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Jul 20, 2012, 02:08 PM
Registered User
How long does it flies on stock battery?
What would be the optional battery for this plane?
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Jul 20, 2012, 02:35 PM
Registered User
The Gamma flies up to 10-12 minutes on a single charge using the stock battery. That's what I was getting anyway. I have sinced used the $18.99 battery that comes with my HZ Firebird Stratos. It is a 1300 mah and I get amost 15 minutes with that one. You will have to buy an E-Flight DC2 to Molex connector to use it in the Gamma 370 though.
Jul 23, 2012, 07:59 AM
Chef Pilot: Planes vs Butter
ChinoDiablo's Avatar
So after about more than a dozen flights, no crashes. A couple of nose-in's into the grass on landing. I replaced the stock motor with the brushless motor. The process is pretty straight forward and easy. I also changed the stock tail wheel, which is made of crappy plastic, to a nice foam wheel from an "abandoned" PZ micro P-51. So now it handles quite well on pavement. Flight times are about 9-10 minutes. The brushless motor is very powerful and very quiet. Small downside is that the prop shaft is not long enough to hold the spinner so I just have a bolt on the end. It looks like it a wheel that's missing it's hubcap. And I I hate a missing hubcap on a car! Any suggestions as to how to keep the spinner on w/o gluing it?
Last night I attached the aileron wing, servos etc to the plane even though I don't feel quite ready to fly it. I visually trimmed the ailerons, tested it out and then disconnected the wires to the Rx. The new wing is shorter and with less dihedral. I want to fly it first with disabled ailerons to familiarize myself with the flight differences with the new wing BEFORE adding the new dimension of full aileron control (or lack thereof!)... If I don't feel comfortable with the new wing, I can always go back to the old one.

Overall, I love this plane.
It's a great plane to learn by. Very stable and predictable flights.
Shortcomings noted thus far:
-RTF version which I purchased, the proprietary 6 channel Tx should have been designed with dual rates. I wish I had them when it's time to activate the ailerons. Also, the antenna was about to fall off since it didn't have any sort of metal hinge pin, only a friction folding point, pretty cheesy. I secured it in the upright position with CA.
-Tail wheel was a piece of you-know-what...
-Prop shaft too short for spinner...
-New aileron wing set should have had decals included with it, not as an up-charge "option"...

That's about it!
That's Enough typing for now... Time to FLY!
Jul 23, 2012, 03:46 PM
Registered User
I have found the Gamma 370 to be a really great trainer, but, I have a couple of gripes. First, the plastic wing guard is really too narrow and allows the rubber bands to bite into the foam wing. The rubber bands should be the type that come with the Hobbyzone Super Cub, not the cheap stationary store kind. It has a very noisy gearbox and the plane itself with the standard wing doesn't handle any kind of a breeze very well. My biggest gripe is, that on the RX-R version, I have to advance the throttle to almost half on my DX6i TX in order for the motor to start moving. This caused me to crash during my last flight. I love this plane too, here's why. The plane just flies very stable in low wind conditions and is slow enough with the stock motor/prop combo that corrections can be made in plenty of time if need be. Also, this is the easiest plane to work on that I have ever bought. Changing out the gear box is literally a 2 minute job. Also, I love the material the cowel is made of. On my last flight I was going to land the plane by coming in downwind and then doing a gentle turn into the wind. I must have put the throttle down past half way because a sudden loss of power flying downwind forced the plane to nose dive into the ground from about 15 feet up. The damage was limited to a bent prop shaft and pushed in cowling. After going to Hobbytown and buying the gear assembly with the prop shaft installed (You can get the prop shaft separately, but I didn't want to fool with the circlip holding the shaft to the gearbox housing), I headed home and replaced the gearbox in about 2 minutes. The pushed in cowling was easily pushed out and showed barely any signs of being pushed in at all. Over all I am very pleased with this plane and consider it everywhere as good as my Hobbyzone Super Cub.
Jul 23, 2012, 10:18 PM
Chef Pilot: Planes vs Butter
ChinoDiablo's Avatar
I flew the gamma twice more. I got it up to about 600 feet and flew at high altitude for about 5 minutes on less than half power. The brushless motor is infinitely better than the stock motor. I haven't had any problem with winds even as high as 15 mph. I found the stock wing to be very forgiving and have even tried inverted flight several times. Last night, I mounted the aileron wing on but have not enabled the servo so that I can still concentrate on 3 channel proficiency. Today i noticed during flight that The ailerons themselves were not fully trimmed as the plane had a slight right hand bank so I had to apply a touch of continuous left rudder to keep it straight. Easier than it sounds. 9 minute flights each and landed slowly nose-in in grass each time. And each time I broke the prop. I need to work on flaring at the last second with the motor to get a pinch of lift and keep the nose up. I will practice that tomorrow. Also noticed that the motor doesn't completely shut off at closed throttle even though at start up, I don't have that problem. I suspect the trim switch has something to do with that. I'll trim the throttle all the way down as well and see if that takes care of it.

