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Nov 24, 2003, 08:19 AM
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Almost, as good as it gets

Ask anyone in central Maryland, and they will tell you that this past weekends weather, was absolutely as good as it gets.
Shirt sleeve warm, and dead calm winds. Perfect conditions for parkflyers.

I'm not sure why I woke up at 6 AM, Saturday morning, but I did, and I noticed that there was no wind at all. I ate a quick breakfast, called a friend and left a message, that he should join me at the field, if he wanted to fly the dawn patrol, and was at the field by 8 AM.

I went to Chesapeake high school, off Mountain Rd. Home airport of the famed Chesapeake Squadron. There was no one else there, so I had about a 5 acre field all to myself. I guess the Squadron had other chores to do.

I only took one plane with me. A Switchback Sport, with 2, 2 series, E-tec1200mah packs, and 1, TP2100mah pack. The plane flies great with these packs. I am propped for about 4.5 amps, with an Astro 14t 010, GWS gear box @ 3.44:1, and 10x8 GWS orange slo fly.

I think it flies better on the slightly lighter 1200mah packs, but that's just me. The plane is a bit underpowered as is. Loops are small, because it doesn't have the power to go vertical, but it seems to fly forever.

After I use up all the slo-fly fun that's in it, I am going to add a cell, and maybe up the prop to 11x8. That should give me big loops, and some vertical....Then Floats.. I' ve got 2 pieces of 2x2x24 inch white foam, just waiting to be cut out.

So, I flew for an hour or so, then loaded up and went home, without incident.

I got out early Sunday morning as well. Same thing, except for a 45 minute fog delay..... Then... as I was finishing out my 2100 pack, I heard car doors slam... then "here Jessie, here Jake", as two Golden retrievers raced out on the field, trying to catch and eat my beloved Switchback. They acted like they never even heard her. She acted like it was great sport, laughing, and calling the dogs.

I ran long circuits, back and forth across the field, trying to tire them out enough, so that I could get to the plane to pick it up before they got to it. She called them the whole time, but they never gave up their chase. I led them to the far side of the field, then turned and ran straight toward me, and landed.
We three, got to the plane at the same time, but I acted more menacing, so they just sniffed, and backed off.

She, the woman/owner, seemed like a nice person. And she said "well, I know what to get them for Christmas". I replied "sure, if you have a couple hundred dollars to spend, That's what it will cost you to replace this plane if they chew it up".
She scolded the dogs, and threated to leash them, if they didn't listen to her next time.

My nerves were shot, plus I was P.O.ed by now, so I packed up and went home.

Still, it was a great weekend to fly (except for the Hounds of the Baskerkill). I hope everyone else had an opportunity like this...
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Nov 24, 2003, 09:28 AM
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Same weather here in South Carolina this weekend. I too got up early Saturday and Sunday morning and walked out back to my private air field. I had a great time both mornings. Got in about 2 1/2 hours flying each morning. Don't have any dogs hanging around except my own. They stay in the fenced yard. There is a fox, rabbits, and deer that live out back but so far I haven't had to share my field with them.
Nov 24, 2003, 10:10 AM
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Our weather out here in the SF Bay area was pretty nice this weekend. A little cool in the AM and a little windy by the PM, but good flying weather for us early birds.
So far i've been lucky with the dogs and their owners that use the same school yard for their "hobby". I've had a few chase my planes when they were in the air, but seem to lose interest when they land. The biggest tthreat to my planes has come from my neighbors cat "Joey". When I finish building a plane I usually take it out in the street in front of my house and do all the range checks and taxi it around just to check out all the controls etc. before I take it to the school yard or club field for it's maiden. Joey stalks them like they are birds and has attacked one of my Tiger Moths, but got smacked by the prop (no damage to him or the plane) and now he just stalks them but won't get closer than 3-4' from them.

uglystik, if you add another cell to your e tech 2s 1200 pack and run the Astro 010 14t with that you won't beleive the increase in performanc. That motor loves the added v you'll get from the 3s pack.

Nov 24, 2003, 04:29 PM
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AA County has both leash laws and public nuisance laws. OTOH, R/C devices are also not allowed in AA Parks. I'm not sure if the School grounds are even officially open to the public at all. I fly occasionally at Annapolis HS and I've never been chased away.

The scary thing is, if you were to land and hit her dogs she would probably blame you!

I flew in the afternoon both days. It was really nice. The bugs are way down since we've been getting some freezing temperatures;-)

Nice not to have to worry about West Nile Virus while you're flying...
Nov 24, 2003, 04:53 PM
Nimble with Gimbals
That sounds familiar.
Nov 24, 2003, 05:14 PM
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Okay, Rub it in. Here in Dallas we had 10-30 mph winds on Saturday and on sunday it was cold and wet! But that's okay, I bought a new plane on Saturday and began building it. Today it is sunny with no wind, but unfortunatly I must work.

This whole week is supposed to be just like today and since I'm not working Wednesday through Sunday I'll get lots of time to make up for this last weekend