Nov 19, 2003, 04:21 PM
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First flight at least to me!!

I am completely new to R/C planes. I've dabbed in control line in the past but this is my first true stab at R/C. I finally got a chance for my first flight and to fly my slow stick yesterday for the first time
The first day I tried it was way to windy to fly. I was waiting to get an almost still day for my first flight. Yesterday I tried again with slightly better results. We waited until about 5:15 PM when all the winds died down and then rushed to the field to beat the setting sun. When we get there I plugged in the battery, did a quick range and operation check and hit the throttle. It rolled for about 15 feet and then the motor died. Everything else still worked. The battery that I had charged the day before was dead and in the rush to get to the field I had forgot the other battery. I'm just glad my ESC will cut off the motor first when the battery is dead. So desperate to get my first flight in I reset the battery connection and tossed the plane in the air. Gave it full throttle that lasted about 5 seconds and glided it down to a decent landing. Flight #1 in my book!!
Going to try again tonight but all this waiting has given me time to keep building on my S.P.A.D. that should be ready soon.
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Nov 19, 2003, 04:36 PM
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===So desperate to get my first flight in I reset the battery connection and tossed the plane in the air. Gave it full throttle that lasted about 5 seconds and glided it down to a decent landing. ===

Been there done that. Usually with a lot worse results
Congrats on the "mini maiden" of your SS.
Nov 19, 2003, 06:44 PM
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Just got back from my third attempt, second time actually leaving the ground. It appears my failure yesterday might be due to having to small of a battery. Anyway I finally got a real few flights in today. Did a bunch of touch and goes and then did a few hand launches. My landings need some help, because the area I fly at is so large I just tried to land anywhere I pleased. I'll have to work on landing on an actual landing area later! I practice on a big cleared dirt area surrounded by a mile or so of open desert so it is probably close to the perfect area for a beginner.
One thing I was dissapointed in is the lack of being able to climb. Almost zero wind today and no ability to climb above 50 feet! I think my next purchase is going to be a good charger and better batteries. I'll have to open a new thread for that discussion.
Nov 19, 2003, 07:51 PM
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"The land of entrapment?" Lol! I won't even ask.

What type of batteries and radio gear are you using?

Nov 19, 2003, 09:15 PM
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I have all HiTec onboard gear. RX is a 555 and servos are HS-55's. Battery is a 7AAA cell 720MaH. The motor is the stock 350 something or other and spins a 1180 prop.
I'm going to go ahead and purchase a couple KAN-1050's for some longer flight times and hopefully more umph.
While I was flying today a couple of people were also flying some sort of electric plane that looked smaller then my SS. They could climb well and when they hit the throttle you could really hear the motor's wizz. On the other hand my SS was very quite even at full blast. I am hoping this is a battery issue but I don't have the experience yet to make that call. Just going by the experiences others have had with this same plane in a similar setup I expected better results. I originally thougth it was an altitude problem. I'm at 5,000 feet but then I saw some AP photo's taken by someone in Grand Junction, CO and I think he is at 7,000 feet so that ruled that out.
Your from AZ so "The Land of Entrapment" would be your next door neighbor to the east.
Nov 19, 2003, 09:30 PM
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Congrats on the first flights! It's unusual to be so successful with the maiden flight. The lack of serious power may have helped you in the long run...when I maidened I punched the throttle and my SS promptly shot straight up like a rocket, nosed over and then crashed hard Had to straighten out the fuselage after that one.

BTW, where are you ordering your KANs? Thinking about getting some...
Nov 19, 2003, 09:44 PM
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I have found through another thread that lists the KAN-1050's for $16.80 each with your choice of connector. S&H is a respectable $3.80. After my very brief search that is the cheapest I have found.
I was actually very surprised with my two flights so far. No broken props has surprised me the most. I bought a pack of 5 1180's at the LHS just prior thinking I would use them all in a week or two. So far I've only had one rough landing and I did run into a bush just after touchdown but nothing to hard and nothing broken........yet!!!
Nov 19, 2003, 09:49 PM
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I have another thought. My LHS sold me a 5 amp ESC, brand unknow without looking at it again. I am assuming that a small ESC will limit the amout of power my motor gets but is 5 amps to small?
Also after searching mounting the prop on backwards appears to be a common mistake with newbies such as myself. I'll check that in the mean time so I can rule that out.
Nov 19, 2003, 09:58 PM
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I wonder if bumping your prop to a 12x6 would help in conjunction with a bigger pack? It sure did with my SS (~2500').

I know the Land of Enchantment kinda well. I even have a NM Passport. The Entrapment part just made me wonder if caca de toro es goin' down in the roadrunner state.

Nov 19, 2003, 10:59 PM
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Hey Fleg, to a nice start by my standards brother!

If your SS has the 350C motor, must be one of the newest kits, consider yourself lucky! [a 'checked' box, on the side of the kit, should tell you what motor you've got] I bought (2) of the 350C's with my original SS kit (300C motor), and didn't take Boomerace's advice to start with the 300C. I found myself trying to fly an SS that was very easy to stall w/ too much power by my inexperienced self. I stayed with it and sorted it out, but the other day I threw the 300C / 1180 prop on for the first time. It was a different plane! Docile, lazy, EASY TO FLY!
More what I needed first flight! But the repair experience I got was a decent trade-off!

FWIW, boomerace recommends the 9070 prop w/ the 350C/D. I also am using only 8.4v (7cell) 1050mah KANS.

