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Jul 21, 2012, 06:32 AM
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Nitroplanes Giant Scale Yak 100cc

103" Giant Scale Yak54 100CC Nitro Remote Control Airplane Kit (White)

This blog hopefully will help someone to decide to BUY or NOT to buy a 103" Giant Scale Yak54 100CC Nitro Remote Control Airplane Kit (White) from NitroPlanes.
The plane is sold as an arf, and has some major flaws in its design and accompanied hardware.
First, let me cover the main points:

1) The manual is incorrect/lacking in many areas. The details will be covered later in this thread.
2) The plane is extremely tail heavy. If using a DA-85, you will need to extend the motor mount to the extreme limits of the cowling. You will also need to add 2 lbs of weight to the nose. A DA-100, and you still will need to add approximately 1 to 1-1/2 lb to nose. When deciding where to install you batteries, whether LIFE, LIPO, or NIMH, consider the top or side of motor box 1st choice. I chose 2 heavy 3300nimh batteries on motor box over lipos, simply due to needed weight.
3) The manual references a 50cc motor on page 9 and shows the cg to be accurate when your 50cc motor is 194mm from firewall to the prop mount on motor. What is even more confusing for any builder is in the text (item 22) they list the distance at 170mm. Well, we all know this is NOT A 50CC plane, so this obviously is totally all incorrect.
Since builders will be using a different variety of motors and cowl positions..the CORRECT and safest CG is on the front of the wing tube.
4) The elevators have NO cut/room for the horn of the pull-pull rudder to operate. The design did not allow for any or little movement up or down of the elevator without hitting the horns. You WILL have to cut away a section of the inner part of each elevator to allow deflection.

5) The exit point for the pull-pull is incorrectly identified (page 5) below the horizontal stab. The correct location for pull-pull wires is above the stab in the middle of the blue coating. You can feel a slot in the wood there, and it fit in line with your rudder servo without binding/touching.

6) The included aluminum landing gear is completely inadequate for this size/weigh plane. DO NOT fly with this gear, it will splay out on first landing, crash your plane, break your prop and rip out our motor/or mufflers. You have been warned! I suggest purchasing an after market carbon fiber and a good size to work from is one which is 24-26" wide, 10.5-11" high and 7-8" base. You can plead with Nitroplanes for replacement, but they have none.
7) The tail wheel assembly is also weak and will bend easily on a few landing. Even the extra support brace included provides little help. Again, I suggest a light carbon fiber assembly. Remember, this plane is tail heavy and anything you can do to lighten tail will help.
The supplied hardware for ailerons is missing some horns. You are only supplied hardware for 1 servo per wing. This wing requires 2 servos per wing. I asked graciously and Nitroplanes did sent missing set.
9)Re-glue all joints..either gorilla or epoxy, especially around gear mount and motor box. Also reach far back into the fuselage and glue vertical stab as best you can inside.
You would be wise to invent or add any additional support to landing gear area that you can do.
10) The anti-rotation pins on wing roots (really not necessary since the wings slide into slots), are weak. I removed and replaced with a much stonger longer dowel and
drilled a hole near root and use a cotter pin to secure wing additionally above the 2 supplied plastic bolts.
11) The canopy attachment system is horrible. None of the holes line up to the blind nuts on canopy. I filled the void between the outside balsa of the plane and inner support mount on each tab with a solid piece of balsa and replace all screws with longer, 4-40 bolts. The forward 2 tabs are very flimsey on canopy and I suggest you add additional support.
12) There is a blank panel (covered over) near side rear of fuselage. You can cut this out and get to the inside to floor of fuselage where you can install 3 blinds nuts for your tail assembly. (not covered in manual).
13) and lastly I enjoy page 11, as the maunal states: "This model airplane is designed to be powered by a 2-cycle .61 engine. Installing a more powerful engine than specified or flying the trainer (huh!!) aggressively may lead to serious damages and accidents!"

This model is made by Fly Model, China.

My final weight with DA-85, 2-3300nimh batteries, one 12-ch receiver, 7 high torque titanium gear servos, Graphtec carbon gear, carbon tail wheel assembly, and alot of extra glue is 28.4 lbs.

