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Jul 08, 2012, 12:01 PM
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Missing documentation for programming a Keda 18A ESC


I bought four Keda 18A ESCs (KDA) to use on a quadcopter. They look like this:

There is documentation for this ESC at http://www.kd-motor.com/downloads.htm but it is incomplete.

I need to know how to set the battery type to NiMH so the quadcopter doesn't fall from the sky when the LiPo is almost empty.

When I connect the ESC with full throttle on the tx and wait 5 seconds, I get 4 or 5 beeps as described in the manual.
When I wait another 5 seconds, it gives 1 beep 5 times.
Then it gives 2 beeps 5 times ... etc until it gives 5 beeps 5 times. Then it starts over with 1 beep five times. What does this mean?

There is a programming card for sale for these ESCs (which I don't have) that looks like this:

Note that it reads "Advance plus prog card", so perhaps they are compatible with Pulso ESCs.
It lets you program:
  • battery type (NiMH or LiPo)
  • brake (on or off)
  • cutoff voltage (low or high)
  • timing (low or high)
  • cutoff type (hard or slow)
  • throttle curve (linear or logarithmic)

Does anyone know how to program these attributes of the ESCs using the throttle stick?

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Jul 11, 2012, 10:24 AM
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I found this document
about Pulso ESCs that mentions 5x three and four beeps. It doesn't discuss the 5x five beeps, however.

Guess it's not the right one.
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Jul 11, 2012, 02:56 PM
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Saker it is

I contacted KEDA and they advised me to use a programming card.
When I insisted about the 3, 4 and 5 beep sequences, they pointed me to the manual for their Saker brand ESCs at http://kedamodel.com/product/doc/ESC...%20advance.pdf

The sequence in that manual matches my KEDA 18A ESC!

Here is the relevant section from the Saker ESC documentation:

Option parameter assistant by transmitter
The transmitter can set only one parameter of ESC at a time. If you want to set several parameters, please repeat the
following procedures:
  • Plug the JR connector into throttle control channel of receiver.
  • Switch “on” the transmitter and move the stick of throttle to the highest position.
  • Connect the main power pack to ESC (pay attention to the polarity).
  • Wait for 5 seconds, you will hear 4 beeps, that means it entered the programming mode.
  • And then you will hear 5 “single beep”, then 5 “double beep”, then 5 “triple beep”, then 5 “quartet beeps” and then 5 “quintuple beeps”. And these sounds will circulate continuously.
  • Each group of 5 sounds stands for a different parameter of ESC respectively.
  • You can put the stick of throttle to the lowest position during one group of 5 sounds, then the corresponding mode is saved.
  • Hear 1 “♪”(Brake-Medium) or "♪♪" (Brake-Off) , then you can exit the setting mode after saving the mode.
  • When the mode is saved, you can disconnect the ESC to the battery pack.
Brake: Hear the first “♪♪♪♪” in the above circulation, put the throttle stick to the lowest position, the braking mode is
changed from Brake-off into Brake-Medium. If you want to change back, please repeat the above procedures, and
vice versa.
Battery type: When you hear 5 groups “♪” or “♪♪” or “♪♪♪”, move the stick of throttle to the lowest position.
1 “beep”: Li-XX battery
2 “beep”: NiCd, NiMH battery
3 “beep”: LiFe battery
Timing: Hear 5 groups “♪♪♪♪”or “♪♪♪♪♪” , move the stick of throttle to the lowest position.
4 “beep”: Automatically change the timing of motor(recommended for all types of motors)
5 “beep”: Timing-High(recommended for 10 (or more) poles motors and outrunner motors)
Note: When the timing mode of motor is saved, please adjust the motor on the ground before the flight.
So, set the cutoff to NiMH I wait for 2 beeps five times, then move the throtle to minimum.
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