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Aug 07, 2012, 10:00 AM
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Vela One Meter Sailboat 2.4GHz

Any info on this boat? Would it be a decent "entry level" boat, or should I be looking elsewhere?
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Aug 07, 2012, 10:47 AM
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VELA Information

I'd suggest you use the "search" function on this or the other R/C sailing sites as there have been several threads already devoted to the VELA. You will find ample information to answer most of your questions.
Aug 07, 2012, 10:48 AM
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Their is some good info in this thread.
Aug 07, 2012, 03:38 PM
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Originally Posted by novice1100
Any info on this boat? Would it be a decent "entry level" boat, or should I be looking elsewhere?
Happy with mine.

Aug 08, 2012, 12:13 AM
Taking care of the pond.
Vela is not a One Meter sailboat. It does not fit any class.
Hull Length: 40 in (1015 mm)


1.0 HULL:

LOA (including bumper, if used) 39 3/8" maximum, 39" minimum, mono-hull.
Aug 08, 2012, 10:35 AM
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Originally Posted by novice1100
Any info on this boat? Would it be a decent "entry level" boat, or should I be looking elsewhere?
The word "decent" is relative to whom ever is using it I suppose. If you have taken time to read the suggested threads and posts on the Vela, you may have formed an opinion as to this boat being a "decent" entry level boat.

There are many boats to pick from and most of us have our favorites and would like you to select our personal favorite - perhaps we could explore what is important to most of us when we get into something new such as RC sailing.

Most would like a boat that is priced attractively for our budget and or within our perceived value for such a thing. Next might be easy to set up and to use so that we are encouraged by our choice rather than turned off by it! Another factor might be how easy it is to transport to the pond or lake as well storing it. Another might be do I want to race my boat? Some do and most don't, but if you are at all interested in racing you can check out the AMYA web site for a list of boats that have established classes and where in your area there might be a group or club that races regularly. Then check out what those boys are sailing - pay them a visit and they will most likely give you a chance to sail one of their boats -

I purchased a Vela when they were first released - I liked the colorful graphics and it's sleek lines. Some don't like them, I did. I have by some folk's standards a lot of RC boats, so I guess I am not a novice at this point.

Having that been said, I returned mine for a few reasons, one of which was a large defect in the paint and globs of adhesives in the bottom of the boat.
I was pleased with the radio and other than the blemishes it was a very nice looking boat.

Now after time has passed and lots of Vela's have been sold there has been much written on this boat, some good some not so much. The point is there are a few issues that a Vela is born with that may or will need to be addressed at some point. Thus my own conclusion that there are/is better choices.

In the same price range or a little less there is the time tested Nirvana ll - most knowledgeable RC sailors would consider this boat to be the best if not one of the best boats to start with. They meet all the criteria I mentioned above and beyond that, they will last for years without any repairs - I have owned 5 Nirvana's and each time I sell one, I end up buying another one - I just missed sailing my Nirvana with my friends.

There are a few other boats to consider in the RTR group: Westward 18 and the Serenity - both from Proboat/Horizon Hobbies. Another venerable RTR is the latest version of the Kyosho Fairwind lll (best price I have found is $359.99) If you are more into kits then one of the best boats out there is the Micro Magic (can get a little pricey but comes as a kit or RTR now. Another fun kit and good little sailor is the Thunder Tiger Victoria - they also offer larger boats worth a look - Voyager and it's fancier brothers the China team and Fly Emirates both 1 meter boats and come in kit form - Check out Tower Hobbies sailboats page on line. Ah, one more less well know but worthy of your consideration the Blackstar line of boats here is a link to their site.

I could go on but have get to some "honey do's" - or I'll be in trouble for sure.
The tip here is to do some good research before you buy.

There are many boats to choose from so take your time. Oh, you will mostly likely come across the line of boats, all at very attractive prices (Monsoon, Phantom and others) They have their place and can be good choices for some. There are lots of threads on these boats and you will read some good reports and some not so much.

Take your time - that is half the fun of getting into this hobby and the research will be helpful as you move forward.

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Aug 08, 2012, 10:48 AM
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Novice1100 is there a local club near by, your best bet would be to go out and see what the local club sails.Maybe even get behind the sticks and sail a little before you make a choice.
Plenty of choices out there, some better than others and here on RC Groups you will find everyone has an opinion.

Check out
Aug 08, 2012, 08:22 PM
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Agree with Boomer's comments - the choice is vast....

A couple of things you perhaps might consider:
1) Have a look at what is being sailed locally - because sailing with someone else is fun...

2) Have a think about how much you want to spend - you can get a HobbyKing boat plus radio gear plus batteries plus charger for about $200 all up including freight. At the other end of the scale you can spend some thousands on the top end boats.

3) Consider the areas nearby that you can sail - if you have a smaller / shallower pond, not much point in a big yacht with deep keel. On the other hand if you only have ocean or estuary with lots of wind then a small boat (eg 600mm) would be difficult to sail in rougher water with stronger wind.

4) Transport - consider how you might get the boat from home to water - smaller boats transport easily fully rigged in a medium car, larger boats you may have to rig at the pond edge, making it tricky to get the rigging right each time and frustrating tangles!!!

I currently own three cheap chinese yachts, smallest is 500mm (Discovery 500), largest is 1 metre (Hurricane 1000) - they are great fun but these cheap ones usually need a few minor alterations to get them going well....

I bought a set of Vela sails for my Hurricane recently - excellent quality....

Hope this helps....

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