How does it fly: Great!! Knife edge is clean with 1/2 rudder. Flat spins are good, but could improve with cg change. I prefer a nose heavy plane to start with. The plane will accomplish most all IMAC moves with ease. Landing are GREAT!! The bullnose huge wings provide huge lifts.
I love the plane..I just did not enjoy building!
But you can't beat the price for basic arf..presently at $349+shipping.


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Nov 19, 2012, 05:35 PM
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I just bought 2 kits, instructions are not much.

I am new, was wondering what size servos I need with this. This is my first big plane.
Nov 19, 2012, 06:59 PM
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I like Hitech, hs-7954sh (333oz on 6v) on ailerons, elevators.
This can also serve as a rudder servo if you are not an agressive 3d flyers. has them on sale now for $79.

If you are going hi-voltage 7.4v, then hs-7955tg.

If you going cheaper, then

This one takes futaba arms, it is titanium gears (formally a PowerHD server, rebranded to Turnigy. I use these in my big YAK (ailerons)

Savox also make good servos, but not at a good price.


NOTE: These are big ailerons, don't underpower them. you will need 2 servos per wing. I servo matcher (matchbox or smartfly equalizer II) needed to match servos. If you have a DX-18 Spektrum radio, servo matching can be done in radio.
Nov 20, 2012, 02:56 PM
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Yes I have a dx 18, another stupid question, were do the servos mount for the wing? Is there any pictures on here to look at? I am coming from flying helicopters and drones. Any help is very much welcome.
Nov 20, 2012, 03:49 PM
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wing servos

run your finger around these areas and you will feel indentation for your servo cutouts. I usually cut an x across, then fold back inside and use small heat iron to seal. see photo

On hinging the ailerons, I use hinge points supplied, coating center swivel in dripped candle wax. I also cut me two horizontal giant flat hinges on outer and inner of aileron, and use 30 min epoxy on all. Make sure you have full deflection up and down and no binding. Let glue dry. Seal the hinge line with either a good tape or monokote to help prevent flutter. I only use ball links on my giant scale planes. Titanium gear servos (250 to 350oz), alloy arms. I do not use the supplied aileron horn/bolt from NP, but instead drill a perpendicular hole almost through wing and use 1/4-20 steel bolt and drop epoxy in hole and on screw, then screw it in. I cut head of with drimmel, drill out horn slightly and screw in position. Use a foam or board template on your drill press to get the screws uniformly and 90 degrees up from aileron. see photo
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Nov 26, 2012, 08:48 AM
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Thanks for all your help, Troy Built supplied me with the electronics, very helpful, since I know nothing about this. The steel tube that supports the wing wont go in but a inch a two, what is the best way to open the hole up in the wing? I take it the tube needs to slide in easy for assembly.
Nov 26, 2012, 09:47 AM
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the aluminum tube could be sanded some..but not too much as it will weaken it.
Make sure the tunnel inside the wing does not have any cracks or glue in it..check with flashlight. You can try baby power on it. Are both ends tight? are both wings tight?
Nov 30, 2012, 11:00 AM
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yes both wings are tight, ill just sand the inside hole out i guess. I have all my electrics, anything else I need to know before I start putting this together?

I read all your suggestions previous to this.

Thanks for all your help. I also bought the smoke mufflers, any thing I need to know about using these? Any suggestions on where to buy the smoke things I need?
Nov 30, 2012, 12:15 PM
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be carefull sanding inside is merely cardboard. as are as smoke, I don't do, as it adds weight, creates a mess and is expensive. good luck on your build.
Nov 30, 2012, 05:51 PM
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wing tubes

On the wing tube, should the wings slide on easy, and another dumb question, on the canopy, the plastic is held on by a bunch of little wood screws, this has to be removed to fasten down the base of the canopy?

Is there any place I can look as assembly pictures to see how everything is done? I am really confused about he elevator and tail movement.
Dec 01, 2012, 12:38 PM
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I noticed the dowel pin hole for the elevator, but what about any other reference point for it?
Dec 02, 2012, 08:36 AM
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thanks for your help. Just need to look into it deeper, Thanks for your help.

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