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RTL Fasteners Complete Metric Assortment Review

More and more of our airplanes are arriving with poor quality metric hardware and your local hobby shop or hardware store is not stocking metric parts - so what do you do? The answer comes from RTL Fasteners!

Here is what you will receive when you order their Metric Assortment # 992.


Manufacturer:RTL Fasteners
Available From:RTL Fasteners
Retail Price:$119.95

It has happened more than once: I NEED a particular nut, bolt or washer to complete the assembly of my new ARF and someone shorted me some of the hardware (of course "I" would never admit I lost those parts). What to do? Forget WalMart, Kmart and even many hardware stores as they wouldn't even consider handling what a modeler needs, especially at 9 PM the night before we want to temp fate and fly our latest and greatest.

A solution to the "missing hardware" can be found by purchasing the Metric Assortment # 992 from RTL Fasteners, because in this collection of nuts, bolts and washers, you will always have on hand exactly what you need!

There are four sizes of these items; M4 size; M3 size; M2.5 size size and M2. The reason I like the Metric System is because it is so simple; the larger the number, the larger the size. So a M4 metric bolt is larger in diameter than a M3 metric bolt. All I have to do is worry about the length needed. And once again the simplicity of the Metric System strikes again: the larger the number of milimeters, the longer the bolt. So a Metric M4 x 16mm is shorter than a M4 25mm and a M3 bolt is larger than a M2 bolt.

For most of our planes that come from Asia and Europe, the sizes of the metric hardware are given in the instructions, and sometimes the quality of the hardware is questionable. All the components found in the RTL Fasteners are of HIGH quality. All bolts (technically machine screws) are of the black socket head variety. The bolts are made of a high quality hardened black alloy steel, grade 12.9. And for those of us who know zip about hardness, 12.9 is good. In fact, it's VERY good. In additon to the bolts, they have included: blind nuts; flat washers; split washers; hex nuts; and lock (nylon) nuts for each of the four sizes!

There are an appropriate number of items of each kind - 12, 24, and up to 200 depending on which component. As you can see from the pictures, each item comes in its own clear package, and is clearly labeled.

I've always believed in what some great unknown modeler once told me: "Purchase quality tools and accessories and you will never regret what you paid for them". I've followed that advice all my modeling life and have not had to look back and apologize for my purchase!


What you'll get:

  • Socket Head Cap Screws (12each): M2x8, 12, 16, 20mm = 48pcs, M2.5x8, 12, 16, 20mm = 48pcs, M3x12, 16, 20, 30mm = 48pcs
  • M4x16, 25, 35mm = 36pcs
  • Nylon Insert Lock Nuts: 12 pcs. of M2 plus 50ea of M2.5, M3, M4 = 162pcs
  • Hex Nuts: 50ea: M2, M2.5, M3, M4 = 200pcs
  • Blind (T) Nuts: 8 Each of M3 and M4 =16pcs
  • Flat Washers: 50 ea: M2, M2.5, M3, M4 = 200pcs
  • Lock (Split) Washers: 50 ea: M2, M2.5, M3, M4 = 200pcs
  • Servo Mounting Screws #2x7/16" 24pcs
  • Servo Mounting Screws #2x9/16" 24pcs.

Total Pcs. = 1,006

Get Organized

First, notice you get three plastic storage boxes. Each storage box comes with dividers.

Be careful when you cut the dividers and take note as to which way they are to be inserted into the storage box. The ridged portion goes to the top! If you reverse the installation it will be very difficult to insert the divider.

Next, cut out the map provided for each of the storage bins, and tape each of them to the inside top. That arrangement should be mirrored in the divider's arrangement.

You can now proceed to empty the appropriate bag into the correct location in the plastic storage container for each of the sizes.

