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Aug 21, 2012, 09:45 AM
RC beginner

WLToys v939/v949 and parts thread

Package Includes:
1 x WLtoys V939 Beetle Quad (New Package)
1 x WLtoys 2.4G LCD Transmitter
2 x 330mAh lipo Battery
1 x Li-po Battery Charger
4 x Spare Propeller
1 x User Manual (Chinese & English)

Brand Name: WLtoys
Material: ABS
V939 Battery: 3.7V 330MAH
Transmitter Battery: 6 x 1.5AA (not include)
Flight Time:10 min
Charging Time: 50 min
Flying Distance: about 100-150 meters
Color randomly sent

High stability during hover and flight
Agile in flight and very responsive to pilot's command
With LED light, charming at night
This product can be controlled with the V911 transmitter, but be informed that it has some differences as compared to the original WLtoys V929 Beetle TX. If you want to perform 3D stunt movements, it is recommended to use the original WLtoys Beetle TX.
The Beetle can fly outdoor in wind weather (outdoor wind grade 3-4).
Comes with high quality, ultra-thin and ultra-lightweight plastic canopy but it is strong enough to resist the impact of crashing
Highly responsive propellers, able to give the Beetle the "punch" when you need it
The transmitter is fitted with an LCD display for easier and more precise flying experience.
It can fly up, down, forward, backward, bank left, bank right, and yaw left and right
While it is very stable in hovering, it can also perform stunning 3D moves!
It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor flying (the wind grade should be no more than 4)

The V939 RC helicopter is also suitable for transmitter Turnigy 9X (FS-TH9X)and v929/v911 transmitter.

heres a few early impressions:

Originally Posted by heligeek
My V939 arrived yesterday after a three week journey from Banggood. Not a bad wait. Immediate impression is that it is a tough little insect. I ran it through two batteries inside and am very pleased. It is not as forgiving as the V911, but this just forces me to not be such a lazy pilot. One thing I noticed is that when the low voltage cutoff kicks in, the motors and props just stop and the beetle drops. It's not like the V911 where you gently loose lift. Even when the V939 motors cut off, the LEDs are still lit. Also noticed that the battery is warm, but I suppose that is due to the current draw of the four motors. I haven't tried to flip it indoors, waiting until I get a chance to fly it outside over grass. Overall, this quad is what it is and I am quite happy with it.
Originally Posted by shafter
Banggood really impressed me this time !

Got my V939 in 11 days, so simply be patient To the matter:

1. I love how it's build, i think it's almost undestructible, very well made, props are from very nice flexible material.
2. On stock battery it has enough power to hit a ceiling in my room very easily
3. I've tried it outside in light winds and it's able to handle it quite nicely, it's not V929 but i like how it feels.
4. You can feel direct direct drive props works differently than geared, its not better or worse, you need to adapt your throttle.
5. It yaws slower than V929, but doesn't drop violently or any sort of this things.
6. So far i like it quite much, it will teach me something different about quads, and for the price i recommend getting both of them + 2x BNF
7. I've also got shipment of 300 mAh NanoTechs for V939, and 600 mAh ones for V929, can't wait to finish the charge, but V929 battery from sheer size looks like it should give a lot of punch
Originally Posted by shafter
In winds stronger than light i don't think it will be much fun to fly so quick answer -> worse

1. I just flew additional 2 packs outdoors in steady air, and it's so much fuuun !
2. I'm very suprised and happy to tell, that it climbs 2x-3x faster than V929 !!! Without any wobbling and hesitation, this is so awesome !!
3. In horizontal max speeds it also beats V929! It's faster and gains speed really easy !
4. You need more delicate "thumbs" skill to fly this quad, if you oversteer it will drop and crash in eye-blick.
5. Regarding throttle i cannot describe it better:
- In V929 you can fell all the weight of drivetrain, propeller, shaft, main gear - It contains some amount of energy and you can "use" it in flight.
- V939 is "direct", it's only you, and the throttle.
6. I somehow like slower yaw rate of this quad - it helps me making banked turns.
7. Auto-stabilization is very low, almost non-existent, it will simply fly in last commanded direction and i like it
Originally Posted by mallettron
Flew mine this morning at the club indoor meet

Its a HOOT!!!!!!

