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Jul 19, 2012, 11:55 PM
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EdoModel Cessna 182 928mm wingspan (Hobbyking EPO 182 With LED Lighting)

I searched for ages to try and find info on this plane but couldn't and I only read the mixed reviews on HK after I bought it. So anyway, just thought I'd put my own experience out there about this model for anyone else that's considering it, or has issues. I've had a couple of 1500mm wingspan versions which I've really liked but have proved to be too big where I fly. So I decided to downsize a little.

I put this kit together last night which took just over an hour for me. I put it together as per instructions although I left the foam nose cone and foam dual antennas off because I'd probably end up breaking them anyway. I maidened this morning using a spektrum DX6i, AR6115 and a 1300mah 3s 20c.

I'm impressed. The plane flew great and was very stable in a breeze. It flies too fast for scale at WOT but it's still easily controllable and have to admit it was fun making fast passes. I would be hesitant on making any sudden full elevator movents at full speed that may stress the wing but otherwise it can easily do big loops, go inverted and so forth and the roll rate isn't aggressive enough to do any damage at full speed. It all depends where you set your linkages too I suppose. They all need to be checked ofcourse. All mine are in the last hole. (Except rudder, 2nd last hole). I should add, at half - 3/4 throttle, cruising is no issue and the plane flys smooth and scale.

At WOT, the plane took off easily and tracked straight on the ground. There is a slight bit of rotating freeplay in the front sprung strut but didn't seem to cause any issue. My landing wasn't so great. I missed the approach, bounced and flipped on longer grass. No damage at all, to prop, motor or anything else. The 1500mm wingspan versions from EdoModels I have, have had a few landings like this that caused cowl, engine mount and front wheel mount damage.

I activated flaps whilst up high and they seem to work really well when you get the throttle set in a generous band. That window of throttle adjustment seems to allow much more play than the 1500mm version. With that one I'd be doing sinusoidal movements or stall. This 928mm version is much more forgiving. I tried a stall by powering off at level flight and full elevator up and to my surprise it didn't wingover, just glided with a slight nose down attitude. There's more dihedral in this one compared to the larger one which usually drops the right wing under the same circumstance.

Every model has its flaws but I can't fault the flyability of this one. On assembly though, there are a few gripes -
Number 1 would be the incorrectly sexed XT60 connector, for when using Zippy and Turnigy lipos. Luckily, my 1500mm versions have a short male/male conversion lead which came in handy. Otherwise I'd be waiting another week for connectors to arrive.

Other than that, just some minor issues I encountered - Connecting wing lights to their control board was a bit fiddly. The hole for screwing on the tail needed cleaning out/redrilling through foam and glue so the screw would go through. Wing struts a bit hard to push through on the body side. Lastly, the battery compartment is a bit tight, moreso with the converter lead I had to use. I may end up removing some foam so the esc and Lipo aren't pressing against each other.

Overall I rate this plane highly. The mouldings are nice, decals smoothly applied, heaps of power. No poorly assembled or glued parts. Just a bit disappointed due to batt connector issue and the minor gripes I listed. I'll probably try some APC props and a decent spinner later but the motor shaft is threaded and I don't have any props or adapters suitable for it at the moment. I'm 50/50 about saying this is a beginner's plane. It can go too fast IMO and whilst I'm no expert flyer, it may be suitable if some one with experience is alongside the beginner...yelling at them

Maiden Video
EdoModel Cessna 182 928mm wingspan (2 min 5 sec)
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Jul 28, 2012, 12:47 PM
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So, I've encountered a few issues. Namely my flying skills have finally led to the inevitable crash. Whilst trying to get used to landing with flaps I overcooked an approach and went for a go around and turned too tight, too soon during the climb out and stalled. Pretty much nose first into the ground. Damage included cracks right through A and C pillars, crack in the trailing edge of the left wing close to the left C pillar, windsheild and rear screen popped off, nose wheel turned 90deg and of course the prop broke.

After repairs, during the first flight a vibration developed due to the motor working loose from it's base. The vibrations caused both wingstruts to pop out on the fuse side though they stayed resting on the fuse. During the following flight they popped out again but this time, to add more drama, the battery cover popped off and the battery fell out. Luckily the XT connectors held on for a powered landing.