Now, you are organized :)

Worth Note

RTL Fasteners also included a couple of extra things that I would like to bring to your attention. The first is their offerings of two different sized servo screws. The offer both 7/16" and 9/16th #2 sizes. What is so special about these servo screws is that they have a washer built into the screw and secondly, they need a hex driver to tighten! If you are a newbie you may be wondering what is so great about all this hex head screw business. Because your hex driver fits INTO the screw head, there's no more stripping out the screw! It has been my experience that frequently there are two or four servo screws that are way back there, and by merely inserting the hex head into the servo screw, you can easily reach those hard to find locations without losing the screw! I have used these screws to secure canopies, hatches and even control horns. They have a million uses, so I purchase them in groups of hundreds (and I still run out!).

Something new to solve an old problem

Now for something I have been playing with and never really solving - cowl screws that won't stay in, or if they stay in, cut up the cowl hole so large that the head of the screw doesn't hold anything in place! I've tried cutting short pieces of fuel tubing between the screw and the cowl, but the screw head usually slides into the tubing gaining nothing. Some times I've placed large washers between the screw (or bolt) and that just looked terrible. These washers have rubber on one side, and are stainless on the other side. The rubber will keep the screw/cowl junction from moving (and enlarging the hole) while the stainless side with look great!

Even before the first flight of my H9 Pulse 125 I had a problem... one cowl bolt missing (gotta watch those bolt sealing Gremlins that sneek around the workroom late at night). Problem solved. I replaced the missing bolt with the just arrived Metric Assortment! I added one of those stainless washers to help keep the cowl's hole from enlarging, and it works!


RTL Fasteners are filling a void that will relieve a lot of stress among modelers of all kinds. For personal reasons, those who purchase actual kits will frequently replace much of the supplied hardware, and probably the majority of ARF assembliers HAVE to replace the hardware that comes in their planes since much of it can be considered as marginal quality. By purchasing this Metric Assortment # 992, swapping out various nuts and bolts should not prove a major stumbling block. I really like the three sizes......large (M4); medium (M3) and small (very small) M2 and M2.5. I believe whether you fly large glow or small park flyers, your metric hardware is there!


  • Storage and organization is excellent
  • Appropriate sizes for modelers
  • High quality hardware
  • The parts will always be there when you need them and they never grow old!


  • Could be pricey for some
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Aug 13, 2012, 03:28 PM
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cheaper source; some hints

I founds this kit of parts very useful, but after reading a review of RTL's non-metric assortment, I was able to put together my own (metric) collection for about $70, from http://www.trimcraftaviationrc.com. I got sizes from M2 to M4, with a variety of ends and lengths. I also combined it with a set from Harbor Freight that had a storage box and large sizes - M5 and up.
Trimcraft charges only $3 for any amount of shipping, and for small amounts they send it First Class mail.
A few comments, wherever you source from. Others with more building experience than I have can probably do better.
  • The metric numbering system is even better than you suggest. Mn means diameter is n millimeters. So an M3x8 weighs and has strength roughly 2.25x an M2 x 8. (3 squared = 9; 2 squared = 4)
  • I should have gotten a few M1.5s (1.5 mm)
  • I got both Phillips head bolts, and Socket head cap. Phillips are easier to use, but for some reason I feel more secure with the socket head. There are various other kinds of heads available.
  • It's more useful to get a wide range of lengths than to get every possible length in a range. Usually you can make something fit if it's a few mm too long, but if you need 30mm and you only have 25, you are out of luck!
  • I should even have gotten some Phillips M4 x 40 and possibly M4 x 50. I was trying to use plywood on the inside of a fuse to brace something fastened to the outside.
  • Keep the parts in the bags and cut a hole in the corner.
  • I followed RTL's list and got some non-metric screws such as Servo Mounting Screws #2x7/16" . For some reason it's harder to find metric screws than bolts. The screws are very useful e.g. for cowl mounting.
Aug 14, 2012, 11:07 PM
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7oneWo1f's Avatar
I have been tempted to get something like this, and foolishly do not.

