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Aug 07, 2012, 05:30 AM
Flippin Multirotors
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Not a fan of adjustable linkages on planes this size/adds weight and potential for mechanical failure/can be difficult for some to set up properly as well. Usually control surface sag can be avoided if not due to big temperature changes by hanging the planes vertical but even if you do that there will still be foam expansion and contraction in colder or hotter weather than when you set up the linkage.. rudder and elevator are easy enough to correct for temp changes with trim.. a few clicks and your flying level and tracking straight again usually,on ailerons well you have to compensate with adjusting them or fly with some slight spoileron or flap but the v bends are easy enough to adjust and you dont need any tools.. i like the v bends myself. Looking forward to putting more flights in on the 2205 outrunner and will eventually run it on 2s with a 9'' prop. I wasnt sure about the motor shaft protruding past the prop hub and weather to cut it off or not,ive seen a few outrunners like this and some do dremel off the excess but i thought about the pros and cons and after flying it i kind of like this design a bit more. You get less gyroscopic floating around off the prop hub and i doubt i'll float the prop off the hub and cause a prop strike to the nose from it wanting to go the opposite way of the roll or pitch change of the plane and be stuck without power or fling any props off during high g stuff other than if the prop band breaks which can still happen regardless of the hub/shaft design. Those washers look like a nice way to adapt hd props,if i was gonna run solely on 2s with a 9x5dd prop id use a little welders to secure the washer to the outrunner hub.. this has worked really well for me with other outrunners that use an adapter ring.. you dont want to loose one of them.. good luck finding them in grass if you snap a prop band during a crash .
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Aug 07, 2012, 11:45 AM
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Just wanted to chime in. I'm lovin' this plane!!! And the service is great too. I'm scratch building a jet and with this being my first time I had no clue what to do about the plane after I cut it out. No idea about the surface controls to use, size servo etc. Khen, offered to send me some music wire and pre-bend them and extra motor mount screws, FREE of charge along with my order (props, carbon, servos, controls horns, pushrod stop connectors.) Everything I needed he helped with and answered all my questions. This isn't even a plane from him. That's what I call customer service.

A question I do have about building my next Slicko... I'm using hot glue for this pusher jet and this stuff is amazing. Setup time is quick.
But why use Welders over hot glue on the Slicko? Is because it's a slower setup time and gives time adjust? It's more flexible than hot glue? Is it lighter than hot glue? Just curious.
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Aug 07, 2012, 12:05 PM
Gravity gets me down.
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I do believe the main reason is weight. Khen does use hot glue to tack his joints so they stay where he wants them until the Welders dries - allows you to keep working without much cost for weigh.

Hope that helps - and I agree completely with your assessment of his (and his wife's) customer service....

Aug 07, 2012, 01:07 PM
Hoarding balsa is a sickness
I like Welder glue for the little extra time it gives me to align the parts, like the upper and lower fuse halfs on the Slicko. Butt joints are a toss up, altho you might get a tighter joint with Welder. Hot glue is fairly lite, but welder has solvents that gas off during the cure where hot glue does not..what you use is what you get. Weigh a stick, divide by the length, and there is your weight per inch that you can use for record keeping, Weigh a new tube of Welder, weigh again after the build, and add that to your records. When gluing in a wing spar, use the Welder "wet" and that gives you time to make the fitment of the spar correct.
Aug 07, 2012, 02:05 PM
"Landing" in a tree somewhere
I agree, while it would be nice to be able to slap this thing together in an hour or so, I like having the extra time to get things straightened out and just right. But then again I'm a novice/sloppy builder.

I also agree Kevin and Andria are awesome.
Aug 07, 2012, 11:25 PM
WickedFunRC's Avatar
Thanks guys! I managed to fly the Slicko this morning with the AX-2205 motor on 3S with the 8040HD prop with the washer adapter. The washer works really well.

I am thinking I will include the push rod link connectors in the next round of kits I assemble because It will require that I cut the carbon push rods to a longer length. I am also considering making the landing gear optional and of course the carbon reinforcement kit (struts/fence & lead edge). Thoughts?

