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Oct 31, 2012, 08:29 PM
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I asked Mike Smith since I was not at Base A much if he had a chance to grab some shots with my camera.

Great job Mike, thanks!

The first 10 shots are a great sequence.
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Oct 31, 2012, 09:11 PM
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Dennis Everett's Avatar
Tom & Dave & Darrell , i assume you will be doing some flying before the worlds , i also assume you might need some helpers to pull lines or push buttons , if so, shoot me a pm and ill pm ya my phone number ... Dennis
Oct 31, 2012, 09:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Dennis Everett
Tom & Dave & Darrell , i assume you will be doing some flying before the worlds , i also assume you might need some helpers to pull lines or push buttons , if so, shoot me a pm and ill pm ya my phone number ... Dennis
Thanks Dennis, any help is greatly appreciated.
Old Oct 31, 2012, 10:40 PM
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Oct 31, 2012, 10:51 PM
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Sitting in SNA waiting for the redeye home. Now the question is wil my power be on at home before my 230 lbs of equipment make it home via ground shippment.

Mostly power problems from trees in my area. Most townships are still 100% without power. No estimates for how long yet. Even those with generators have a challenge getting enough gas. Mostly wind and not really much rain for home.

Fortunately I can get a shower at work which is close by.

Shore area really is a disaster.

Originally Posted by tewatson
Has anyone heard from Lachowski? His flight status on Monday was uncertain due to the storm. Hope everything is OK with him and his family.

Oct 31, 2012, 11:09 PM
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When did Texas move to the east coast Cooke?
Nov 01, 2012, 12:22 AM
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Thanks Dennis
Nov 01, 2012, 04:42 PM
Challenge is rewarding
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Wow, what a weekend. Filled with highs and lows, the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, camaraderie, and rivalry, and most of all learning experiences and friendship, all the things that make sailplane competition the magical experience that is worth all the effort I put into it.

I want to start by thanking all of those people that selflessly put in so much time so we could make the weekend such a success. First up is Mike Lee. He was self conscious all weekend of any scoring errors that would pop up, but that was simply due to lack of familiarity with the software, it was quickly worked out, and the power of glider-score showed through. There were no errors or issues left by the beginning of the last day, and results were immediately available to all after the finish of each task, as Mike entered the scores as they came in. It was awesome. I have never had such fast feedback at an F3B contest. Great show Mike. Next up is Robert and Kerrie Cavazos, they served as organizers of the contest, securing the field and writing the bid to the AMA, thank you guys. I know you couldn't make the contest, but without your help, we may not of had a TS, let alone such a great one. Next up are all the volunteers that showed up to facilitate the contest. Steve and Ed deserve a special shout out as volunteers, they not only volunteered all day Saturday and Sunday, but the camped in Steve's trailer Friday and Saturday night to gaurd our equipment. Finally Dennis Everett, Tom Watson, and nearly a dozen other helpers lended a hand Saturday through Monday to make it happen. Friday night Mike Lee scared the crap out of us warning us that we may not have enough button pushers. that wasn't the case. We actually had a significant amount of traffic checking out the contest, and volunteering to lend a hand. It was awesome! Thank you to everyone. this may be my last real go at a World Championship for probably a decade, so after the WC, I plan to pay it forward, please feel free to hit me up for help for your events. Glauco Lago and Dave Olson deserve some considerable credit. They each came as team helpers and manned the turnarounds flawlessly all weekend. They kept lines from crossing, cleared line breaks, allowing us to keep the contest moving all weekend. Only the die hard F3B veterans realize how much this helped not just the teams they were helping , but rather the entire contest. thank you guys! I also have to mention the Riverside RC Club, as well as the local Free Flight club for allowing us to take up their whole field all weekend. Now I need to transition to my very personal thank you's to my team mates, Kyle Paulson, Tom Kiesling and Glauco Lago. you guys are always so supportive, so selfless, so focused...with such a positive attitude. You guys are the definition of good influence, and it is always a pleasure to fly with you.

So now onto the recounting of the contest. What a whirlwind of a weekend, filled with emotional ups and downs, and fond memories. Holy smokes. If you take a look at the round by round scores, you'll see what a bad day I had ALL day on Saturday. It was literally one of my worst contest days ever, score wise. Day one began with 2 rounds of duration, then five rounds of distance and finished with a round of speed. I started the contest with a throwout score, a 7:47 against a 9:16. Dang! That was a 847pt flight. the air kinda sucked and was highlighted by my next round where I won with a 7:08 flight. OMG

Distance was much worse. I started with a big hit in round one distance, I was fortunate enough to get a re-flight, but got pounded even more by Dr. Fiolka, 16/24. OUCH! Round 2 only got worse, Reto pounded me again 15/26! Most can't appreciate that just with these 2 flights, my chances of making the team seemed to go down the tubes, and we still had a boat load of flying to do. Round 3 I lost to Mike Lachowski, 28/32. No more flying in my own air...... I had been flying tight, and fairly clean, but in lousy air. We broke for lunch as I mentally recuperated. I recall someone asking if I was having fun, and in a jocular voice I responded NO! A long time ago I vowed to never base my enjoyment on my performance, this is a hobby after all. Easier said than done, especially when you spend so much time practicing. In truth I was still having fun, but I was leaving a lot of fun on the table. I started to redeem myself a bit after lunch by winning rounds 4 and 5 by no less than 4 laps to my nearest competitor. That felt a little better.