Still have a hard time justifying it, even though I know it will save time and money in the long run.
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Aug 25, 2012, 09:36 AM
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i bought all metric and standard sets. I have wanted to for a long time finally broke down and got them. It is nice.
Aug 25, 2012, 01:17 PM
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You will be surprised at how many times you will 'find' just what you need in those assortments!
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Sep 03, 2012, 02:37 AM
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I just purchased this kit + the metric grub screw assortment. I agree with their avoidance of a 4 for a buck pack. I recently spent $13 for little M2.5 12 screws, washers, and nuts at the hardware store and another $8 at the hobby store a while ago for some M2.5 socket head screws and nuts.

The initial price is steep,but I'm glad I ordered it.

20% off for the Labor Day sale also.
Sep 04, 2012, 09:11 PM
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2.4ghz's Avatar
I just purchased the master kit and really like it. saved 40%
Sep 09, 2012, 11:05 AM
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crash74's Avatar
I just bought the master and the meteric sets. used coupon code aug55 and it still worked in sept... got 40% off I prob will never use a screw from the standard set but it will be nice if I ever will need one... with my luck I bought 200. worth of screws and the first time I need one it wont be in the kits!! LOL
Sep 19, 2012, 03:17 PM
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7oneWo1f's Avatar
I broke down and bought this and another kit.

On the off chance that RTL is monitoring this thread, may I suggest something that would be easy for you to do but very useful for your customers?

1. Get some small avery labels, preferably clear, and print the parts on the labels. Just send the labels with the order. The customers can put them on the storage bins after they organize them.

2. Regarding blind nuts--they only come for the M3 and M4 hardware, and there is only 8. Would be nice if there were more.

3. Should include more #2 hex screws. I love those things (and bought 100 from a different vendor for $5). You should include more in the kit.

Great job otherwise. Probably a little expensive, but cheaper than running to the LHS everytime I need some thing or other.
Sep 19, 2012, 04:04 PM
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Originally Posted by LoneWolfRC
I broke down and bought this and another kit.

1. Get some small avery labels, preferably clear, and print the parts on the labels. Just send the labels with the order. The customers can put them on the storage bins after they organize them.

2. Regarding blind nuts--they only come for the M3 and M4 hardware, and there is only 8. Would be nice if there were more.
I still recommend Trimcraft, both for making up an entire kit, and filling in missing items. They have blind nuts in M3, M4, M5, M6. Price depends on size, but a few dollars for a pack. http://www.trimcraftaviationrc.com/i...ts&_a=category

Labels with actual full-sized parts diagrams/photos on them is a great idea. Some people have the name, but nobody has done pictures.
Sep 26, 2012, 10:42 AM
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I just placed a $150.00 order, saved $60.00 with code AUG55 plus free shipping
Oct 13, 2012, 11:20 PM
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RTL FASTENERS Make RC building more fun

Screws have sharp points and threads as well as durable accurate heads. I love this company and its products. I use them to repair expensive equip and cabinetry, they are usually a noticeable upgrade from the fasteners installed as original manufacture. The small sizes and variety have kept me coming back repeatedly.

They work better than any fasteners I've used in decades of intricate repair and assembly. I only wish I had found them sooner.
Oct 13, 2012, 11:27 PM
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I regretted not finding the 40% off coupon (edit: I had 'just' the 20% that could have been combined with the 40% )when I first bought the metric set in Sept, but oh well.
I have used the set several times in the past month to replace lower quality M2, 2.5, and 3 hex head bolts on helicopters. Also to replace plain M2 and 2.5 plain hex nuts with nylon lock. It's so nice to have this set. I'll order replacement hardware from RTL this year.
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Oct 13, 2012, 11:33 PM
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2.4ghz's Avatar
I got both sets and props is right, they are the best, there quality is fantastic. It is very handy when you are working on a plane and you find the hardware in the kits you get may not have that screw you need or there are no threads on the screw at all, well just open up your little handy plastic box and grab the one you need. A++++++. I was able to get the 40% and well worth it, even at full price the 40% was a added bonus that will for sure make me go back.
Mar 26, 2013, 06:31 PM
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Can't believe I've run out of a few bolts.....so fast no less

Guess that is what happens when you build a lot !!!
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