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Jul 18, 2012, 06:33 PM
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One sided moderation is a Joke

Jim I went in this thread to clean up what I thought was the worst content. The other person has stuff in there that is as bad as mine. Who ever is moderating sent me more points and now I cannot edit the posts. This is stuff that was left from a month ago and was not asked to be taken ou. Someone is clearly being one sided here. I have been subbed to this thread and following from day one. and here comes this guy BD5wingnut I do not know who says im going to have a diasaster and putting words in my mouth. I simply reply back to him and he starts calling us girls and my panties are in a pinch. Well I should have reported him,but I didn't. I know it wasn't right what I did and he was clearly trolling. Well someone moderated the thread but was clearly one sided. I reported him and nothing is being done. I edited my posts and again for some reason it wasn't good enough. And once again they willnot let me reedit them, but why should I. When he started it but your team is being one sided like they always are. Or maybe he is friends with the moderators. He is the one who started this but I am punished once again. I been here since 2004 and never had this much trouble and have contributed and helped quite a few people in the hobby where I have seen others just overlook there posts. This guy has done hardly anything and is flying under the radar. How would you like it if I didn't know you and come in a thread and the rolls were reversed and I was calling you a girl and your panties were in a pinch and you never had words with the person before. If you will notice I hardly have posted in the last couple years and have sat on the side lines because of the new breed of people in here that are constantly taking cheap shots at people and the they fall under the radar after you take a cheap shot back at them because the mods are so one sided. You know its a shame I cannot go through a thread and contribute without some clown taking cheap pokes and prods maybe I will just sit back and read for another 2 years because this is a crappy way of moderating I see it in way to many threads where nothing is don't to the instigator. Even if reported. This used to be a really good place back in 2004 but I have seen this place go to crap and a lot of good people seem to be banned and suspended for what defending them selfs. I have just seen this in the past year across many threads Banned yep theres another good guy suspended. Clearly this guy who replyed to me about girls and panties being in a pinch has spilled over from the first thread and come in here to the second link I posted to take a cheap shot at me. And then say ha I was just kidding what a joke if you were just kidding he would have put a smiley or let us no by saying so. You know I just should have never tryed to edit out the bad stuff from the first thread because the guy came to me in a pm and I think he relized he was wrong and wanted to bury the hatchet and so we did. But clearly the moderator had it out for me and now I think I gained a couple extra points from trying to take out some bad content.Well go figure my fault for trying.
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