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Jan 05, 2013, 09:34 AM
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Bob, sure is nice work on a cool bird! I wouldn't mind building one of these. RS was a neat dude!
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Jan 06, 2013, 08:51 AM
Retired CAD guy
birdofplay's Avatar
Totally Agreed.

I actually got to meet and see Dick in Bryan OH as his shop at the Airport
during An SHA meeting many years ago. He had many great stories.

I recall being amazed at a tapered spar being layed up from varying layers.
Jan 06, 2013, 08:55 AM
Retired CAD guy
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I can do 3ds but do not see s3d sorry.

Jan 06, 2013, 01:01 PM
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Somehow my Rhino acct is screwed up and nothing I do will get me the next beta. I think I will try going in with a totally different email address and make sure I record my scree name and password carefully for the future.

For now I'm not quite dead in the water but progress is slow. It's too nice a day to sit home and play with computers so I'm going out. Tomorrow is dentist day and Thursday is my club meeting. This is one I can't miss for a variety of reasons.

I will put together a list of formats Strata can save in on the assumption that it can also open those files.

Thanks for maintaining an interest. If you can make a fuse with volume I'll print it as a demo. I'll scale it small like a little plastic solid model. Left & right fuse halves would work best.

Jan 06, 2013, 03:19 PM
Retired CAD guy
birdofplay's Avatar
That is something I have NOT "had" to do but it's a challenge.

How thick do you want the walls ?

I suppose I should wait until I get the Tail end done.

I've been waaay busy with FlyGuy stuff lately.

Jan 06, 2013, 05:29 PM
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The largest I've printed so far is eight inches. I don't have full use of the print surface right now because where I've got the printer sitting the umbilical hits the shelf above it.

I would not mind it being solid if the fuse is six to eight inches long. Printing the top of a half pipe is difficult for a filament printer. This is assuming the open side is down. It's almost certainly worse to try to print it open side up. The print software is supposed to automatically put in support where needed if you ask it to but I haven't had the occasion to try it yet.

Thanks for the offer. No rush at all. I'm busy too and for the next little while I don't have much time.

Jan 07, 2013, 09:20 AM
Retired CAD guy
birdofplay's Avatar
OK here are 3dm, 3ds, Iges and STL files all zipped up.

It is the WHOLE fuse with V tail and wing cutout.

The Canopy is a separate set of Surfaces should you wish to remove it
and print just the fuse.

I have NOT attempted to do a Thickness treatment to the "skin" .

IT's just surfaces.

The aft fuse tailplane intersection is functional but most likely to exact scale.
It could use a few more improvements

Hoosier Cutout Service
Jan 07, 2013, 11:42 AM
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PeteSchug's Avatar
Thanks Bob,

I'm in the dentist's chair at this moment, about to be scolded for the care I have been giving my teeth. I am on my iPad mini so I won't be able to look at the files for a few hours.

Looking forward to seeing what this looks like.

Jan 07, 2013, 01:40 PM
Retired CAD guy
birdofplay's Avatar
All critique accepted :-)

Jan 07, 2013, 07:04 PM
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PeteSchug's Avatar
Looks like s3d is the only thing that opens.

The right side has the window over the wing, the left does not. I grouped the right half and saved it (exported) as an obj file, which I know will open in the MakerBot software.

I invoked one of the slice routines and it created an s3g file which is what the printer uses. I stuck that on an SD card. The file was generated VERY fast which leads me to believe that it sees the fuse (or the right half of the fuse as having no thickness and it was building a file of tenth of a mm slices as thin as the extrude can handle.

It took a while getting it resized to the printer work area. It started as a world record sized great white shark. I got it down to a 150 mm pan sized snapper blue.

Nope. Couldn't print it. The plastic didn't stick to the work surface. I adjusted things but no go. Tried a different file, that I had printed before. Also no go. I think I have to force some plastic filament through the extruder by hand to get things working. Between the dentist, shopping, the subway and having just eastern my first meal since 7 or 8 AM I'm tired and will play with the extruder in the morning.

The files look very nice, the only anomaly being the window on only one side. Not much of a problem since I can mirror the right fuse side to make a left.

I haven't used the printer for a few days. Maybe it needs more of a warmup.

Jan 07, 2013, 08:37 PM
Retired CAD guy
birdofplay's Avatar
I thought I'd selected BOTH side surfaces when I CUT the airfoil/wing hole. Maybe not.

I might try to do solids form t those surfaces to see if that'll give you something printable

Surprised that STL was not a good choice as THAT is what most rapid prototype machines
use. 3ds is 3D Studio format.

I only did ONE SIDE and did a Mirror to get the full fuse.

However I did extrude the Airfoil and THEn attempt to CUT the hole in both sides
with that extruded foil shape. ... Odd ???

I've been making LOTS of Flyguys so time is precious.
Plus I havent BUILT anything YET this winter :-(


Still 3d modeling is a great hobby too.

We WILL figure this out ;-)

Jan 07, 2013, 08:42 PM
Retired CAD guy
birdofplay's Avatar
OK here is WHAT I have and there is a WING HOLE on both sides.

Note the lower left quadrant view with GREY showing THRU and Thru !

Go figure !?!?!?!

Are you sure you opened the NEW File not the OLD one ?
Jan 08, 2013, 02:44 AM
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PeteSchug's Avatar
I transferred the folder directly into my Strata folder and renamed it to be different.

I think there is an Import command that I could have used and will try in the morning. I can probably open STL files directly in the MakerBot print utility but I can't do more than position them or resize them there.

I must have been seriously tired not to have thought of trying the import menu item. This stuff is very new to me so getting a fuse half sitting on the printer bed in a manageable size feels like an accomplishment. Just like backing into a parking space the first time! Of course in a week or two I'll do it without thinking about it.

Anything with volume would be a safe bet to print well. The slice file should have taken a half an hour or more to generate but actually took a minute or less so either we're looking at something that can't print or will be egg shell thin.

I am also going to pre warm the work surface with a hair drier! Not something mentioned in the manual, but on the first couple of tries the extruder was dragging extruded PLA around and I had to stop the priner and clean it. Now I think a little pre warming of the work surface will get things off to a better start.

If you have things to do I've got plenty to keep me busy for a while. For instance I'm going to try extruding a block in Strata just to see if it has volume and I can print it. That will tell me something. I may see if Strata can provide support on things like shell thickness. There is the whole area of export and import to try as well as sizing within Strata. Right now I resize in the M'Bot software and getting an awesomely huge object someplace in the M'Bot space, resizing it and landing it wher it belongs is a bit awkward.

Thank again for persuing this and helping me along.

Now it's back to bed time. In the morning I've got this and some music files to work on. Tomorrow I'm going to a workshop on authoring iBooks. The nice thing about being retired is I can do all this stuff, the bad thing is everything I do interferes with something else I want to do. Thursday is our RC club meeting so maybe I'll bring my computer and some samples of printed stuff to show. (Informally)

Jan 08, 2013, 05:51 AM
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Quick note,

I can open the STL file directly in MakerBot.

Since it's the full fuse sitting on its bottom complete with V-tail I can't print it that way but it did come in around five or so inches rather than the size of a whale.

STL files of each side without the tail feathers would work nicely if they have volume.

I'll try various printer tricks after coffee. Maybe the filament reel wasn't free enough either.

Jan 08, 2013, 09:01 AM
Retired CAD guy
birdofplay's Avatar
I'm payng better attention now .

It appears that Makerbot SW is FREE and Downloadable since it's no good without
the 3D printer - Right ?

I might have to get it and play with it.

Do yo have the replicater2 printer ?
The one that uses all the colored filiments.

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