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Aug 10, 2012, 09:03 AM
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Build Log

My first quad - Crius AIOP & RM450 frame

RM450 Kit
  • Package:
  • Wheelbase: 17.7in/450mm
  • Weight: 0.65lb/282g(Appr)
  • Made by advanced engineering material, super strong & smooth.
  • Black color
Crius All in one Pro

  • Features:
  • Supported MegaPirateNG and MultiWii firmware
  • Up to 8-axis motor output
  • 8 input channels for standard receiver
  • 4 serial ports for debug/Bluetooth Module/OSD/GPS/telemetry
  • 2 servos output for PITCH and ROLL gimbal system
  • A servo output to trigger a camera button
  • 6 Analog output for extend device
  • An I2C port for extend sensor or device
  • Separate 3.3V and 5V LDO voltage regulator
  • ATMega 2560 Microcontroller
  • MPU6050 6 axis gyro/accel with Motion Processing Unit
  • HMC5883L 3-axis digital magnetometer
  • MS5611-01BA01 highprecision altimeter
  • FT232RQ USB-UART chip and Micro USB receptacle
  • On board logic level converter
  • Match the standard of RoHS
  • Flight mode for Multiwii
  • One of the following basic mode
  • Acro
  • Level
  • Alt Hold
  • Head Lock
  • Optional mode
  • HeadFree (CareFree)
  • GPS Hold (Need GPS receiver or Extend Board)
  • GPS Back to home position (Need GPS receiver or Extend Board)
  • Flight mode for MegaPirate
  • Acro
  • Alt Hold
  • Simple
  • Loiter (uses GPS)
  • Guided (uses GPS)
  • Position (uses GPS)
  • Circle (uses GPS)
  • RTL (uses GPS)
  • Auto(uses GPS)
  • Follow Me(uses GPS)
  • Input power selection
  • One of the following ways
  • Connect 5V power cable from ESC or UBEC to the ESC/Servo port, the J1 jumper must be closed.
  • Connect 5V~12V power cable to the extend power port, the J1 jumper must be removed.
  • When using Extend Board, AIO PRO must be powered from the extend power port.
  • Other
  • Dimension: 50mm x 50mm
  • Height: 11.6mm
  • Weight: 14.2g
  • Fixing hole spacing: 45mm
  • Hole diameter: 3mm
  • Package content
  • AIO PRO FC x 1
  • 3Pin to 1Pin x 3 cable 100mm x 3
  • 3Pin to 3Pin cable 100mm x 1
  • Molex 1.25mm 4Pin cable 100mm x1
  • Molex 1.25mm 6Pin cable 100mm x2
  • Molex 1.25mm 8Pin cable 100mm x1
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Aug 10, 2012, 09:45 AM
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Initial impressions:
- I received the goods packed in a bag, bubble wrapped yes but still a bit too vulnerable for my liking and I have seen posts of damaged goods as a result of this kind of packaging.
- The frame is a high quality product with integrated PCB for easy connection of esc's and power. That eliminates the need for a power harness and should make the build that much more nicer and neater
- The instructions provided are of the one page fax copy type. At a bit of a loss I went online and after quite a bit of searching I came across a number of video's by Photronix on Youtube that really helped get a sense of what was needed.
- Putting the frame together after that was a doddle even though missing a screw didn't help much.
- Finding how and where to mount the Crius AIOP Flight Controller was another bit of an issue as there are no holes in the upper and lower plates that fit the FC. I had seen a number of videos though that boasted a CD box for holding the FC and sure enough I had a few lying around in the attic - Here's the build so far:
Aug 10, 2012, 10:09 AM
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Next up will be connecting the ESC's to the frame and motors but that will have to wait a few weeks as I don't have the appropriate connectors lying around. I could of course just solder everything together and it would probably be fine, but that would remove any option of upgrading so I prefer to wait for the 3.5mm bullet connectors to arrive. I've also ordered a bunch of nylon spacers as a little more space would make wiring the FC up a lot easier (even though I did create some space by using a few thick rubber grommets to help with anti-vibration).

