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Aug 03, 2012, 11:10 PM
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Eagletree Guardian for $75

EDIT (5-12-130: GUARDIAN and a DX8 -- setup by Choochoo32
A DX8 works well with a Guardian and a six channel rx is all you need for full control of a 4 ch plane. Do the following:
  • Plug the mode wire into channel 6 and use the flap switch to select 2D/off/3D modes.
  • Plug the gain wire into the gear channel.
  • Go into the setup menu, the one you access by pressing the roller while powering the DX8 on.
  • Locate the switch assignment submenu.
  • Find where it says "Gear:" and change it to inhibit.
  • Find where it says "Knob:" and change it to gear.
  • Undo any other settings or mixes etc, that you may have made for the Guardian. The most sure way is to first reset the model memory before doing the above.
This will give you full mode control on the flap switch and master gain control on the knob. You can reverse these channels to make the controls work to your liking. I like the gain to go up clockwise on the knob, for example, like a volume control.

The V1.18 update shouldn't matter for you unless your Guardian is mounted upside down.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++

I bought two units from ReadymadeRC and installed them in my old Superfly and the Leadfeather scratchbuilt delta. Both are hardly used and if I crash them I don't care.

Both are deltas with elevons. Superfly has no rudder but the Leadfeather delta does.

All radio mixes for elevons are deleted and reset to standard aircraft. The Guardian does the elevon configuration internally. A software utility helps set up the plane.

There are two modes 2D and 3D. 2D is very docile and when wing leveling is turned on it's a perfect training mode and also can be used to save a plane.

3 pots on the Guardian adjust gain and reversing. A master gain can be programmed as well with the radio if you have slider or knob so you can program. I do not with the DX6i and DX7.

Superfly radio configuration
DX6i which only has two position switches. The 2D and 3D is switched back and forth with flap switch.
The MIX switch (upper right) can turn the Guardian on and off.

Here is what worked with the 2 position flap switch (0 position is 3D and 1 position is 2D).

Gear in 0 position and Guardian is ON.
Gear in 1 position Guardian is OFF.

RATE D -100% U -100%
SW Mix Trim INH

Next up is gain and I can plug the gain connector to the gear and use the gear for gain.

ricoalonso's how to dial in a Guardian:
Let me share my way of fine tuning the Level Flight in 2D.

1. Initially follow the manual when setting up the first time.
2. Go and fly the model with stabilization disabled.
3. With Stabilization Disabled, Trim to fly level at around 3/4 throttle (make sure you are 3 mistakes high).
4. Now fly even higher and turn stabilization ON to 2D, and be ready to turn OFF stabilization in case it is needed.
5. Make note of which way the model is going (ie: is it level; pitched up; or, pitched down?)
6. If the model flies level in 2D just like when stabilization is OFF then all that is needed is land and Reset Trims only (if the trims were adjusted during step-3 above.
7. If the model does not fly level in 2D and not like when the Stabilization is OFF then fine tuning the Level FLight is still needed. This is done on the bench and I do it as follow:

Say for example, the model needs a little bit of nose up for 2D level flight.
a) First, Reset Trims Only if trims in the Tx was adjusted in step-3 above.
b) Set the model on the bench with the roll level and adjust the pitch attitude a little at a time. Switch between OFF and 2D every time the nose is moved up/down. Find the position where you don't see any movement in the elevator when you switch between OFF and 2D. When there is no more elevator movement when you switch from OFF to 2D, then that is your initial Level FLight when you first flew in 2D.
c) Now keep the stabilization in 2D while lifting the nose of the model up until you notice the elevator to go down. In here you will need your judgement as to how much you will need. The more the elevator go down, the more nose up you have added.
d) Keep the model in that attitude (as how much nose up you want) then Reset Level Flight.

The same can be done if a nose down is needed for level flight, only the opposite.

I know, it is much trouble for the initial setup and that is why a few pages back in this thread some had suggested/requested to have the ability to fine tune 2D Level FLight while in the air and John T is asking if this can be useful and if there is enough demand for it. I say a big Yes, pls add this feature.

I am sure this can be done. We just need to push ET (John T) to add this feature in. It may not be used everyday but it is very important when setting a new install or moving it to another plane... or even after repairs.

Well, I hope the above is helpful.
The above is well thought out.

UPDATE: 9/6/12 -- HABU installation
Since I have a few of the new Eagletree Guardian 2D-3D stabilizers I decided to try one in my Habu. I experimented with them first in a Superfly delta foamy and a 40" wingspan scratchbuilt delta. The Guardian has many parameters to adjust and I spent a month learning the ins and outs of the amazing device. It uses accelerometers and a 3 axis gyro. 2D mode has wing leveling and heading hold 3D has heading hold as well. The major benefit of this device is it drastically increases flying days. I have flown the little Superfly in 30 mph gusty days when giant scale planes were grounded. It's an amazing device. Now my Habu has one. I have not yet flown it since the installation but will do so this weekend (weather permitting).
The switching from 3D -- OFF -- 2D using the flap switch required some programming muscle to get it to work with AR500 and a DX7.

I plugged the MOD lead in the gear slot (only slot reasonably available). Thank GAWD for google. I found the programming steps on the internet. Here are the steps:
bfugett -> RE: 3 position flaps with AR500 & DX7 (9/25/2010 6:25 PM)
After much angst I finally got three position flaps working on the gear channel of the AR500 using a DX7. I couldn't find it specifically documented anywhere so I wanted to put it here for others. Not hard to do (now) but don't ask me how these settings work because I'm new to this and just played with it (driving my wife crazy with the beeping; another topic) until I got it working...
Note: Flip the Flap and Gear switches to change the various rates
First we assign the 1 and 2 positions of the flap switch over to the gear channel:
>RATE: > 100%
> 100%
Then we assign the 0 position of the flap switch to gear:
>RATE: > 0%
> 100%
Then we disable the gear switch:
>RATE: -100%
You can test using the flap monitor page on the DX7. You should see the FLAP and GEAR channels both respond identically when the Flap switch is thrown, and the gear channel does nothing.
Below are the pictures of the installation.

In addition, I added a throttle kill switch by progam mixing the Aux 2 switch so down is enable and up is throttle disabled.

Program Mix 6
Aux2->Thro ON

Rate -125

OFFSET: -125
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