During further repairs/mods I did a few extras to eliminate the chance of these simple things from occuring again plus added some reinforcement to the wing/fuse attachment points. I flew a further 3 times today, no trim issues and fairly pleased with my landings. Though I still need a lot of practice.

All the work I did is detailed below.
Sep 06, 2012, 12:35 AM
Always puts it on the numbers.
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I have the 185 with floats but use gear. I use mine as a photo plane. I found the motors are to weak for this plane. I put a Bigfoot15 in and it fly's great. This a glide in on flaps from 3000 feet. I love mine. Fly's great. But it will glide for ever, so you got to fly it into the ground.

THE VIDEO https://www.facebook.com/v/3176091379540
Sep 13, 2012, 08:43 PM
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I haven't been on RCG for a little while so a bit late in replying, but that was a cool video spookeay. And good looking plane.

I didn't realise a 185 was available but the shared fuselage of the 182 has the relevant recesses for a tail dragger just like the larger edomodel cessnas. I probably would've bought the 185 had it been on HK just to have a taildragger out of the box.

The only real issue I have now is the nose gear on the 182. It's just poor quality so I usually hand launch and try a normal landing and rollout which has been working ok. Getting use to flaps too. I may work on the whole LG as the whole model sits too high but not in too much of a hurry. I haven't had too much issue with power to be honest but I'm not a fan of the threaded shaft on the stock motor. There's a slight kink in it too from a nose over. Not really noticeable and I shortened it to minimise vibration but it's enough that would make a video like yours unstable.
Jan 17, 2013, 10:44 AM
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I was looking for reviews of this plane too. Have one comng from HK soon.
The comments on HK were all over the board--great to horrible. It's all in the eye of the beholder I guess.
I saw the prop adapter you added, did you ever get a larger spinner to fit this plane? Once you removed some foam from the battery compartment was there room for a larger Lipo? I'm hoping that I can use some 2200 mah's as I have a bunch. It looks like there ought to lots of room in this plane for electronics/bat, but looks are often deceiving.
I just finished a balsa/plywood DHC-2 Beaver from HK, and it was a nightmarish build. Ready for something just a bit easier.
Jan 17, 2013, 08:21 PM
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Yeah it's always hard to gauge HK comments. I try to glance over the extremes and read the more balanced comments but it's hard to know what a plane's like till you get it. I read over my comments above again and wouldn't change anything I've said except to add a few more observations.

I haven't flown it for a few months due to the original motor which keeps working loose from its base. The APC prop seems balanced but the motor to base just wont stay snug. The replacement motor I got last week which is a 28-12 1534kv motor, (original 28-12 1400kv), has a similar base-motor mount but feels really solid. Plus it has a solid shaft rather than threaded. I'm not a fan of the original threaded shaft. No idea when I'll get this motor in and flying again, just too hot and windy where I am to try it out but I'll report here when I do.

Another mod I'd like to try is to reduce the height of the landing gear. The plane sits too high IMO and as a personal thing I'd like it to have more of a scale stance on the ground. No idea if it'll help with landing and any ground effect but it'll look nicer and I'll probably remove the sprung front strut altogether for a fabricated solid one. It'll cancel the steering freeplay and I kinda think the sprung strut's a bit useless, ie spring too strong to cushion.

Re spinner, haven't got one yet for the original motor or this replacement. I'll probably only start looking into that once the new motor has been successfully flown.

Re battery compartment and foam removal - I think you can remove a fair bit of foam to fit larger lipos, no probs. There's a lot of foam and it's quite thick throughout the plane. To me the plane seems a bit heavy and why I can't fly it slow as I'd like. You'll get airborne with the larger lipo but I'd expect you'll be coming in for hotter landings. Regardless, from the battery hatch you can remove a fair amount of foam without reducing structural integrity. The cockpit floor isn't even glued in. Just be wary to make sure your batteries can be mounted securely with velcro, in a homemade box or something similar. The battery hatch's magnets wont hold against a lipo's weight if the lipo works loose in flight. External latches might be an easy add on just in case. Something I should do.

