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Aug 26, 2012, 10:13 PM
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Barc's Air Show, 25 August 2012

I arrived at Thompsonville Airport pretty early on Saturday morning, about 8:15 AM or so and there were a number of trailers already there, setting up Easy-ups and putting their planes together.

We had a treat, the new VP for our area VII was there. Tim Jesky. He got in a flight and was around all day to answer questions about the AMA and what is happening with model airplanes and the Govt. It is nice to see the VP's out among the smaller clubs in the district. Not that the other VP didn't do that, but this was pretty special. I figured out that Tim is Andrew's father, "The Animal" Jesky and I got a chance to tell Andrew's father how nice his son is to new people in the sport. I met Andrew's Mom a few years ago at the ETOC, but never met Andrew's father. Tim said, Andrew didn't get his flying skills from him.

I parked and started shooting some pictures. This is the late summer air show and the other air show in the spring was bigger. I think the fact that school had started for some people, the weather, Coho Festival and last of all the heat held some of the attendance down. Temps got to about 92 degrees with a light wind from the Southeast early on, then switched to the Southwest about noon time. We had about an 8-10 mph wind early, later it grew to 12-15 mph and without the wind, the temps would have been unbearable.

I got a short flight in before the formal start of the air show. Others did the same. We had a number of jets there. Boomerangs, a F-4 Phantom, A T-33, a small F-16. I helped crew for one fellow who flew his smaller Boomerang. I call out time for him, spot for other planes, one flight we had two other planes in the air, so I had to tell him where the planes were in relation to his jet. Usually that doesn't happen, but who knows why it did.

I shot some photos, I thought I shot hundreds, in the end, not all that many.

There was a new A-10 there, but didn't fly. It was just built, had not been maidened with the wind, the pilot wanted to wait for a nice calm day and do it then. It was for display anyway, lots of Oh ssss Ah ssss, looks so sweet.

A very interesting thing happened to me at Check in. Barc's has a system that if you have been to an airshow before, they make name tags, have pre-printed sheets with all your information on them so that they can speed your registration when you come to fly. I signed in at the spring air show, using my current AMA number of Conehead. I have a vanity AMA number. It is Conehead. When I checked in, they asked for my AMA number. I said here it is. Showed them my AMA card, they said they couldn't check me in without a number. So Lou Morrel called over the CD, Ed McIntosh and he said he couldn't check me in without an AMA number. I said here is my number. Conehead, he said no number, no check in. I said I didn't have a number, I have a name. After a couple of minutes of arguing about the fact I don't have an AMA number, Ed finally relented and let me register with my Conehead name. One of the funniest things said was when Lou Morrel said he wasn't going to look through all the papers they had from previous airshows to find my registration, since they were in numerical order.

Best part is that during all this, I didn't get a meal ticked, like it really matters, but the principal of the whole mess is what is so crazy. So the country bumpkins don't really know as much as they think they do about the AMA. No one knew that you could get a vanity AMA number.

So it was a long hot day, I enjoyed spotting for other pilots, while it is a fun joy, it is also an important job. We didn't have any real problems. We had one fellow who ran off the runway, hit an airport light, ruined the right wing. We also have one fellow who landed, bounced and then parked his plane on the grass runway hard and tore out the landing gear. Only two mishaps and many flights with great landings with a cross wind.

Really neat to see so many good landings without any damage.

We also had a couple of heli demostrations. The heli area was busy all day.
I didn't get over to the heli area to shoot any photos.

That is about all that happened.
Nothing special.
Orrin Eldred
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