I also ordered a small quantity of Nano-Tech 370 and 460 batteries and put them on the site for convenience until I can get the Pro-PACKS latest gen cells worked out.

You will also notice that I have added genuine GWS EP-8040 HD props to the site and removed our generic 8040s. It was discovered (by Get Real & maxxnut) that the latest generics were not molded precisely making them not as efficient. This was most noticeable on the the Power HD HD2613 motor.
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Aug 07, 2012, 11:32 PM
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Congrats on the maiden Rayne! I'm glad it all went well.
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Aug 08, 2012, 12:18 AM
"Landing" in a tree somewhere
Thanks khen. I always I do like having options (especially if it means I can save a couple extra bucks). Plus if you have them listed separately one can always choose to buy and install them later on. I for example chose not to install the landing gear since I figured it might end up being broken a bit with my flying and the large fields I fly at are all grass so the little gear wouldn't be of much use anyway. It also frees people up to make their own gear with larger wheels for more rough surfaces, perhaps even short grass without wasting one they may not use.

I may try flying mine around the yard tomorrow to see if I can manage in a smaller area (may finally put that carbon reinforcement to the test ). If it goes well I may install the landing gear after all (for some fun on the driveway).

I like the cheaper lipos too. It's nice to have cheap lipos available from a place with great service and support.
Aug 08, 2012, 01:41 PM
Hoarding balsa is a sickness
Has anyone put 2 servos in the wings for the ailerons ?? I ordered some 470 batteries also...need batteries, mine are flashlight quality.
Aug 08, 2012, 06:43 PM
Flippin Multirotors
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I haven't on this slicko kit but have in the past on other planes of similar size and larger. The pros of two aileron servos is independent differential adjustment,flaperon,spoileron mixing,more precise and powerful aileron control etc or if you dont have a single servo up to the task for the ailerons splitting the difference in torque needed between two smaller servos works. Cons... requires a 5 or 6 channel rx to optimize each aileron setting unless you use a y-harness and that just adds more weight on top of having two servos. Another thing to consider is the bec on these small esc's handling four servos,ive had good luck with the 12amp esc's but ymmv and its best to check the specs or what kind of amps all four servos can pull and if its within the bec rating of the esc.
Aug 08, 2012, 09:03 PM
"Landing" in a tree somewhere
Tried out the backyard, managed okay with help of the rudder but still a bit dicey. Had a couple crashes, one involving the gutter which took off some foam from the bottom. Heating up the glue gun now, might line the bottom with packaging tape for a little extra protection. Other than that it's holding up fine.
Aug 08, 2012, 09:44 PM
WickedFunRC's Avatar
Sounds fun Rayne, flying in a tight backyard will sharpen your thumb reaction times really quick.
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Aug 09, 2012, 10:22 AM
Flippin Multirotors
Get Real's Avatar
Having the option for landing gear is good,many probably still have theres sitting in the box since they hand catch,belly land etc or like to build as light as possible. The carbon leading edge,struts fence etc as an upgrade option kit im all for,if you like lighter slower 2s set ups for tighter area flying the slicko will still fly well but the leading edge carbon for sure keeps the wing safer if you make contact with fences,trees etc .
Aug 09, 2012, 12:17 PM
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hi all my landing works good i upgraded the wheels to 1 1/4 ones.. with our lack of rain this summer our grass runway is like concrete and the gear work well... i enjoy taking off and landing like an almost normal plane
Aug 09, 2012, 07:29 PM
"Landing" in a tree somewhere
Originally Posted by khen
Sounds fun Rayne, flying in a tight backyard will sharpen your thumb reaction times really quick.
Amazing how not crashing into your house or not getting it stuck in a tree is a great motivator to focus and try your best . Just had another couple of flights in the backyard, this time it was a bit breezy which made for an interesting challenge. No crashes this time and my coordination seems to be improving. That said flying is still mostly not crashing oriented.

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