We finished off the day flying speed, and I was one of the last pilots up. I easily get the best launch, and by a lot. It was a gift from the soaring gods and I threw it away with some cutting (not just one). I threw an easy 14 away for a 38. DANG!!! the 14 would have felt a lot better.

Saturday night we were all pretty beat so we went out for some fast food and an early bedtime. KFC was the joke of the day, as we enjoyed the Coronal's chicken in China.

Sunday's schedule was for 2 more rounds of duration, and 3 of distance, then 4 rounds of speed. Duration started poorly. I flew a 9:13 against a 9:58 in round 3, then an even worse 8:39 against a 9:33 in round 4. I got a get out of jail free card for round 4 in form of a spoiler position in a re-flight group. I got 9:59 and a 100 to convert my 911 pts to 1,000. Ahhh some luck

Round 5 distance I was back on track with a nice win against Smith Cooke and Murph. Round 7 Smith gave it back to me with interest with a 22/25, others got hit even worse. Round 8 wasn't any better, Mr. Tim Traver beat me 19/21. Dang, I need some coagulant. I am still bleeding all over the place. At least it was time for speed.

round 2 began late in the day, but the wind hadn't quite kicked in yet. Smith pulled a sweet 14.85 followed by KP, and I had the third fastest time with a 16.5. Round 3 had some serious activity. Paul Sherman won the round with a nice 15.7 the air was weak for most, and I took a lack luster launch for a 18.73. Things picked up in round 4. the wind kicked in, and Mike Smith was able to knock down a tight 14.81. I took away his thousand and gave him a 921 by laying down a 13.65. Kyle was pissed! I turned too tight on B. I really did, I was about to bunt when the horn came. But when you are down, you gotta go for it. conservative wasn't going to work for me. I was down by too much. Smitty, wanted fast time of the day though, and dropped a 13.55 in the next round. I was happy with a very conservative 15.12 for the third fastest time of the round. I was making up a lot of points on those I needed to catch. Sunday was a good day for me.I was able to pass a lot of people on the score sheet, and put myself ~100 pts above Mike Lachowski for the third spot on the team. there were still 4 rounds of duration and 2 more of speed to fly on Sunday, so it was anyone's game.

Monday began on a good note, I turned in a 9:58 and a 100 for round 5 duration. Round six was even better. the morning conditions were weak, with no launch wind, it was anyone's guess for which direction to launch. I launched first but didn't like my launch. I flew it in for a hand catch from Kyle and a fast turnaround for a re-light. Things got scary when the line broke, another fast dive, full flaps and a hand catch resulted in getting off with only 2 seconds to spare for a full flight time. I landed a few seconds early to ensure I made it under the window. The flight was even more special as I was the only pilot to make my time in that group. It was my favorite flight of the weekend, because without my team, I couldn't have done it. F3B is TEAM. The rest of my duration flights were well fought, and I made my times.

It finally came down to the last 2 speed rounds. I had widened my lead for the last team position, but no wind and thermals coming through in long intervals meant there was a lot of luck in each flight, with a potential for someone to bury the group if they popped the air. I had to be very patient with my flight window, but will about 2 minutes to go, I got a vector on a thermal about halfway down the lines, opposite the speed course. The air wouldn't be on course, but hopefully it would be there for launch. With the window winding down, I would have time to re-launch on a line break, but probably not on a bad launch. As it was, I got a great launch, flew a semi tight course, and won the round. Kyle was pissed that I didn't wait for the beeps, I was keeping his blood pressure high during my speed runs. My final round of speed was similar, I got a good enough launch to come close to winning the speed round, but didn't need to. I literally waited for the beeps and turned in a 18.XX. It was a great event.

I am really looking forward to practicing even more in Perris, it is a challenging field weather wise. It really pushes the skillset and should be an excellent place to mimic the field in Dresden.

As a last plug, the website has been updated. It will feature practice news, and fundraising information in the short term, and WC updates during the contest.

thank You,
David Klein
Nov 01, 2012, 10:36 PM
F3B and F3K
RetoF3X's Avatar
Great write up Dave!

Yeah, after day one I seriously thought that this was it for Kleinster, especially after the pounding in distance and duration that we gave you. But you turned it around with some great speed runs and solid flights the following two days.

For me it felt the other way, on Saturday, our team was on a roll in distance and it seemed like everything we tried out worked great. On Sunday the opposite (for me), I was flying my own air and effectively marked the sink where not to fly in distance - I got hammered.

