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Aug 03, 2012, 04:11 PM
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Hi all!

Since this blog is still empty, I decided to change this. A little background information about the guy you know as SoloProFan might seem convenient, right?

First, some may know me as simply "SoloPro" which is the name I registered with on RCG, by many abbreviated as simply "SP". But as my stay here was longer than I first anticipated (I registered in the first place just to get some info about how to fix and fly the new Solo Pro V heli I had bought during year) things started to become a little confusing. When someone typed a message, talking about SoloPro, one moment he could be talking about the heli, and have accidentally left out the space between the words Solo, and Pro, but it could also be about me. So I found having a name that was the same as a popular type of heli, could be confusing, hence the name change with the "Fan" bit added. No more mixing up things, and there is also a little pun intended, as a heli's blades do resemble a fan.

I've been interested in RC since my youth, an older nephew had an RC sailing boat, the "Saudade", and I always watched it with attention as we visited the place where my aunt and he lived. In my early teens I got my first RC boat, the "Dolly" from Robbe, and with some ups and downs, turned it into a working RC fireboat, with functional watergun. I bought more boats, and also a 1:10 RC car, to get my "RC-fix" when not able to sail a boat, as we didn't live near any decent pond. I also looked at planes, build a few free flight models, but never ventured into RC planes, as the risk of losing everything in a crash, was too much to pay for, for someone with just some allowance and doing some work sometimes here and there during holidays.

As I went to college, the RC stuf was shelved, and gathered dust in my old room on my parents' house. Years later I regained some interest, and decided to re-work some boats, to correct some mistakes made during the build. I didn't finish this, and again the RC-stuff gathered some more dust, this time on the attic of my own home.

Then, I made my first personal contact with RC flight, as a local gas-station had a promo with discounts on small RC helis, the toylike coaxial type. With such a low risk (15 dollar for a complete heli with TX) I took the bait, and tried such a heli in the living room. It felt great to control something that flies, and I got some more of these helis. As my interest grew, I tried a 4 channel fixed pitch (SP 260) but found it was beyond my capabilities for that moment, and traded it for a 4 channel coax. I learned more on that, and since outdoor flight with the coax was limited to 0 wind, I took on the 4 channel FP again. But I got stuck on it with practicing indoors, I could hover. but not fly circles etc.

Then the break through came, I took it outside on a near windless day, and things started falling into place. Sure, I crashed it a few times that day, but it felt like liberation. Circles inside were easy after that, and my love for RC stuff grew. I got another car, this time a Losi Micro T, a Hobby Zone Champ, and restored some of my boats to working condition. I expanded my field of interest to sailing boats, with a Micro Magic, and early this year a second one. Also a couple more motor driven boats, including a childhood dream, the Vegesack SAR boat.

Currently, I either fly, sail, or drive almost every day, and try to enjoy every single angle this hobby has to offer. I'm not the best pilot or driver out there, nor intend to become one, but I do try to get the best fun out of this hobby. And I hope you will too!

Edit: this thread will also be a place to host pictures that don't fit in any of the other Blog topics:
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Jan 25, 2015, 10:45 AM
Fan of just about anything RC
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Since my favorite hosting site is currently down for a week or longer, with no real indication when, and if it will be up again, I'll host a few pictures of my cars here, maybe for the time being, maybe indefinitely.
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Nov 06, 2015, 08:55 PM
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I too got hooked on flying by buying a twenty dollar airhogs heli. Was at Toys R us with my kid one day and stumbled upon the remote controlled toys. Took it home and immediately got hooked although i could barely get the heli to follow commands, cheap toys. From then on i knew i had to get my hands on something a little more airworthy. Now I'm all about the cp heli's .

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