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Aug 01, 2012, 08:11 AM
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EagleTree RTH with Guardian 2D/3D

Hello all,

Maybe this question was asked a lot of times, then I'm sorry, shame on me but point me to the thread. If not, then I think is a good topic for everyone.

On my plane (Bormatec Maja 220cm wingspan version) I have installed EagleTree OSD and Guardian Expander.
RTH works, so far, with default settings. I have not changed any gain values for RTH or for Guardian Stabilization except Guardian master gains. However because Maja is a big EPP plane I'm still fighting with wing flapping and other vibrations in the frame. Because of that (i think) Guardian drifts from flight to flight.

Recently I have received Guardian 2D/3D and tested it in a custom built foamy 3d plane. It performed so well and it was so easy to setup for 2D flight.

Now my question is:
what do you think, guys, if Guardian 2D/3D will be installed together with OSD Pro in series, for a stable return to home. I think in the same way many of you installed different stabilization units (before guardian expander).
Connection that I suppose to be is:
1. Receiver AILE -> OSDPro AILE -> Guardian2D mode AILE.
2. Receiver ELEV -> OSDPro ELEV -> Guardian2D mode ELEV.
4. Receiver RUDD -> Guardian2D mode AILE.

How reliable will it be (except more connections that can became loose)?

thanks for listening me
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Aug 07, 2012, 12:36 AM
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That might work, but most likely not as well as the Guardian expander. The OSD uses the data from the Guardian expander to determine the servo outputs. With the 2D/3D they will both be trying to fly the plane. And you'll lose the feedback from the Guardian expander to the OSD for the AHI.

Also, if one has a problem with the plane I'll bet the other does also.

Aug 07, 2012, 02:15 AM
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From my memory, i know in past, before guardian was released, many peoples used external stabilization units e.g. FY-20a. What's the difference then beside the great performance of Guardian?
May 08, 2013, 04:59 AM
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back to this dead thread.

Last year didn't have the opportunity to test RTH in this configuration, however some days ago I did it.
Wiring goes like that:
1. Receiver AILE -> Guardian2D mode AILE -> AILERONS.
2. Receiver ELEV -> OSDPro ELEV -> Guardian2D mode ELEV -> ELEVATOR.
4. Receiver RUDD -> OSDPro AILE -> Guardian2D mode RUDD -> RUDDER.
5. receiver ch5 -> Guardian2D/3D MODE
6. receiver ch6 -> Guardian2D/3D Gain

Receiver filesafes for channel 5 and 6 is setting Guardian in 2D mode and needed gain for stabilization.

So far, so good - RTH is working. Now the plane is stabilized on Ailerons by Guardian and turns back with the Rudder.
Now the question: because the plane does not bank in turns, and also if there is some tailwind the turn back is very wide. Because I'm not very good in PID tuning i have increased Turn proportional limit from 20 to 50.
Now the plane is turning back faster but I'm wondering if that's the setting to be touched in my case.

By the way: plane is HK Bixler 1, maybe someone that already tuned PIDs for Bixler can show the values here.
The second plane wired in the same configuration, is a self made 3D acro plane, that have a much bigger Rudder so it by default is turning faster.


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