Once you get the KAN 1050mah's, and a 9070 prop, you will have all the power you'll need for a while! [might need different prop w/ your desert air!] It will climb out of sight if that is what you want! Mine will ROG in thick soccer field grass in 3ft. By comparison, with the 300C/D 1180prop, it was more like 8-10ft. [Thick grass, stock wheels]

You've got great gear! Nice plane. Keep us posted.

edit: I noticed your concern w/ the 5amp ESC. Not an expert here, but until you hear different, DO NOT fly WOT w/ the KAN 1050's for any great lengths of time! Those packs can spike 15-20amp according to some reports!

On the props facing the correct way. GWS is lettering forward, but it differs on others. One of the first things I remember learning here, and haven't seen it put like this since, is just look at the prop in good lighting. It will resemble a wing. One side concave, the other convex. The prop is like a wing, face the rounded out side (convex) facing forward. This 'rule of thumb' should work with any prop you encounter FAIK. (a prop can even 'stall' like a wing)
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Nov 20, 2003, 12:52 AM
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Thanks everyone for the replies.
At home on my lunch break I confirmed that I actually have the 300C motor and I correctly installed the prop. I guess 1 out of 2 things right isn't half bad? Once I looked at it again you can clearly see the wing shape of the blades. A good tip, thanks.
What would be the suggested prop for said motor?
Also I am strongly starting to doubt the LHS suggestion of the 5A ESC. I think I'll wear out the search function tonight trying to find my answers before asking something.
Nov 20, 2003, 02:35 AM
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I've been told someone will stop me if I give bad info...:)

Originally posted by Fleg

What would be the suggested prop for said motor?

GWS prop chart, which I'll link to below, shows (3) props for the 300C/D.

______thrust grams/oz.s__________watts
1147________361g / 12.73oz________53.76
1180_______360g / 12.70oz________67.20
1260________427g / 15.05oz________71.40

this is for 7cell/8.4volt

I see no big gain in performance going 1147, however the less wattage should equate to longer motor life (would like to know if also longer batt run time?)
To me, 1147 looks like a better prop over the stock 1180. (someone stop/check me)

Quite a bit more thrust is gained going 1260, the price being an increase in wattage (over 1147 esp.) that I believe is at the max. recommended for the 300C motor. Would mean motor runs hotter. (The price for power I think) But not out of range at all. Overall, it appears the 1260 is your best performer. I hear DaveWCO talking a few post back.

Also I am strongly starting to doubt the LHS suggestion of the 5A ESC. I think I'll wear out the search function tonight trying to find my answers before asking something.
Boomerace set me up with a 10amp Electrifly ESC. I think this is a minimum ESC for the 8.4v KAN's. There is a certain security that comes when following a boomer recommendation. I will let more experienced advise you on the ESC. Your LHS may be only considering your original batt pack when recommending the 5amp. ESC. We'll see what advice is given on the ESC.

...this is the link to GWS prop stats. It takes a longtime to load on my 'dial-up' ISP. Like three minutes! This chart is useful.
Nov 20, 2003, 03:56 AM
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Thx for all your help bubbadice. I ordered my KAN's tonight and am searching for a good charger now.
Nov 20, 2003, 06:21 AM
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Check out the GWS MC2002, a great charger for the price. I have one and I'm very pleased with it. Only negative is you can't plug it into your wall. If you need one with AC/DC input check out the wattage PF-12. Peronally I keep an old 12V battery in the garage for charging.

I have the stock 300 motor and 1180 motor and my plane flies great with plenty of power. I'm using 9.6V 800 maH NiMH battery packs. You may just have a bad cell or something with your current pack that's preventing you from getting the power you need. Personally I wouldn't replace the motor and props with something else until you see how it does with the KANs. The stock motor and prop usually does just fine.

Nov 20, 2003, 10:48 AM
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Originally posted by Fleg
Thx for all your help bubbadice. I ordered my KAN's tonight and am searching for a good charger now.
Just hope I'm helping, I'm using this exercise to further my understanding, and am trying to not give bad info/advice.

[Note: everything following is just from my limited understanding! Be advised, thanks!]

I suspect your lack of 'get up and go' lies here:

quote Fleg:"Battery is a 7AAA cell 720MaH."

This cell weighs literally half of a KAN 2/3A, and I suspect doesn't have near the power. (I thought this size pack was more for 280 sized motors.) Power lies in the voltage/amps of the batt pack, and prop, G/B selection. ppowell's 300C should have more power than my 350C cause he's burning 9.6v. The 300C will power up fine, it just won't 'last' as long as a 350C would under higher loads. The time for you to consider the 350C is when your ready for a replacement, it is an exact fit/swap. Cost the same. Only been out a few months. You have NO problems with your motor now. You have more of a batt pack issue. Should fly with what you have, I don't think you've had them charged well. (I know you've said nothing about changing motors)

Chargers: I got a GWS MC2002 from the ezone's "For Sale/Wanted Forum" for $35 shipped. My LHS has same unit for $60 +tax. While the charger performs great, and I like it, I would recommend the Wattage PF-12, ...just for its AC/DC capability. It also is a well proven performer, as the 2002 is. If you can spend more, there are better chargers. If you do spend more, get a charger that will do Li-poly batts also. Hitec, which brand name is written all over your plane, has a base level charger that comes in lower priced than both the above. In your search you may look at it. Would do fine for now.

if any info/opinions here are too wrong, someone please input. thanks
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