Good luck with the maiden. Be wary of all screws and linkages, rods, glued servos etc. I know it's a given for any new model but you need to check anything that was factory screwed or glued.
Jan 17, 2013, 08:43 PM
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Wow! Thanks a lot for all the info and insight into the plane. Just got an Email that it has been shipped from the USA warehouse, so it ought to be here next week. It'll give me a project for the cold snowy days here in Pittsburgh, Pa. I just got a Turnigy 9XR TX and it will be the first plane I program on it. Also I'm going to try one of the HK 3 axis stabilizers. I've been anxious to see how it works.
I've been watching some You Tube videos, but it's hard for me to tell which model is the one I'm getting as there are quite a few 182's and other than size they all look alike. I'll keep you posted on my progress and perhaps have some other questions during my
build/mod process.
Thanks again,
Nov 19, 2013, 08:36 AM
Poland - Warsaw
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Hi. What motor do you think will be the most suitable for this plane? I am not sure if the one suggested by HK will not be to weak? On the secod hand, I would not like to make the model overweighted.

And what about the weight-center of model? Is the place for lipo in the center or not? If yes, it would be easier to use differently weghted lipo without trimming...
Jan 13, 2014, 11:09 PM
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miruuu, sorry for the late reply. I finally replaced the motor with the one stated above and it was perfect with a 7x4 APC prop. The HK link is below plus I'll upload a couple of pics of it. Ample power for the plane and a good solid replacement so far as there are no issues with any freeplay in the base. The grub screws held nice and tight and the pre drilled holes fit the original holes perfectly, just remember to keep the 4 screws from the old motor's base. I think the original motor had enough power, it's major issue for me was the inability for the grub screws to hold it tight to the base. Here's the HK link to the new motor...

As far as COG and LiPo placement, I epoxied some Velcro in so it can wrap around the batteries and never had issues with balancing I don't think. I can't really remember what COG is supposed to be but I know battery placement varied a little, forward and back, without issue. My lipos couldn't really move that far.

I agree John, there's a heap of 182's all similarly painted up and it's hard to tell which is which.

I've got some bad news though, after replacing the motor and charging the batteries I only got one and a half flights in before I turned and stalled from about 10m up. Tight turn, wings over 45deg, nose yawing up, left rudder to correct and it stalled, left wing down, right wing over and a continual unrecoverable spiral. I think every crash I've had with this plane has been due to a stall which is primarily my fault but I dunno. I was a bit disheartened, I want to blame the plane. It's a characteristic of the plane that you have to keep the speed up probably more than I'm used to, but I'm no expert flier.

I've always thought this plane to be heavy and it's part of the reason it needs good airflow over the wings. A comparison below is a PZ Archer I recently bought. I've stalled it a couple of times too however it flies more like how I want the 182 to fly. They have the same wingspan but the big difference is the weight and dihedral of the Archer. Without lipos I measured the 182 at 560g/19.75oz. The Archer is 420g/14.8oz. The 182 has a 3S power setup, the Archer 2S and there's a further weight difference if the 2200 3S and 1300 2S are added respectively. The Archer also has a much stronger front strut, a major bugbear for the 182. Forget the springy oleo front leg, there's too much free play. The Archer's is solid and has endured a number of bouncy and heavy landings without needing adjustment. The 182's front wheel is it's only real downfall in my opinion.

I wasn't meaning to finish off with a Parkzone Archer v Edomodel Cessna review but it did only take 15mins to get the Archer ready compared to an hour including gluing on the Cessna. Archer flies fine from the box yet the Cessna has less than adequate front landing gear and is a tad heavy. So Archer aside which is well worth the money, it's got me wondering if the Cessna sheds a good deal of weight, how well could it fly, and land. My Cessna will now be retired, it's too bent up, but I want to get another to see what can be done.
Jan 20, 2014, 12:31 PM
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Take 2:

Well I bought another one which arrived today. There's a couple of improvements but some issues remain that I've prepared for. I wanted to lighten the model and go 2 cell but decided to give it another go as is. Besides I can't see how I can easily lighten it to match the Parkzone Archer. AUW for the Cessna is 612g/21.6oz compared to 478g/16.7oz for the Archer.

