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Jul 04, 2012, 07:24 PM
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Sharon 4.2 Electric maiden flights

Finished the Sharon some time ago and with summer camp, work and other activities was not able to maiden the Sharon until now.
Build was very quick and easy. Think I spent more time making the wiring harness, servo mounts and waiting for the glue to dry.

I did not go for a light build, used servo frames, heavy duty RX switch, heavy duty twisted wire with DB15 for fuse-wing and Multiplex 6 pin for the outboard wing connections.
MKS 6125's in the wing and MKS6125H's in the fuse.
Neu 1506/1.5Y/6.7 Cam 18x10 folder prop with 40mm spinner. Have a few other prop sizes to try out when new pack gets here.
Castle Creation HV85 speed controller.
RX 1500mah and heavy 3c-6600mah old gen 1 TP for motor. Have a TP 3800mah 4 cell 65c arriving tomorrow, is is lighter.
~480 watts for power currently and not bad on climb out either.
The new pack should increase the power a bit, will measure when it gets here. It will also reduce the AUW weight some.

AUW RTF is 124z and I have a new battery in the mail that will bring this down.
Weight on SUSA is 115 so I feel I am not to bad due to using larger than normally needed stuff and a larger motor pack.
I think with a lighter build than I did, the 115oz is very realistic, maybe even lighter.
Using a BEC verses a separate RX pack will drop another 3-4 oz's off.

First hand toss and E-flight un-eventfull, a few clicks of up trim needed (nosy heavy @ 97mm using dive test)
It comes in faster than my 4M X or Vulture, slows down pretty quick with ~75% flaps. Going to set for 90 and maybe some butterfly-crow.
Have no mixing for flap to elevator so it pitches slightly when flaps are applied.
Wind was ~5-8 with gusts higher during the maiden flights. Cross wind take off or landing no issues on later flight.
It covers a lot of ground quick but can be slowed down some for reading the thermals better, at least for me, just a casual flyer.
Can bank it hard and tight without any tip stall tendancies so far, cruises nice, point it and let go.
Going to put the ET telemetry in and get some data on speed, motor current and climbout rates.
Need to adjust the CG, very nose heavy right now, @ 97mm going to 100mm on next flight this weekend.
I have no A diff, A-R or F-E mixing at this point, working that now.
Will have reflex and camber settings added shortly.

Build thread here
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Jul 07, 2012, 08:23 PM
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Received my second motor pack today, it is 7.4 oz's lighter.
TP 1750 4cell 45c verses TP 3850 4cell 65C.
Using the smaller pack, the AUW is ~112oz's.
Tomorrow I will get more flights on it.. Moved CG to 100mm.
TP 1750 4cell 45c ~900 watts with lower pitched prop.
TP 3850 4cell 65C ~1085 watts.
Jul 08, 2012, 11:09 PM
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Here is the first flight with the new pack.
118oz AUW.

Here is the video (Just a little boring) and the Eagle Tree info to go with it.

A bit boring and quality sucks due to size reduction
Jul 08, 2012, 11:43 PM
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i am a new comer in this field, i should study more knowledge about it
Jul 09, 2012, 08:57 AM
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Hi Onlinevicky,

See you recently joined, welcome to RCGroups.
There's a ton of experienced people here on the forums.
If you have questions or other start a thread or post in a existing thread if it pertains to the thread content.
Someone should answer you.
You can also search the threads if you have specific info also.

Back to the Sharon,
In looking at the ET data, have ~1200watts with the new 3850 4cell 65c pack.
Have to swap the positions of the RX and motor pack to move CG back further.
Even with a AUW weight of 118oz, in very light lift it still climbs up.
It's impressive in the air.
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