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Aug 16, 2012, 03:02 AM
Crash and learn

V911 Notes 01

V911 Binding
Newer Version V911 Transmitter
Origami 2k-2k-1k Transmitter Rudder Modification - Reduces Rudder Throw
Gradual Rotation
Binding Yellow V911 Helicopter
V911 Stock Batteries
USB Hub Charging Batteries
Transmitters That Bind And Fly V911 Helicopter
V911 Wind-Surfing

V911 Binding
Transmitter off, throttle minimum
Helicopter on
Transmitter on quickly while V911 LED is blinking fast
You may have to turn the transmitter OFF and ON after V911 LED blinks slow again
V911 LED is on solid after good binding.

Newer Version V911 Transmitter
The original V911 transmitters moved the rudder so much that the helicopter was hard to control. The newer version reduced how much the rudder stick causes the helicopter to rotate and makes flying the V911 much easier. In low rates, the newer version transmitter shows two tabs on the LCD display for full left or full right rudder.
Night flying and reduced current draw. Numerous measurements
V911 TX Mods

Battery = 7.61v = 6x NiMh LSD 1.2v 2200mah AA cells
76.1ma = Normal LCD off
92.5ma = Normal LCD on
100ma = Normal Beeping
33.1ma = Current into 3.3v voltage regulator Vin = 5.13v ... RF Input power ~ 3.311v x 33.1ma = 110mw (about 20dbm)
13.1ma = 5 Red LEDs Vf = 1.817v

Origami 2k-2k-1k Transmitter Rudder Modification - Reduces Rudder Throw

The two 2k resistors add exponential at rudder mid-stick, balancing rudder to neutral. The 1k resistor selects how much the stick potentiometer unbalances the two 2k resistors and reduces overall rudder control.

Short the 1k resistor to regain full rudder throw with exponential at mid-stick (works only on old V911 stock transmitters ??)

Replace main blades
Add a tiny washer between main blade and rotor head on one or both sides.
Replace main gear
Swashplate separated
Flybar weight lost (extreme vibrations)

Gradual Rotation
Insert battery into helicopter
Remove battery
Insert battery
Turn transmitter on

For nose-right (clockwise) rotation, push tail boom into main frame. Push tail motor in towards main frame.

Binding Yellow V911 Helicopter
1. Insert battery into Yellow
2. Watch for Yellow's LED to blink fast which may take a minute
3. Turn on V911 transmitter quickly, wait for beeping to stop
4. Turn off V911 transmitter
5. Turn on V911 transmitter

If not working, turn V911 transmitter off
Watch for Yellow's LED to blink fast which may take a minute
Turn on V911 transmitter quickly, wait for beeping to stop
Turn off V911 transmitter
Turn on V911 transmitter

V911 Stock Batteries
Fully charged = 4.20 volts, about 3.70 volts after flight
TC531131 = 120mah 15c 37x12x6mm 3.94g
TC531136 = 130mah 42x12x6mm 4.55g
UC531136 = 130mah 4.4g
TC551136V = 145mah 4.38g
TC551140 = 150mah 25C/50C
TC551140V = 150mah 25C/50C 4.90g 47mm
601235P = 150mah

Swap helicopter battery when you have to run full throttle to keep it in the air. At that point you are at the end of the linear voltage curve and battery voltage will drop quickly.
Flying the V911 when it can not get off the ground will ruin the battery.

USB Hub Charging Batteries
Most USB Hubs have a 0.2vdc or more voltage drop. If you suddenly have shorter flying times after inserting a USB Hub in the battery charging circuit, try charging the batteries without the USB Hub. Or buy a USB Hub that uses external power.

Transmitters That Bind And Fly V911 Helicopter
Stock V911 transmitter (and V929 quad transmitter)
Turnigy 9x and clones
FS-CT6B - Separate throttle and elevation knobs are great for flying V911 into a stiff wind.
Unconfirmed report that Trex 100 is "fully compatible"
FS-T6 reportedly

In my opinion, the best for price, performance, ease of use, is the stock V911 transmitter. But then I only fly V911's in low rates windsurfing outside, Elevator trim full forward to keep the nose down so V911 does not kite (Bye Bye Birdie).

V911 Wind-Surfing
For forward flight with the V911, push the nose down and add throttle. Throttle makes it go faster as well as maintaining altitude.

When playing in the wind, keep the nose down or the V911 will float away in the wind. Control forward speed with throttle. Practice nose-left (counter-clockwise) turns to circle around and dive back into the wind. Nose-right turns are easy but hard to pull out of because the V911 picks up too much speed.
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