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Jul 26, 2012, 01:27 PM
Electric Coolhunter
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Thinking about future must build models....

About time to do a little blogging. Although I am forever getting distracted, seduced and waylaid by interesting ARF models, I do have a master plan of future scale builds that I WILL get done as time allows. A couple have been completed over the last few years, already.

One thing they have in common is that they have never been done in R/C, or have been done very rarely.

First on the list was the Republic FX-12 Rainbow. I did a micro version (1/72 scale)in foam and depron that was a fine little flyer. It is still alive, but needs a little touch up and TLC after more than 100 flights over the last 6-7 years. To my understanding, this was the first R/C model of this fine looking aircraft.

Next up was the Beriev Be-200. This very handsome turbofan powered seaplane had not been done before in R/C (again, to the best of my knowledge and research). I went with a smallish all balsa model with two 40mm GWS fans and Feigao 12mm inrunners. All up weight was around 20.5 oz. REALLY a nice flying model. Will not in present form quite do an ROW, but it looks like it will if I add some chines of splash rails tot he forward fuse. It will ROW with a push, or a short run on grass from the shore so that it is fast enough to be on step as it reaches the water. Does nice touch and goes in the water as long as you stay on the step.

So, two models down and the rest of the master list to go.

Not yet sure of the exact order, but here is the rest of my current master list of models.

Tupolev ANT-6/TB-3. The forerunner of the modern large bomber. While this has been modeled before (Chris Golds among others), I like the boilerplate and forged iron look of this thing a lot. Has a very "steampunk" appearance. I have this mostly built in depron at a 78" wingspan, for 4 small outrunners. All that is left to build are the engine nacelles and the landing gear.

Belyayev DB-LK: this fascinating Russian prototype medium bomber was very radical for it's time, with a mostly all wing design, forward swept wing, two fuse pods and large fin with high mounted stab. Picture attached. Tot he best of my knowledge, this has never been modeled.

Model wise, still debating between a 72" wingspan model powered by a couple of Power 15 class outrunners on two three cell packs, and a smaller 55" version powered by a couple of Power 480 class motors.

Electric main gear retracts, for either size model.

Construction wise, most likely a foam core balsa covered wing, with second choice a built up balsa fully sheeted wing in case this very highly tapered wing becomes too tough to hot wire cut.. Fuse pods could go one of two ways: built up balsa with vac formed cowls and transparencies, or complete vac formed fuse halves, painted where they do not need to be clear. If I go with fully vac formed pods, they will have a inner structure to carry structural loads. The tail assemblies will be easy to do in balsa sheet.

Planning on a depron flat version powered by a couple of Blue wonder class motors, at about 44" span, both to sort out the C and to ahve some indoor fun with.

Progress wise, I have some of the plans done that would be scaleable to either size I choose.

Martin P4M Mercator: This good looking heavy patrol bomber was mostly unsung in its Navy service. (and unmodelled as well) About 1/3 larger and heavier than a Lockheed P-2 Neptune, This looks like it would make a VERY nice flying model with the generous moments and areas, high aspect ratio wing and fairly simple lines. The Mercator was actually a four engine aircraft. Two 4360s in the front of the engine nacelles and two jet engines in the back of the engine nacelles. there is an older Hobby Helper plan for a control line P4M....might get a copy of that to use as reference, as well.

Model wise, it will be in the range of 72-80" wingspan, with two Power 15s. Might go all foam with glassed surfaces ala Sparky style and balsa tail group, or a balsa sheeted foam wing and built up balsa fuse, or some combination of all of the above.

The nacelles WILL have a couple of small EDFs (likely 64mm) and the main motor ESCs will have the prop brakes activated so that I will be able to do a flyby with props stopped and EDFs screaming...

Next up is a Luft 46 project, the Diamler Benz Projeck B. This was a large 6 engine (two pushing and four pulling) mothership designed to carry a number of parasite jet flighters or a single parasite jet bomber. Ought to be fascinating to make fly well. One looming issue will be lack of directional stabilit due to the HUGE landing gear fairings and spats and small fin area. I might have to redesign the gear a little and have a for and aft strut down to the wheel bogies with a lot more air showing through the spat fairing.

Size is planned to be in the 72" range. Construction still being debated, but will invole foam to some extent. Will also do the parasite jet bomber. Prefer that setup to the multiple parasite jet fighters.

Other models on the list to be discussed at length in the future will include the Me-264 long range four engine Luftwaffe bomber.

