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Nov 19, 2003, 01:03 PM
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A few pics from Salem Airport.

The weekend before last I made it out to the old Salem Airport, where my cousin Jerry is working. His friend bought the place, and it's being razed for development. At this time, they aren't really sure what is going to happen to this property, but at least I got a few pics before the hangers were all torn down. I had intended to get more shots of the airport itself, but sorta got distracted while setting up the all the shots I thought I was taking from the right side of the plane were actually being taken from the left side. Doh!
Unfortunately, I only got the one set of pics before crashing hard behind a hangar with a fried motor. Consequently, here's the three most interesting pics from the afternoon..I hope to get back out there before the snow falls.

This is the first pic, a decent overview of the airport showing four of the five hangars and the runway.
All the pics were shot with my Slow Stick using a Cool-Icam MicrocamV modified with an old PCB from a used servo.
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Nov 19, 2003, 01:09 PM
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This next shot is looking west over Salem township. (instead of east over the #*@*ing airport like it was SUPPOSED to be.)

I really like this just looks so OLD..if ya took "TOYOTA" off the side of that little building and parked a few vintage trucks in the lot it'd look like 1940.
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Nov 19, 2003, 01:17 PM
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Last one. I always waste one shot listening to see if the camera "beeps" to make sure everything is working okay before take-off. Usually I get a picture of my cars headliner, or a close-up of a picnic table, or a shot of me from scary-close range.
This time I happened to be holding the Slow Stick up to my ear and unknowingly pointing the cam right down towards the north end of the runway. It's not A/P, but I think it's a neat shot nonetheless.
Nov 19, 2003, 02:00 PM
Relearning how to crash.....
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They should turn that airport into a
RC park
Nov 19, 2003, 02:15 PM
Thread OP
Actually, that is one of the short-term uses being discussed for it right now. I don't think the guy would get much return on his investment if he devoted it to R/C permanantly, but apparently he's spoken with members of a local club about moving their flying field to this location.
Other plans include possibly turning it into a (full size) helicopter field, among other things.
Mar 16, 2004, 10:23 PM
Registered User
I just got a cool icam, how do you activate it with a servo PCB ? I have plenty of reject servos LOL
Mar 16, 2004, 10:39 PM
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Nice pictures. I'm noticing a pattern with you crashing a lot ???
Mar 17, 2004, 03:44 AM
Thread OP
No comment.
Besides, it wasn't really a crash..more of an abrupt power-off landing in heavy wind..on the other side of a hangar..into a pile of scrap metal..inverted.

Oh, what the heck..I tend to give great advice about not flying in wind..but when I get to a site after driving for 40 minutes to get there, my willpower just dissolves..this only applies to the SS, by the way..none of my balsa planes (read "hard labor") has to endure this sort of abuse, so they've got much higher life expectancies than the SS.
Also, since this crash took place, the SS has been in a state of constant change. (Since this thread was started, it's had a speed 400, twin 300's, twin 350's, single 350, and now finally twin 350 pushers with a stretched wing & fuse.) The poor thing hasn't been in the air twice in a row with the same motor/battery configuration! The plan here is to (A) get it right before Summer time and optimal picture-taking weather appear and (B) use it for a test bed for various motor/prop/battery combos in an attempt to get my twin pusher "Gentle Lady" conversion more or less dialed in before her maiden.

Plastic for making the Cool-Icam work for you? To be honest, I wouldn't waste my time on it again. Why?
1. It only holds 28 pics in it's onboard memory and there's no provision for any kind of added memory..
2. It drops all of it's memory if it loses power.
3. It's only 640x480 maximum resolution..while the shots I got with mine look fine on the web, the quality is really too coarse for anything larger than a 4x6 print, and is actually pretty dicey for that.
4. You can get an Aiptek pencam on e-bay for pretty much the same price. Higher resolution, more memory, and the memory STAYS instead of disappearing if you suffer a glitch.

With all that said, if you still want to deal with this cranky little camera, it's a very straight forward conversion. I used a printed circuit board from an old servo to actuate the shutter (do a search for it, there are a LOT of threads covering the servo conversion!) and powered it at the USB port. The only weird thing about this cam as compared to all the Aipteks floating around here is that you will have to add a jack for an auxilliary battery so you can plug in and retain camera memory after your receiver has been unplugged, assuming you get rid of the original batteries.

My Cool-Icam has been pretty much retired since I got my mitts on the PocketCam X's, so I'll see if I can tear into it without destroying it's carrier and get you some pics of the solder points for the shutter & USB attachments.
Mar 17, 2004, 07:33 AM
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You sound like me Doug. One of the problems I have is when the weather keeps me from flying I decide I need to tweak my planes. Once it rained for two weeks and one of my planes went through three configuration changes before I even got to fly it.
Mar 17, 2004, 11:38 AM
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Doug - Don't feel bad I was trying to get some pictures of a fire near work and had to try a tight take off out of the parking lot. I made that take off ok. The problem was I had to land over 6' high fence with barb wire and a few small trees. If I made the fence I didn't have much room to stop before hitting a building.

Anyway I almost missed getting over the fence and hit the barb wire. The resulting WACK into the fence kind of made my eyes water. Luckly the plane didn't get hurt. Somehow before I got the plane loose from the barb wire I triggered the camera inside the plane. So, this picture is from the inside looking out. Notice the wing tangled in the barb wire.

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