc good for 3D aerobatics?
Jul 14, 2017, 09:39 AM
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We've heard some issues with Windows 10 and capability to upgrade BL-3GRC to the latest V3.4 f/w. If issues please download the following windows re-distribution package

Make sure it is the x86 version

Then please get the v3..4 package from here:
Latest blog entry: BL-3G Independent review
Mar 27, 2018, 02:45 PM
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Originally Posted by jaccies
Steve you coming in much to fast , slow down earlier
Holy crap!!! A real 100% scale airplane lands slower than that !!!
You need FLAPS and Zoloft prescription to save that poor plane :-)
Mar 27, 2018, 02:51 PM
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Originally Posted by IceManPro
Still here for support if needed ...
I need help setting the heading hold switchable on and off. In case my profile doesn't reveal my addy.
Fixed wing 1 ailer one flap normal tail setup.
Mar 27, 2018, 09:52 PM
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Windows 7 x64 updater problem

OK, I installed the dot net, Tried this on several version of windows at work and still get this error
When trying to update this:
The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0150002). Click OK to close the application

This is going on now two weeks to try and get Headlock mode to work properly, One rabbit hole after another
only to end up here, software that wont work. I seriously regret buying this incredable pile of shart.
Apr 02, 2018, 03:17 PM
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Originally Posted by dirtybird
I cannot seem to get an output on pin 6.
I need to reverse the rudder. I have tried to revere the servo with the ticks on start,basic, and advanced1 pges. nothing seems to work.
Any suggestions?
I had the same problem, it smoked my rudder servo PWWAAAAFFFFFFFFFFFFFTT!! I had to put in a servo reverser and reverse the setting from the radio after a servo replace :-(
I'm not crazy about this gizmo, The heading holds only work in one direction, for instance , the rudder left heading hold works, rudder right non existant, same for ailer's and elev. I refuse to pop for GPS systems and confusing crap just to head hold my plane coming in for a landing.
Going back to my old tricks.
Three cheap helicopter Heading lock switchable gyros. Integrate the switch of signal to all three. Why is it so difficult for these engineers to get this right.
Just take 3 Futaba 401 gyros and put them into one MoBo, small screw driver sets the sensitivity, signal wire turns on head lock DUHHHhhhh!!!
Who brings a windows laptop to the field just to fly? Are you kidding?
Apr 12, 2018, 09:41 AM
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Originally Posted by smassel
Just recorded the maiden flight of the F1 Rocket with the Ice-Man gyro (and Bluelight-tech isolation switch) today. Check it out:
Flies very well. I'm using the gyro really more as a controller here, but its good to have it for take-off and to switch it on as needed in windy conditions for extra stability.
It comes in very fast, but room for improvement on the landings!

Gyro gains set to:
Pitch (x): 4.3
Roll: (y): 4.7
Yaw: (z) 8.4


God I would need flaps to handle that beast.
However , gotta give Steve credit here, He doesn't CRASH LAND his plane. He successfully comes in like a race horse with a piss-on, and manages to walk away with an airplane in one piece!! That's more then I can say about the men at my airfield with those low profile high speed planes like the 300 , Extra's etc... THEY fly once and crash once, then finish the day with a slow flier. :-(
Steve gets Kudos from me, He can handle WARP-1 landings without warping his plane !!! Not even a nose over , Thumbs up.

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