Will contine populating this master list when I get a chance and will add model and full scale photos shortly....there are more models to add, as well!
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Jul 26, 2012, 09:21 PM
Terry Dunn
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Looking forward to seeing these Tom. I already covet your Be-200 and Rainbow. I had the Be-103 on my short list for a while, but it's now way back in the herd of "maybe one day" projects. Think you'll have any of the new birds ready for BEST this year?

Per my usual, I'm hoping to have a rather unique new model at BEST as well. It's coming up fast!

Aug 07, 2012, 01:21 PM
Electric Coolhunter
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Thread OP
Terry, thanks much for the kind comments.

I updated the main blog entry with some pictures and some more information on the project list.

I also have some unsual offbeat kits that I have started and must finish some day...

The main two are the Savage General Dynamics RB-57F, (which I have worked on here and there for almost 9 years and is almost ready to cover!) and the GaryHeathcoat Wings on the Web Horten IX twin 70mm EDF kit.

I also have a couple of unsual existing models that I want to restore and convert to electric (There were glow in a previous life). One is a 1/4 scale Monnett Moni and one is a nice Porterfield Collegiate from RCM plan that my old boss Al Clare built back in the early 1990s.
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Aug 14, 2012, 07:36 PM
Registered User
Very nice stuff. The Mercator is one of my favorite airplanes and considering the long and dangerous duty they served on ELINT missions, it is a surprise the Navy didn't at least preserve one- all were scrapped in 1960.
Have you thought about a Kalinin K-7? Seven engines, twin booms, etc., etc.:
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Aug 14, 2012, 11:18 PM
Electric Coolhunter
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Originally Posted by JKinTX
Very nice stuff. The Mercator is one of my favorite airplanes and considering the long and dangerous duty they served on ELINT missions, it is a surprise the Navy didn't at least preserve one- all were scrapped in 1960.
Have you thought about a Kalinin K-7? Seven engines, twin booms, etc., etc.:
A real crime that no Mercator survived. I think the little Martin Museum in Baltimore may have a small part or two left and that is indeed it.

The Mercator is looking like number two on the bucket list behind the Belyayev.

Familiar with the K-7 and like it, but it does not ignite the internal creative fire that says I must build it....

Someone did a nice K-7 here on RCG, but it was damaged on the first flight. Do not recall if it was ever rebult and flown.
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Aug 19, 2012, 07:07 PM
Registered User
TB-3 was an excellent aircraft with many firsts to it's credit- great choice.
How about a Beardmore Inflexible?:
Aug 20, 2012, 12:21 AM
Electric Coolhunter
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Thread OP
The Beardmore does not ignite my creative fire. Interesting airplane, but not one I have the urge to do.

I will likely never get through my master list that I have now, once I post all of it, so am not really looking for suggestions for my list.... This blog is more about discussing the must build subjects I have in mind, that have firmly inserted themselves into my must build list.

Probably a good topic for the scale discussion forum, though. Have people post what they want to build and compare notes. there ahve been a few threads there that get those posts

There are 5-6 Luft 46 subjects that are on my personal master list as well, more about them later. I also must do a Savioa Marchetti S.66 flying boat. A VERY large gas one has been done down in FL, but no evidence yet of an electric one.That one is definitly in my top ten.

Another one in my top ten is a Consolidated PB4Y Privateer. Much nicer looking than a B-24 and very rarely done as a flying model. This one will be done as a 80-84", as Keith at has some b-24 parts that can be used, along with lots ofcustom parts I will have to do myself.
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Aug 20, 2012, 05:38 PM
Registered User
The Japanese Mitsubishi Ki-20 "Monster" bomber version of the Junkers G-38 transport aircraft is another unique one that I don't think anyone has modeled. Huge thick wing, four engines, tandem wheel landing gear bogies and a biplane tail unit!.
Sep 01, 2012, 05:32 PM
Electric Coolhunter
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Got a little work done this week on both the Belyayev DB-LK plans and on the Martin P5M Mercator plans.

Looks like the Mercator will have a 72" wingspan with Power 15 motors or similar clones and twin 64mm ducted fan units on three cells, with each side sharing on 3 cell 3000-3300 battery. The fans will only get run a little during a typical flight.. Brakes will be active on the ESCs so that I can stop the props and do a fan powered flyby... Will have some mixing so that I can run the props and fans together with a switch on, or props alone for normal flying, or fans alone as well. Looks like a 7 channel model: with the three normal flight controls, throttle, electronic retracts, flaps and EDF units. Lots of servos: 6 in the wing for ailerons and flaps, two elevator servos, one rudder servo, three E-tracts and possibly two more servos to actuate the retractable inlet for the fan units, assuming I go that route instead of leaving it open all the time.
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