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Oct 09, 2012, 05:25 PM
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Originally Posted by KaiWE
Thank you, Petter

I see now that I must have lights too - looks really cool!
They have a few really good items at HobbyKing, this product is one of them.
I highly recommend this, just plug and play.
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Oct 17, 2012, 12:56 AM
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Got mine in, busy now with another project but can't wait to get it up and flying.
Oct 26, 2012, 09:41 AM
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Originally Posted by rotagen
Got mine in, busy now with another project but can't wait to get it up and flying.
Which plane?

I really like the newest version (orange). Very short take off roll out! The flaps are icing on the cake.
Dec 28, 2012, 11:08 PM
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Just got mine finished tonight. It's supposed to snow here tomorrow so not sure about a madden although if there's a way, I'll fly it. Nice plane overall. Went together well. Did a few mods to my liking.

Hopefully some of you guys are out there experimenting with other props. While the stock one looks scale, I'm thinking it's not the most efficient. Not looking for more power but battery efficiency.
Jan 17, 2013, 05:15 AM
Low'n Slow is safest, right?
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Got another airplane from EasySky in the air today, a YaK-12.
Tecnically identical with the Wilga, and flies just as nice - maybe even nicer, the main wing is stiffer due to the four struts...

Ready for Dawn Patrol over the Tundra:
Jan 20, 2013, 07:09 PM
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I got an email from HK last week about the Yak. Looks nice. At first I thought they just borrowed the cowl from the Wilga, but after looking up photos of the Yak 12, it looks some what scale. I may get one next order as I really like the Wilga. I've been flying at an indoor dome several times. Really liking it. Servos leave a little to be desired due to poor centering. Flew it outdoors on a windy day and did well there too. Wheels are a little small for grass landings but if it rolls over it doesn't do any damage.

The Wilga can really slow down with the flaps. Having a blast with it.
Feb 04, 2013, 01:36 PM
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Was able to maiden mine yesterday. Although a bit tail heavy with my 2S 1300mAh, she could still float at low speed. Needed 7-10 feet (2-3m) to take off, which was hard packed dirt for yesterdays flights.

I was worried about her feet breaking as the wheels are mounted to a spring loaded plastic contraption that I guess is rather scale. I did have a few aggressive landings as I was adjusting flaps, and so far so good. I am hoping the flexible wire type LG will absorb most of the shock when landing. I also flew without the foam wire covers.

Spectators not familiar with the Wilga pretty much called her an ugly duckling. But I'm happy to report they all felt she was as beautiful as a swan in the air.

I like the side door with locking handle. Plenty of room inside the tiny fuse and even though I don't have huge hands, tricky to get in and around.

The 2S 1300 I used is sort of long, so even though I balanced at the 50-52mm, I will see if I have any 2S that are shorter and thus help place the CG a bit forward.

I will probably add the kit on one of my next orders from HK International that has only a few small things.

Nice cheap floater! I like!!

Feb 05, 2013, 04:50 PM
Low'n Slow is safest, right?
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Was out flying the Wilga and YaK, comparing their abilities and behavior - on the end of the second battery in the YaK, the aileron servo failed. Turned around with rudder and landed undamaged. The Wilga behaved perfect , but I am now a bit skeptical to the EasySky servos, with two failing after minimal use - guess I'll swap them all out to be on the safe side...
Feb 06, 2013, 12:34 PM
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Thanks for the info KaiWE. Thus far, I've only got three batteries through my Wilga but I may replace the servos as preventive maintenance.


Feb 07, 2013, 03:54 PM
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Hi guys, well I had mine delivered yesterday, it came in a moulded polystyrene box with a cardboard outer lid and travelled fine. Ive been over the plane and I'm undecided yet if I will modify it first, or fly it as it comes out the box.... I have a list of the likes and dislikes so far
1. Ilike the simple engine mount and how easy it is to give side and down thrust.... but it looks a bit flimsy
2I do like the ease of access through the side door , but will it need a magnet after a few flights?
3.the control surfaces are free moving and fairly slop free, so they'll stay as they are
4. I really think it calls for two 5 gram servos for the ailerons, but as it comes they seem to work ok
5 I like the look of the wire U.C. but the springs are a bit naff, maybe needs adiifferent spring set up, maybe with a coil or two wrapped around the pivot

The dislikes I have are because of my own personal preferences
1.I don't like the length of unsupported wire between the fuselage and the rudder , same for the elevatot
2. the rods going into the flaps are floppy , I will probably replace them with something a stronger/thicker
3 As I said earlier, it needs servos fitted into the wings...not a big job
4.I am not sure that the wing spars are man enough for the job and will last , or should I fitt a 3mm carbon tube

this is not a critisism of this plane, I am not even starting to build it properly for the next two weeks , as my grandkids are visiting next week and my workroom (roomshed, shed room ) has to be emptied so they can sleep there

this is going to be an interesting build/modify
Feb 08, 2013, 04:13 PM
What tree??.......Doh!!
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I swear I had echoed essentially just about all the same concerns you mention when I first got her and prior to building/flying, but I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised at how well the push rods and connectors work. Same with the controls at the end of the ailerons. But after attaching these together, seems to work just fine. I can't see any adverse/excessive play and in the air she seems just fine in terms of input and maneuverability.

I did however adjust the servo horn on the flaps as I didn't feel like it moved enough. I've got about 60 of deflection which is more like brakes now. So maybe I shouldn't have needed to adjust them at at all.

All said, I encourage you to maiden as it came, then reassess. I think this would also help potential buyers see your before and after thoughts.

One of the lightest wing loadings in my fleet.

Regardless, love the input, thoughts and pics and look forward to see all the mods you end up doing!

Curious to see if yours is tail heavy as well- at the 52mm CG location.


Feb 08, 2013, 05:38 PM
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Got mine assembled today.

This looks like it is going to be a favorite! I am impressed with the engineering.
I, too, thought the flap-travel looked a little skimpy, but I am going to fly it as is first.
I think that the spring of the main gear music-wire is all that is required, and that the coil-spring mechanism is just a nice looking adjunct. We shall see.
More after I test-fly it.
Feb 08, 2013, 05:48 PM
What tree??.......Doh!!
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Lancer31, I agree with the springs being more cosmetic than functional and that the main gear/uc suspenion will be from the wire itself.

That said, have you figured out a way to install the orange strut covers so that they can flex with the lg/uc and not just pop off? I've flown without them because of being unsure how to mount without them popping off on every landing....

Feb 08, 2013, 07:24 PM
Low'n Slow is safest, right?
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I glued the orange struts with UHU POR, and they have stayed on for the 50+ flights I have on her. I was also very sceptical in regard to the U/C and pushrods initially, but I have not encountered a single problem after having replaced the upon-arrival-faulty elevator servo.

Have maxed out the throws on all linkages, and I cannot wish for more. In fact the elevator is over the top, I can do loops with 12 inch radius (without stalling/snapping at the top)...

Flying with 60 degrees of flaps is pure fun, can fly as slow as my HZ Champ
Will keep this one as stock as possible, have added nav lights, but that will be the only mod.
But I have a kit that I will turn into a Super/Fun Wilga with dual aileron (2x6g) servos, stronger motor, stiffer wing etc. I am looking forward to experiment with spoilerons/flaperons in addition to the flaps - the full scale Wilga 35 use drooping ailerons in addition to the flaps for extreme STOL...

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