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Nov 21, 2003, 07:44 PM
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Cool Carbon Fibre for Making your own frame pieces

This picture really doesn't do it justice, I bought it at Art's Hobbies. I saw it advertised here in the forum. Nice, but it won't be easy work, and after duty and taxes ('cause I am a Canadian),
It's almost the same price as crazy nut's already done.
I like a challenge.
Besides this is cool silver, ,and they have Gold and Blue also.
They sell special diamond cutters to work with it, sometimes they have sales where they throw in the cutter. I have some dremel diamond bits and a drill press too, I will use all of this to make the frame. I won't forget to suit up and use a breather first before cutting or sanding it. To make the panels is a fairly simple, logical procedure provided you have the right tools. I don't have a milling machine and my drill press was $49.00 CDN, New!
More pic's as the project progresses.
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Nov 21, 2003, 08:50 PM
Big thrills w/o hospital bills
scaulfi's Avatar
Hi Ray, how are you going to make up the design for the frame plates,... maybe to suit saddle packs like the Bennwell bike or are you copying the origonal TT ones,... or come up with your own design...? It sounds like fun!...

I don't know if you guy's have seen this bike before,... a guy off yahoo owns it but he has'nt been around for a long time, over a year or so now!... His yahoo name was MOTOPRO, i'd love to know where he is now,... but here's some pics of his carbon frame design, i think his bike is AWESOME...!!!!

I like the way he's placed his battery pack in the frame.....
Nov 22, 2003, 04:27 AM
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Hi Shaun finally got on board...
We just need to get big phil on board...
Pullstart racing at brendale is moving to the opposite sat nite from meakin,we been asked if we want a slot to race bikes...
Need the three to start with.
Yeah and stop giving me idea's on how to spend money.....
Nov 22, 2003, 05:43 AM
Big thrills w/o hospital bills
scaulfi's Avatar

UNREAL!... Brendale 1/5scale track....

Hi Tezza,

Ha,... cool!... That's 4 of us aussies on here now, then BIG PHILL hopefully!...

That's awesome news about running the bikes at Brendale, how did you get on to that...? I'm getting goosebumps thinking about racing there,... the track suits the bikes down to a T...! I can't wait to stand on that drivers stand to race the bikes, what section should we use,... the full track or the shorter one?...

I actually posted some pics of the track on one of the threads here,... i think it was in the "Finally RC bikes" thread!... I'll go have a look and let you now where to find it from here.........
( I found it,'s on page 3 of "Finally RC Bikes" thread.)...

I still can't beleive it's going to happen, it's to good to be true!...

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Nov 22, 2003, 07:14 AM
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The bike pictured above was a prototype, 1 only by a privateer.
I spoke to him through Email only twice, he said that the bike above had some design flaws and was now a "shelf queen".
He is trying to develop a much more advanced frame that is an actual upgrade instead of just a copy of what you have on the TT but lighter.
I wil be copying the TT frame like CNR's that's only because a BD-4 copy is more expensive alot more waste material because of the 4 plate design, as apposed to the 6 plate TT/CNR design.
I have thouht of doing a BD-4/Benwell Chassis, but the TT is simpler for now. Team Benwell actually posts smaller actual scale templates on their web site, all you have to do is enlarge the two templates seperately until you have the correct size, easy for me I work for Canon Canada. One template will be the right size when you can measure the bolt pattern for the motor mount, the mounting holes should be exactly 1" on centers. Once that template is done then the other has to be enlarged correctly to get all the frame holes to line up then your done with templates.
Get it?
Nov 22, 2003, 03:49 PM
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Ray, just a thought that may come in handy is a Roto Zip to help doing the cut-out I think they make a diamond cutter that is used for ceramic tile, or a Dremel with the router foot
Nov 22, 2003, 04:25 PM
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Thanks, I will check it out, I just tested some diamond cutters I got from Princess Auto 6 bits for $2.00, and they work GREAT!
$2.00 CDN! It appears that is what is required to cut this stuff easily since metal will wear quickly. The dremel has alot of power but you are Right about the roto zip, More Torque.

Ihave the dremel router foot from making speaker holes in wood.

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