Great fun, people came over asked about it, let them have a try. Most were wary about the flipping

Ive tried it a few times in the hall and at about 15ft it does not have the power to get out of it before it hits the floor, BUT, if you power up and flip while going up its fine

Until you set it at 100% and try a sideways flip then it tumbles (my fault for not knowing where it was), smashes the little plastic shell,pushes the props onto the motors so they don't turn....... Remove the shell, take off and reattach the props and carry on flying!!

What does it take to damage this thing

Ive ordered 3 spare shells ($0.98 each) but will try printing a shell out from the templetes

I love this thing!!!!
Originally Posted by shafter
Eleven days delivery of V939 is a bonus, after my shipment with 10x spare booms for V929 get lost

Flew two more packs inside with V939, i'm still amazed with this little bug.

Done some banked turns in my living room, it's not easy but thanks to slower yaw rate very doable.
I think i like V929/V939 50%/50%, curious what others will say
Originally Posted by 1auriec
Some of the comments on the V939 are so different from my own experience that I am wondering if I have the same quad. Perhaps there are different firmware versions around. My 939 has the Mode 1 TX and I received it from Banggood two days ago. I had to wait a long time for the Mode 1 version, and they tried to get me to accept a Mode 2, but I changed from Mode 2 to Mode 1 some years ago and I never want to go through that pain again!

I am using the stock batteries, and don't find any lack of power. Almost from the start I have used my Turnigy 9X, not because there is anything wrong with the supplied TX but because I have more flexibility with the 9X for end points, dual rates etc. It is annoying that you have to rebind each time you put a new battery in the quad though, which I don't have to do with the V929. I have used the same settings with the 939 that I was using with the 929. I get over 7 minutes flying time with mild indoor flying.

Outdoors haven't had much chance, weather has been very poor here. I did do a couple of flips, and found it hard to recover from them, much more so than with the 929, but that might just be me, having forgotten my early days with the 929! With the 929, it is noticeable that as the battery loses charge it becomes much worse at recovery from flips/rolls. I suspect that in the recovery it draws a very high current. I have Turnigy nanotech batteries on order from HK which are supposed to have a much higher C and I am hoping they will do better in this department. It also seemed to me that the 939 would do two flips in a row, which I did by accident. You can't do that with a 929, as it disables the flip/roll for 4 seconds after you do one.

As the battery power drops off, I find you are forced to land through lack of lift, and when you try to take off again, you can't. Receiver red LED is still on, but the motors won't turn. A low voltage cutoff has clearly happened. This also is different from the 929, where I haven't yet seen any cutoff. Battery voltage is about 3.6V measured after the cutoff. I have noticed the stock batteries are quite warm, almost hot, at the end of a flight, whereas with the 929 the stock batteries and Towers are barely warm at all.

Overall, similar to the 929, yet different! Both are a lot of fun. Better indoors than the 929, but mainly because of its size.

Originally Posted by jesolins
I put about 10 lipos through my just acquired V939. I was getting more Toilet Bowl Effect(TBE) from my initial flights with it that I had not seen in any of the videos. Also sometimes after five minutes of flight it would tend to suddenly dip to the right rear and it would take almost full forward left stick input to keep it flying. I first suspected the motor was failing. I took the arm off and when I pulled out the wires, I noticed they were chaffed with exposed wire from the screw securing the motor casing. Apparently they used a longer than necessary screw in that arm and the chafing was causing an intermittent short to the motor and/pr possibly the LED wires. After fixing the wires with a bit of some liquid electrical tape and reattaching the arm, all is well. No more TBE

Bottom line is there are three sizes of screws on the V939. The larger ones hold the FCB to the frame and the tips barely go into the arms to hold them in place, so those are OK. The smallest is the one that holds the motor to the arm. The medium size is the one that hold the bottom of the motor to the mount. That is the one that I found was swapped with the smallest screw and caused the wires in the arm to be damaged. Worth checking if you have any issues with TBE or sporadic dipping on one arm. Not sure why they use any screws though the arms at all as that is always a bad idea. Pinch mounts are the proper way to go. Using no screws and only a bit of soft glue(PU, Gorilla Glue, Elmers, rubber cement, etc.) for these mini/micro quads would be even better. Less weight and no holes to weaken the arms.

replacement battery:

Originally Posted by shafter
Only battery from HK that fits straight is 260 mAh designed for Ladybird http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/s..._Mini_CP_.html
a word of warning though. there are some cells out there that have the same connector but polarity is reversed. so even if they look like they plug in make sure the + and - are in the right position. if not the pins can be slid out by pulling up the tiny plastic retainer tabs and put back in the right way.