My main issue with the model would have to be the front strut which although it has changed a little with some brass bushes in the mount it still suffers from slippage and freeplay. Every part of the shafts where a grub screw locks down needs to be ground flat to limit freeplay or to stop parts twisting which throws off steering alignment. I started going about this but after some trial runs with a wingless fuse with just the prop on proved that this sprung strut was going to cause issues after a few landings. I didn't persevere, instead I went with my back up plan and used a front strut from a Parkzone Archer. I bought a spare set of landing gear for the Archer expecting I was going to bend them but as I stated earlier, I reckon the Archer's an excellent model which has proved to have robust landing gear so it wont need the spares.

As pictured below I removed the steering mount and arm along with the oleo strut and slid the Archer's wire strut in it's place. A bonus was that it's got a pre-ground flat for a grub screw to lock in to. The wire strut is a tad thinner than the stock strut so there is some fore and aft play, particularly as I removed the two brass bushes at the top and bottom of the steering mount, but there is no slack whatsoever with steering. Even after a couple of heavy landings and nose firsts, the steering is still solid.

Another bonus by using the Archer's front strut is that it lowers the cowl closer to a scaled height from the ground. I'd thought about lowering the previous model but with this new 182 with an Archer nosewheel it was a no brainer. For bending the new rear landing gear I used multigrips to carefully shape the aluminium until the plane's stance looked right. The result is a 182 that sits lower with an angle of attack that I think looks scale like, plus the ground handling is improved with a wider stance.

So, changes to this version over my previous:
- No paper manual, instead there's a CD with a 19 page PDF which I only skip read.
- Wing struts aren't threaded on the end where they stick through the lug on the fuselage. They instead provide collets which is a big improvement.
- The XT60 lipo connection is the correct sexed connection; ie male. Previous model needed a converter connection.
- The battery bay has some ply either side with some stretch Velcro to retain battery. The ESC is tucked away behind one bit of ply and fitting a lipo now is much tidier. This is a big improvement.
- The small parts bag contained two props of different sizes with hub inserts, hex wrenches plus bolts. The props; an 8x6 and 6x4. I put the 8x6 on and it's more than adequate. Too much I reckon. I previously used an 8x4 APC sport prop and will go back to that soon.
- The motor, an EdoModel 2812 is absolutely fine. Unlike my first model, this one's mount is solid and needed no adjustment. I do hate the threaded shaft though. I will be doing a conversion to the thicker smooth shaft Hobbyking 2812 soon and be using a Parkzone Archer chrome spinner with APC prop. They would have been on already except that parcel didn't arrive today.

I've got a 2min video below, shot by my daughter on her phone. Of the 6 landings there's only two shown which are shockers. I didn't nail any landings to be honest and although I will blame a steady cross wind at times I have to admit I was really nervous landing this one after beating up the old one. I've got flaps set at about 15deg and the first take off is with flaps and not quite WOT. You'll see it shoot straight up. The last take off is no flaps and 3/4 throttle, pretty . It flew well and with the landing gear mod, I'll say that part is now near perfect. A weird, oh crap moment happens after 1:28. A fly past then WOT saw the plane climb then snap roll. It's out of focus and not real clear but it behaved again when I throttled back. Not sure what happened but it reinforced my belief that the plane's over propped but also made me think some part of the fuse or wing was stressed and changed shape. Everything seemed fine afterwards and on the ground though.

That's it for now. We'll try for some onboard footage and better flight footage later after the motor and prop change but at the moment, I'm liking this plane again.

EdoModel 928mm wingspan Cessna 182 (2 min 1 sec)
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Jan 23, 2014, 09:08 PM
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I finally got my props and adapters to finish mods to the plane. The Parkzone Archer spinner really makes a hell of a difference in appearance. By adding the new motor plus prop adapter a bunch of APC props or others can be tried out. To date I've tried an 8x4E and 7x5SF, both very capable. The motor is practically the same as the original except for a larger diameter shaft with smooth finish rather than small and threaded, plus kv is 1534 versus 1450.

With the spinner and prop on I took it out again yesterday and it flew great. Despite no wind the landing gear got a real workout due to my piloting skills, but no damage whatsoever. In the vid you'll see a few mishaps, a couple looked bad, but the only real bad one is at the end when it stalls during a turn. Amazingly the only damage was a broken prop.

