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Jul 18, 2001, 01:36 AM
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Is Real flight G2 simulator worth the $$

I am thinking of buying G2 sim however i am having trouble justifing the cost of the product at the moment. I have spent a lot of money on flight sims such as FS2000 with loads of add on's etc.. but $250 for one product seems a bit steep. I am very tempted by the graphics because they look very good but would like to know how the simulator performs i.e is there stuterring and low FPS much like FS2000 does on occasions. Anyway I have a T-bird 900 with 256 mb of ram and a Ge-force 2 MX graphics card.
Many thx in advance for any help in persuading me or dissuading me from buying this product
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Jul 18, 2001, 10:54 AM
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I agree with Mike. Each time I get to a level where it no longer becomes challenging, I raise the bar and try something new or more difficult. Sometimes I practice precision maneuvers, sometimes I practice the contests, sometimes I make the weather nasty with gale force winds and I try to fly and land, sometimes I practice landing after a "flame out" while taking off, and sometime I just practice the basics. There is no limit to learning and practice can help anyone from the greenest newbie to the advanced flyer that has thousands of hours of flight time under his belt.
Jul 18, 2001, 03:07 PM
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I have a problem with flight sims, I can't tell if the plane is north of me, south, west, or east. If I see the underside I don't know if the plane is directly overhead with the wings level, or if it's a good distance away and in a 45 degree bank.
Jul 18, 2001, 05:05 PM
heli on the brain
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...hey, its all good, if you enjoy it, more power to ya! but no matter what, there is no computer program thats exactly like doing the real thing. how many times have you put your joystick down shaking from a flight on a computer? uh huh, thought so. that rush, along with real time physics, just isnt there. dont get me wrong, this isnt a knock on those who like sims, just my two cents worth. hope no offense is taken
Jul 18, 2001, 07:07 PM
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A simulator is just another tool we can use to better our flying. Sure, the real-time physics arn't exactly right, but it's still practice and stick time. Sims may not be good for exacting flying, but they do teach the basics quite well. I am in the process of teaching my dad to fly helis, without the sim, he would have crashed his heli at least 50 times. By using the sim, I am teaching him mental orientation(ie. rudder). He can now keep the tail where he wants it without thinking about it. Any help we can get is good to me. Besides, sims are a kick to play with. Thx, Eric S.