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Aug 15, 2012, 12:20 PM
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Guardian 2D /3D setup question

I want to thank you in advance for your help and to apologize if this question has already been addressed. I have purchased and installed the Guardian 2D / 3D stabilizer into a plane that I have flown for years. I chose this plane for testing because I knew what to expect like an old pair of shoes. I did my first test flight yesterday in less than ideal circumstances, 16 mph gusts and I couldn’t believe how well the plane flew in these conditions.
This plane has always been trimmed with about 3 degrees of up elevator for level flight. Also, I have the flaps mixed with the elevator where when the flaps are deployed, down elevator is progressively mixed in as the flap positions are increased. I am using a Spectrum DX8 transmitter with an eight channel receiver; I have a three position mode switch and an analog gain switch.
O.K. with that being said, here are my questions:
• Is my understanding of the manual correct in that the Guardian expects no mixes? I have unmixed my flap / elevator. If this is true, what must I do in order to fly in “no stabilization” mode?
• When flying in “no stabilization” mode, can I make trim adjustments to my radio?
• How does the Guardian 2D / 3D stabilizer handle a buddy box situation?
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Aug 21, 2012, 02:11 PM
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The Guardian expects unmixed input command signals from your Rx with the exception of flaperon mixing. In the case of flaperons, it can accept both mixed and unmixed inputs, but this must be configured in the PC App.

Regarding your Elevator mix configuration: At moderate to high gains, the Guardian generally is going to be able to nullify non-ideal aerodynamic / trim issues with your model assuming that they aren't too dramatic. In the case of adding an Elevator mix that is controlled by your Flaps channel, the Guardian will interpret that trim change in the Elevator input as a pitch command and respond accordingly. (IE, depending on your gain settings, you may get a larger/smaller Elevator trim.)

When flying with stabilization disabled, you can make changes to your Tx trims with no adverse affects to the Guardian, but it is recommended that you land afterwards and toggle your Mode switch twice to activate the "Reset Trims" command. This will inform the Guardian of your trim changes so 2D and 3D Modes' features are able to perform optimally.

The Guardian should have no issue with any buddy box configurations.

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