Speed was often variable, you could fly a smooth and tight run and get anything from15-18s, depending what the air was doing. With a bit of wind it got more fair. I was impressed how tight most flew. I tried to push it too and normally this results in at least one cut - not this time.

Duration was tough by times and it seemed that Kyle and Dave had to struggle with their rather heavy planes. I remember one of the last rounds where Dave got a low bail out. I know it because I got into that thermal even lower. I really appreciated the Shooter in these conditions, it is one of the more floaty F3B planes out there.

It was a great contest and I enjoyed it a lot to fly with my friends!

Thanks to all the helpers and Mike Lee again!

Nov 01, 2012, 10:42 PM
Challenge is rewarding
djklein21's Avatar
Originally Posted by RetoF3X
Great write up Dave!

Yeah, after day one I seriously thought that this was it for Kleinster, especially after the pounding in distance and duration that we gave you. But you turned it around with some great speed runs and solid flights the following two days.

For me it felt the other way, on Saturday, our team was on a roll in distance and it seemed like everything we tried out worked great. On Sunday the opposite (for me), I was flying my own air and effectively marked the sink where not to fly in distance - I got hammered.

Thanks Reto, your team did rock distance on Saturday. I have to continue to give credit to Mike Lachowski. In my opinion, his distance tactics are the best in the country. You flew great, and as always it was a blast to hang with you.
Nov 02, 2012, 12:55 AM
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Well I am home now, but the excitement and fun of the team selects is still buzzing inside me. I want to first thank Mike Lee for providing an excellent experience for the team selects. Also, special thanks to all the help we received for the event from the likes of Sherpa, Dennis, Ed, Jim, Tom, Jun, Steve Garland and Ed Tristan and Amelia (named after Amelia Earhart) also Dave Olson, Bruce, Glauco Lago ( who really should have flown in the event as a pilot but ended up a dedicated helper) and any others I may not be remembering at this time.

I have not focused any time on B for some years now and I really was pleased to have had a wonderful time flying with all the B talent that competed in the event.

Our team had a great time flying together and I am pleased that everyone had a great experience. Thank you so much Don and Mike for teaming with me, I really had a great time!

This was a great reintroduction to the great sport of F3B soaring. I really was reminded just how spectacular the format is and how each task pulls from the same basic requirements of launch technique and thermal reading skills, but does so in three very different flavors. If you are a TD pilot and have never attended a B event, there is a great deal to be learned by doing so.

Tristan is now full of questions and really wants to try out this thing we call F3B. I am really excited to see how he applies his personality to the B side of soaring and will begin working with him shortly.

That said, I really was pleased to see the great talent on display during the event and can fully appreciate the accomplishments that I observed.

There is subtlety in B that takes a keen eye to fully appreciate. For example, seeing Mike smith during his dismount prior to entering a speed run is like poetry as in one uninterrupted smooth arc the glider appears effortlessly synced with some theoretical ideal. No surprise he yielded the fasted recorded speed run of the event.

I am still not sure how Kyle is able to stroke off so many laps one after another with so little altitude seconds before his task is up.

Also, I am really impressed with Tom who is acknowledged as the most well rounded pilot in America and who consistently does everything consistently well.

I am also really proud of the team and know they will represent us well at worlds.

David really pulled it together and I am really glad he fought hard after a rough start. He has a great attitude and really captures the spirit of F3B through his enthusiasm for the sport.

Darrell really impressed me with his distance and speed runs. It is obvious he has had slope experience in his portfolio. He also gave me some great tips and hints on programming, as did Kyle and David. I made many changes on the fly during the event (Please do not take this as an endorsement to do so during any event, but I was not in this one competitively and just had fun working on my setups). That said, these guys are really pushing hard to support the community and I am pleased to report that B is a refreshingly open group with an interest in elevating the abilities of everyone involved.

Mike, Reto and Thomas worked well together and I was glad they were able to attend the event. Thanks also to Mike L for the battery he gave to me.

Thanks again to everyone for such a wonderful event and for all the great fun.
Congrats to our new F3B team Tom, Darrell and David with Mike L as and alternate.
Now kick butt at worlds and make us proud!

Nov 02, 2012, 02:18 AM
launch high, go fast
luvF3b's Avatar
Congratulations Tom, Dave and Darrell!

I look forward to catching up with you guys in Germany.

I'm curious though. What is so special about Mikes distance tactics? The rest of the world want to know :-)

Nov 02, 2012, 06:31 AM
Aussie F3K Team
Congratulation to the new USA F3B team! Well done!
I am not sure if i missed something, but can someone tell me what happened to Kyle?
Nov 02, 2012, 07:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Machineman
Congratulation to the new USA F3B team! Well done!
I am not sure if i missed something, but can someone tell me what happened to Kyle?
Kyle finished first but elected not to fly in Germany since he just came back from the F3F worlds in Germany and before that has been on several world teams so he just needs a little break.

By the way, before the TS the last time he had flown F3B was in March during the Gator, so you can conclude he is really good or that practicing is highly overrated


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