The motors come with pre-connected gold plated bullets so those are the ones I ordered. Our local RC shop was asking €1,- per pair which I thought was a bit much (the build will need at least 5 pairs per motor and then a few more pairs for connecting battery, frame and adapters cables) and decided to look online first. I found them on ebay for 33cts per pair...

Wiring on the ESC's and motors is 16AWG and after browsing the shed for a bit I found a couple of meters of similar (if not heavier) cable dying to be used after years of just lying around using up real estate. Perfect for making adapters and adapter cables

A few more things on their way, to be connected in the near future (all said to work with the CAIOP)
- Sonar wave detection board
- SD card module connector board
- Blutooth module connector board
- Hobbywing ESC programming board

Already waiting in the wings to get connected
- Locosys 20031 GPS module
- DJT FrSky Tx\Rx 2.4GHz combo
- 5V/5A Ubec for connecting the FC via the external connector

to be continued
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Aug 28, 2012, 02:32 PM
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Originally Posted by RHTizzy
Okay did some digging and can report the following: it's definitely not just the ublox that suffers from the reset issue. In fact as far as Ive gathered most gps modules don't hold on to their settings indefinitely unless flashed and most are sold without any user flash cycles left. More on point, the LS20031 is an mtk3339 and eosbandi's gps sketch includes a comment that it's only good for the mtk3329. There are people who have claimed to have the 3339 working in binary mode but they are not specific about what it is they've got working. What I (and I'm sure others like me) are looking for is the ability to initialise the mtk339 on fc boot so it isn't reliant on user settings or the battery to hold on to the appropriate baudrate and nmea sentence settings. As it is, it works in nmea mode and will report it's position to the fc but it's far from optimal as far as cpu load goes and has an appaling accuracy regardless of the number of sats fixed...
After some extensive research, the following works for the Locosys LS200031 with MT3339 chip and will initalise the GPS module on boot regardless of default settings or default speed. It will reconfigure the GPS unit to 115200bps, 10Hz, with GGA+RMC NMEA sentences (minimum needed but I also added GSA so miniGPS can utilise the data).

No need to replace the GPS.ino, just add the following code in the GPS sketch in the section that starts with
// This code is used for parsing NMEA data
#if defined(GPS_SERIAL)
As such:
// This code is used for parsing NMEA data
#if defined(GPS_SERIAL)
//Tizzy mod
#if defined(MT3339)
  #define MT_SET_SPEED  "$PMTK251,115200*1F\r\n"
  #define MT_SET_STRING "$PMTK314,0,1,0,1,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0*29\r\n"
  #define MT_SET_10HZ   "$PMTK300,100,0,0,0,0*2C\r\n"
  void SerialWriteBuffer(uint8_t port, uint8_t *buffer, uint8_t size)
    uint8_t i;
    uint8_t *ptr;  
    ptr = buffer;
    for (i=0;i<size;i++) {
  void MT3339_init(void)
    const unsigned long baudrates[5] = {9600U, 19200U, 38400U, 57600U, 115200U};
    for (uint8_t i=0; i<5; i++) {            // Carlonb from idea of EOSBANDI (autosearch of default baud rate)
      SerialWriteBuffer(GPS_SERIAL, (uint8_t *)MT_SET_SPEED, sizeof(MT_SET_SPEED)-1);
    SerialOpen(GPS_SERIAL,GPS_BAUD); //default config.h setting is 115200
    SerialWriteBuffer(GPS_SERIAL, (uint8_t *)MT_SET_STRING, sizeof(MT_SET_STRING)-1);
    SerialWriteBuffer(GPS_SERIAL, (uint8_t *)MT_SET_10HZ, sizeof(MT_SET_10HZ)-1);
// End Tizzy mod
Then insert the following in the Multiwii_2_1 sketch (first and last line already exist)
  #if defined(GPS_SERIAL)
     #if defined(MT3339)
And last of all add the following code to config.h (anywhere in the GPS settings will do)
#define MT3339     // LS20031 utilizes the MTK 3339 chip
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