ChuckSolo, I highly recommend the brushless motor. It's so quiet you barely even hear it during flight. But once you mount the new motor there's no going back to the stock motor since you have to cut the plastic mounting "beak" with a hack saw to mount the brushless motor and the sizes are completely different.
Good luck with future flights. I can't wait for tomorrow. I'm gonna practice my landings.
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Jul 24, 2012, 12:19 AM
Registered User
after close to 100 flights on my gamma i have to say it is the best trainer out there. i bought mine the day they were released. actually was at hobbytown when they came off the truck. i really cant believe how durable the plane is. i have had some hard landings and one hard crash. ( hit a tree top at full speed with the wind).
after watching me flying mine a lot of other ppl i fly with picked some up just to learn or to teach others to fly.

now i do have a few issues with it.
they break easy. almost too easy. i had one fly apart in flight. both blades just flew right off. gws makes props the same size and a bit more durable. BUT they are bright orange.

tamiya plugs?? i would recommend replacing those right away. there was a post in this thread about loosing all power. tamiya plugs do loose contact very often. watched a guy have the same issue where i fly... i know it is a way to reduce cost so not a huge gripe.

trainer port.
more of a wish then a gripe. be very helpful showing new flyers the basics

i really cant complain about the plane. i have flown it as hard as i can. i have a lot of vids on youtube showing some of the things i have put it through.(same user id on here as youtube) it can fly slow and scale. real stable at low speed. with stock wings it will always roll back to level flight from the dehiedral. with the brushless motor and esc there is better flight times and more power. with a venom 2000mah 2s i am getting up to 20-25 minutes of flight. on 3s and the alerion wing it easily can do all the 3d stuff you want. real nimble. i dog fighted with a f-29 styker the other day. he had the speed but with how well the gamma could turn the f-29 was having a hard time.

sorry for rambling but the gamma is just a fun fun plane for VERY CHEAP.
Jul 25, 2012, 12:52 PM
Registered User
You can bet that the Tamiya/Molex type ESC/Battery plug is going to fail. Mine did. I thought it might be the stock battery at first, but nope, I am using E-Flight batteries with a EC2 connector to Tamiya/Molex adapter and the culprit is the female ESC connector. After a while, the contacts tend to open up a lot and become very loose. This was the cause of 2 of my crashes with this plane, I have only had 3 and one was due to pilot error on landing. each time the Gamma 370 came away with very little damage. I am going to see if my LHS can solder some EC2 female connectors on to the ESC. I know that the Ares Gamma 370 is a relatively new product, and as such, manufacturing issues will crop up. The bummer of it is, I like this plane, a lot. It is so simple to work on and very inexpensive to maintain and upgrade. But, the choice of a Tamiya/Molex connector on the ESC and battery was a very, very poor one. I believe 4mm banana plugs or EC2 connectors would have been a much, much better choice.
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Jul 25, 2012, 08:39 PM
Registered User
Update: Problem solved. I had my LHS change the connectors on my Ares ESC and battery from the Tamiya/Molex to EC2 connectors. I now have excellent power from the battery to the ESC and RX. I think the Ares Gamma 370 is an excellent trainer plane, but for a beginner, if they have problems like I did with the battery and ESC connector, I can see a crash happening and then a very diappointed and frustrated beginner. I understand the need to keep costs down on these planes, but I also believe the day of the Tamiya/Molex type connectors has come and gone. It's time to phase it out and put a more robust connector in these planes. With this change, I can see the Ares Gamma 370 becoming just as popular as the Hobbyzone Super Cub.
Jul 26, 2012, 12:50 AM
Chef Pilot: Planes vs Butter
ChinoDiablo's Avatar
"with a venom 2000mah 2s i am getting up to 20-25 minutes of flight. on 3s and the alerion wing it easily can do all the 3d stuff you want."

