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Jul 23, 2012, 04:21 PM
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This is my car, what model, what can i get for it, and how does it works

Hope i get it right this time....

I am a new owner of R/C stuff, found lots of it see pics

I barely dont know a sh*t about this stuff, mechanical repairs i can handle and im not stupid but with no information i have not so much of my logic thinking to rely on.

What i need to know:

What type of cars do i have?

What is the formula for weight (someting) speed = kg/cm

They say that reciever and transmitter need to be of same brand is that true? and why?

Wish one of the controllers should i keep if im not a hardcore fan of R/C? , i mean i may own one of them for quite a while but its not like im spending serious amount of money on it.

EDIT: So i looked at hobbyking servos, only problem i have is that i cant choose non heli servos, many of them im lookin at seems to be mainly for helis, what to do? some search filter or just keep looking?

edit: Can someone atleast help me with the formula Torque (oz-in) = 8.5E-6 * ( C2 V2 L sin(S1) tan(S1) / tan(S2)]

* Where:C = Control surface chord in cm
* L = Control surface length in cm
* V = Speed in MPH
* S1 = Max control surface deflection in degrees
* S2 = Max servo deflection in degrees

i dont know if i should use + - * / :S regards
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Jul 31, 2012, 11:38 AM
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The best way to figure out how fast they go would be to run them; I didn’t see any pics of the cars specifically but based on the tires they are on road. Easiest to use the same brand Rx and Tx but test the first and make sure the Frequency is the same. Good luck and go mess with them, that is after all why they exist.
Jul 31, 2012, 12:52 PM
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You found all this in a junkyard? That's a jackpot! looks to me like you've got all nitro vehicles. Not the best for learning RC, but it's manageable. You have some on-road cars and some off-road truggies. I'm not super knowledgeable in the Nitro Cars, so I can't I.D. exactly what car you have. If you got all of that for free, you are really lucky! If I were you and just learning RC, I would probably sell some of the cars to buy a new electric one because they are so much easier to use. And, you can spend more time driving because with nitro, you have to be tuning it all the time.
Aug 02, 2012, 09:22 AM
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Looks like enough to get your feet wet for sure. The road car with the blue pipe is an Associated nitro TC3 missing the radio tray. Good car fast fun and easy to drive. I think I spotted a nitro 4tec traxxas in there without the motor. Pretty good road car too. Not sure about the offroad cars one looks to be OFNA. Keep the Airtronics M11 radio it's the best of that bunch and a hands down keeper. You have a boat load of 1/8 tires on wheels possibly Serpent I'm not sure. The boxes marked 1/10 will work on the NTC3 and Traxxas. As far as competing with them....well it's questionable at best. If it were me I'd keep the M11 happily the NTC3 with the tires because you can always find a smooth clean parking lot to run on the starter box for the NTC3 and sell the rest for a good quality electric. Go to a local track or hobby shop and talk with them most people will help you out.

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