some links/pics for spare parts:

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Aug 21, 2012, 10:56 AM
Registered User
I have two V929's and will get at least one V939. My V911's have been more than good to me and WL Toys rates very good with me. Now a clone of Y-6 would be awesome. Bang good has been good, but waiting is a little pita.
Aug 21, 2012, 12:05 PM
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Setting up 1 (one) v939 motorarm is more expensive then buying a Ladybird or UDI816 prebuilt one.

v939: Motor (3.50) + Motorholder ($1.00) + CF arm ($1.25) = $5.57 (single buy)

UDI 816 Motor : $3.20 (single buy)

QR Ladybird : $4.95 (only if buying 2 in a set of $9.90)
Aug 21, 2012, 01:39 PM
Registered User

Do you get any oscillation on your DIY quad? Where it is fighting itself to be level I guess is how to put it.

I put the V929 board on U816 frame using LB booms and motors and it flies better than the UDI U816 did but get oscillation. My V929 board ended up being version 1. What does version 1 lack on the V929 board versus version 2?
Aug 21, 2012, 01:55 PM
RC beginner
did you see the video? not a hint of that. if anything the problem is trying to keep it from shooting up out of sight. im very surprised because my kk type full size ones suffered from both problems and needed lots of tweaking to get under control. i dont know what kind of algorithms (pid, complimentary filt, ???) wlt is using but amazingly stable and good handling right out of the box.

i hope the v939 board is as good because it sure is cheaper and smaller. i hope.. i hope...

as far as v929 v1/v2 it looks like v2 has throttle safety but not v1. and many are saying v2 behaves better when coming down. even though i have both have not been able to see this yet.
Aug 21, 2012, 02:46 PM
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midelic's Avatar
Do you know what size is U816 motor...7mm...8mm?I ordered myself 4 of them(2CW&2CCW).

I suspect the oscillation is coming because of shorter arms, the shorter arms being more rigid causing controller to overcompensate.Dave is using 6"+6" =12" -motor to motor
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Aug 21, 2012, 02:50 PM
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Originally Posted by midelic
Do you know what size is U816 motor...7mm...8mm?I ordered myself 4 of them(2CW&2CCW)
Must be the same size as the Ladybirds . I checked them (the original Ladybird motors) and they are 7mm.
I ordered them too.
Aug 21, 2012, 08:54 PM
Safety : practice & promote!
RoboHeli's Avatar
Cool! I've been waiting for this little guy. Is banggood the only place that sells these right now?
(Sorry for the noobish question--I don't have a V929 and haven't been following the mega thread...)
Aug 21, 2012, 09:21 PM
Registered User
Does the V939 operate the same as the V929, with flips in any direction only at the 100% rate, or does anybody know yet?

I have to say I like the way my hybrid ladybird with V929 board flies. I have some oscillation but outside with no wind tonight it flew great. Only my 3rd quad flight but I could flip on all directions and recover. Tried one of the old 9958 controllers and it worked great, fwd becomes backwards but other than that it works good. Low rates is perfect for easy flying, high rates is beyond my level except to go up and do flips.

Like said above if this V939 receiver is as good as the V929 it is a hit. I kind of like it not having 6 axis to automatically level for you but it makes you counter to go back to level (on the V929 board I'm talking about not sure how the v939 will work).
Aug 21, 2012, 10:53 PM
Registered User
banggood only shows yellow canopy on their website..i'm not sure whether can have red color or not..but they do sell canopy part as red..
Aug 21, 2012, 11:33 PM
Registered User
The canopy is vailable in red / green / yellow cf here

Aug 21, 2012, 11:38 PM
Registered User
Originally Posted by ___FP
The canopy is vailable in red / green / yellow cf here

yeah..but this is sold seperately as parts...im talking about the RTF set...nvm i ald wrote to them...
Aug 21, 2012, 11:55 PM
Registered User
I decided to just get the RTF, it is only $38 at banggood, no coupon code needed. I figured I'd take the chance on it. Has to work better than the U816, based on WLToys rep. with their other products.
Aug 22, 2012, 01:06 AM
Registered User
they have just drop its price..yesterday was 42...cool..
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Aug 22, 2012, 04:00 AM
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midelic's Avatar
Are there any difference between propellers of U816 ,Walkera QR ladybirds and V939?
It all looks the same to me only price are different.Now V939 props are out of stock.



Last edited by midelic; Aug 22, 2012 at 04:08 AM.

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