Did you have any CG balancing problems with the higher powered batteries?
also, were you able to get the spinner on the brushless motor? the shorter shaft has made this problematic.
not quite sure what to do about it.
I might try aftermarket...
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Jul 26, 2012, 04:50 PM
Registered User
An update for those who wanted to know..
Hobbytown took time, but worked it out with me to my satisfaction. Thanks to Jason here.

Waiting to get myself another one, an have it totally trimmed out by an experienced hand before flying
Jul 26, 2012, 05:44 PM
Registered User
bamb_i, good to see they made it right. Definately get another one. This little plane is a great trainer!
Aug 03, 2012, 01:29 PM
Chef Pilot: Planes vs Butter
ChinoDiablo's Avatar
Yesterday I did the total upgrade on the Ares Gamma 370: brushless motor, 3s 1300mah 20c battery, aileron wing.
After about a dozen flights on the trainer wing, the stock brushed motor shaft got imperceptably bent somehow and the props were unbalanced.
Low power, 30 second flights.
I had trouble putting on a replacement shaft so I decided to go ahead and do the Brushless motor upgrade since I had already purchased it.
Once the the brushless motor is mounted, there is no going back to the stock motor since you have to do some cutting of the plastic firewall "beak" that is attached to the fuselage.
I flew about a 5 flights with the stock wing and then decided to put on the aileron "sport" wing but I didn't activate the servo cuz I felt I wasn't quite ready for 4 channel action.
The aileron wing is about 4 inches shorter and has less dihedrial than the stock wing so the plane is a bit more responsive and quicker flying.
6 or so flights later, I activated the servo, and practiced on the Phoenix 4 Sim to make sure I knew what I was doing.
The practice really pays off especially with landings.
As they say: "It's optional to put the plane in the air, but it's mandatory to land it."
I love this plane.
I haven't crashed it yet or flown it into any houses, trees or cars (yet)...
I changed the wheels to 2.75 inch superlights for better handling on the flying field.
I seem to land nose-in each and every time.
I've busted a dozen props. all from slow landings. cheapo stock props. Going to GWS props...
I've broken the battery cover/landing gear holder.
I had my kids paint it with some flourescent tempra paint to give them something to do on a rainy day and also to have better visibility in the air. That was about a month ago. Luckily, the paint peels off and I have it looking more stock exept I've applied some colored electrical tape stripes on the wing, elev, and fuse, again, for better visibility in the air.
So yesterday, I took the Gamma to the local school yard overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains.
3s 1300mah 20c battery in hand.
Fired her up.
and like a sling shot, this thing took off like a rocket compared to the the 2c battery.
It took a couple of minutes to get used to the speed, but with enough altitude, I started doing some basic aerobatics, rolls, loops, spins and it kinda looked like I knew what I was doing...
I timed myself for a 6 minute flight and after 3 minutes of strong flight, I backed off and just did some nice cruising.
Came in for a beautiful landing.
No busted props or anything... Great!.
Unfortunately my daughter stepped on bee in her bare feet so the rest of flying day was cut short.
Oh well. My daughter is alright and I got to experience some strong high speed flying.
I love this plane and think i will be flying it for a while.

Now I just need to understand how to "break-in" my new batteries.
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Aug 08, 2012, 12:59 PM
Registered User
So, I set some subtrim on the throttle of my Gamma 370 and now it does not shut down exactly below 50% throttle. It will now start at about 1/4 throttle. instead of $50%. Oh well, I still think I need a new ESC. I just am not ready to do the brushless upgrade yet as I have newbie friends and family that fly this plane.
Aug 08, 2012, 01:00 PM
Registered User
bamb_i, how are you doing with your new Gamma 370?
Aug 08, 2012, 11:03 PM
Chef Pilot: Planes vs Butter
ChinoDiablo's Avatar
Originally Posted by chucksolo69
I still think I need a new ESC. I just am not ready to do the brushless upgrade yet as I have newbie friends and family that fly this plane.
While full stick is real fast on the gamma, Half stick is still real slow.
Just because it can go fast doesn't mean that it has to go fast.
A little restraint goes a long way.

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