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Aug 08, 2012, 05:26 PM

August TD Contest - 8/11/12

The Heat is On for Saturday's Contest

The current forecast high temperature for Davis on Saturday is 100 or 101 by 5:00PM. If we can complete the contest and get everything put away, buttoned down, locked up, and be leaving the parking lot by 2:00PM, we might escape the top 5 of that forecast. To accomplish that goal for everybody's benefit, "There ain't gonna be no lallygaggin' 'round betwixt rounds or feigning all manner o' malady whilst standing at the winches." Everyone's expeditious execution of this exhibition of personal piloting prowess will be effusively appreciated as we collectively repose in the shade of our pavilion, rehydrate with chilled beverages, and marvel over the competitive rankings o' the day. Let's make an element of the competition the completion of four rounds safely and in record time. Hooah!!! [For perspective; for those among you who live East of Davis and West of Auburn, you'll find our flying field cooler than staying at home and mowing the lawn. Lincoln, for instance, will be 5 hotter than Davis at most any point in time.]

Chef Boy!-Our-Bob!

In his ongoing quest and gracious mission to ensure that no SVSS contestant will expire due to malnutrition or starvation, Chef Boy'r'Bob has stepped forward yet again to selflessly toil over hot coals for the benefit of all assembled. "Give us your ragtag glider-guiders, misfits, the lost, the starving masses ... and anyone else that can ante up the paltry few bucks requested in trade for a couple sumptuous dogs, potato salad, chips and a cold beverage. And, lest we forget, the joyous satisfaction of PCPSF*. The only greater satisfaction that can be experienced on a contest day is one or more 1,100 point rounds.

[In all seriousness, ladies and gentlemen, Bob is a blessing to us all. The only forgivable sandbagging allowed this Saturday will be to those who help Bob unload, set up, feed, clean-up and reload all that he brings. Thanks in advance to Bob and those that step forward to help him.]

The Tens are Boring Contest Format

[From The Eagle's Nest Newsletter] There will be four rounds; 6, 9, 12, 9 in that order, with our regular 100 point landing tape.

In the event of a tie, fly-offs will be a 5 minute round utilizing the "Look at it This Way" format, where 30 to 60 contiguous seconds of the flight (to be determined based on prevailing conditions and competition class) must be flown inverted (a second, inverted, timer will be assigned and may stand or sit in whatever orientation they prefer other than eyes-closed); landings will use the same graduated tape and pilots are expected to land right-side up. Everything else will be the usual stuff including lessons learned at the 2-day in June and the new No-Fly Zone. Pilot’s meeting at 9:45AM flying at 10:00.

I hope to see you Saturday,

Rick Rohlfing
August CD

Coming to you from Lincoln; where the people are wrinkled and the clothes perma-pressed.

* PCPSF = Post Consumption Potato Salad Flatulence
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Aug 08, 2012, 11:28 PM
Registered User
Dudley Dufort's Avatar
Great write up! I especially like the PCPSF.

I nominate you for Newsletter guy in 2013!!
Aug 09, 2012, 04:16 PM
Things to consider bringing on a hot flying day:

- An ice chest with ice and ample supply of water (don't forget to drink the water)
- Face cloth or rag to douse with cold water to wipe face and neck
- Hand towel or other absorbent cloth for wiping off sweat
- Extra-wide brimmed hat
- Defibrillator attachment for battery charger
- Oxygen and mask (no smoking w/in 30')
- fire extinguisher
- phone number for local "Good Humor" ice cream truck or equivalent
- hot weather thermal underwear with pockets for dry ice (don't forget dry ice)
- 42' Fleetwood Class A RV w/ a mondo APU & AC and a 50" flat screen (or approximation)

Select all options in your personal inventory and bring to the field on very hot days. Become an indispensable friend to someone that has that which you do not.


Hey, Dudley .... whoa, Dude! You're lookin' good! Hey, I got a new can of Miracle Anti-Drag Polish infused with the new Cloud-Suck Seeking Nano-Particles. Rumor is Einstein used to wash his hair with this stuff. I can't reveal my off-shore source for this stuff, but I've got more than I need - ya want some?

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