I put three battery packs through the plane and any time I flew into the ground or near stalled was due to slow flying and pilot error. Of late I've been used to the performance of the Archer which does slow flight well. But once again, the Cessna being on the heavy side needs good airflow to maintain lift and it's easy to forget to keep the speed up because it looks so good cruising around. One of my better landings at 5:27 shows a stall less than a foot off the ground just as I was landing. It demonstrates the kind of speed a stall can happen at in level flight. Flaps landing is at 1:33 landing on longer grass was ok.

edomodel cessna 182 928mm wingspan modded (7 min 28 sec)
Feb 07, 2014, 09:28 PM
Eye in the Sky
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Believe the e-do-model EPO Cessna 182 is for me. Like it's looks and the material and components . After researching and looking around for a small Cessna. I believe this one will suit my needs the best.

I wish I could find the Cessna 185, I like it better, but, it's brother the 182 will have to do for now.

Thanks Bellyup....for all the information.
Feb 09, 2014, 07:03 PM
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I wanted to put up at least one more decent video demonstrating landings and take offs from sports field grass. So yesterday we headed out and used the first flight to catch ground video, a second to catch some chase video from a HZ SC and the third flight was for fun so the cameras weren't rolling. Unfortunately, stall n spin recovery went askew from about 40' and damage looks terminal. But I learnt a very valuable lesson. All my stall/spin crashes in any plane I've totalled so far has seen sticks set at full throttle and up elevator by the time I hit the ground. Moments before the crash I induced my first spin, accelerated it then recovered with throttle off and opp rudder alone. When I crashed, as with every other spin crash I've had, I forget to power off, panic and go nuts with full throttle and up elevator. It looks as though flaps were on too which they shouldn't have been. When I think what I have to do I get it right, but when I panic I instinctively do the opposite and drive planes into the ground. It's only just dawned on me. I think I'll have a break from the Cessna but might buy another later.

Anyway, the plane flew great and you can see from the video that of the 8 landings there's only two mishaps and they happen if I hit the grass with nose pointed down or if both rears don't touch down at the same time. IMO, spreading the wheels apart helps a great deal if only for judging the wing is level to the ground. It just seems that bit easier when the wing is closer to the ground.

There's a couple of times the nose wheel got stuck in the grass whilst taxiing but once the plane is rolling with decent throttle, it skips along and picks up speed to where it floats over the grass. Lots of grass cutting going on with the prop though. A bit longer than what the grass is now and it would be hard for the prop to maintain speed.

EdoModel 928mm Cessna 182, take offs and landings. (5 min 20 sec)
Feb 09, 2014, 07:50 PM
Eye in the Sky
HGhost's Avatar
That was some nice fly time, up until the mishap.

Seems the grass is just not that Cessna's friend at all.

Especially if you get off the short into a little taller grass.

Other than that, it appears the Cessna flies really well and in a small space, handles the turns nice. Seems that has to be a way to ease it's speed at landings. Seemed many of those Landings were pretty hot. The Cessna should have some more glide time and at slower speed than what that showed. One time on the video ( First landing ) it seemed to glide a long way and slowed pretty good...looked like you were running out of space.
Maybe start glide path a little further out and adjust flaps to slow her down while descent is slowed, and have Flap-elevator adjusted for any ballooning that may occur....and landings not so fast.

It took off really well ....does not use allot of space

Sorry you crashed it, especially just after getting it set up. Frustrating to say the least.
Feb 09, 2014, 10:40 PM
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It could definitely slow down some more. My settings are pretty conservative, just checked them and on my dx6i for landing I've got flaps down 19% with elevator down 10%. That seems to keep the plane level, however, with the clevis connected on the last hole there's only about 8mm 5/16" deflection on the trailing edge. On my first plane I just couldn't control full flaps with confidence which was mostly due to my skill level. So with this one I was more cautious and I still tend to dive or descend steeply to about 6ft off the ground and a lot of ground gets covered with that momentum before speed washes off and I try to glide in. I need to do lower slower circuits before setting up to land but I can't go past those light towers unfortunately. I saw an FMS P51 ruined after hitting one up top a couple of years ago and I've been scared of them ever since.

I need to continue where I left off to improve my skills as I feel like I was just getting confident with it. In the next couple of months I'll just have to get another one

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